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Q. The post of……….. brought Henry Fielding a small money “of the dirtiest money on earth?”
Ans. Magistrate
Q. What gave Henry Fielding a close view of many types of human criminality which was of much use to him in his novels?
Ans. Fielding’s magisterial duties
Q. Who truly said that to take up Fielding after Richardson is like emerging from the sick-room on to the open lawn?
Ans. Coleridge

(Samuel Richardson MCQ’s)
Q. The greatest of all our eighteenth century novelists is?
Ans. Henry Fielding

(S T Coleridge MCQ’s)
Q. For some ten years before he took up the novel, Fielding had been busy writing?
Ans. Plays
Q. What was Richardson’s judgment of Fielding?
Ans. That his writings were “wretchedly low and dirty”
Q. Henry Fielding is called the Father of the English novel, because he was the first to give genuine pictures of men and women of his age?
Ans. True
Q. Fielding’s literary career had begun in the theatre with?

Ans. Love in Several Masques
Q. Henry Fielding’s pen names are?
Ans. Captain Hercules Vinegar and H. Scriblerus Secundus
Q. Henry Fielding’s writing period lasted from?
Ans. 1728 to 1754

Q. Who wrote Shamela?
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. What is the full title of Shamela?
Ans. An Apology to the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews
Q.  A direct attack to the popular novel Pamela by Samuel Richardson was?
Ans. Shamela by Henry Fielding

(Samuel Richardson MCQ’s)
Q. What were the genres of Henry Fielding?

Ans. Comedy, satire and picaresque
Q. Using the authority as magistrate, Henry Fielding founded London’s first police force named?
Ans. Bow Street Runners

Q. The particular play of Henry Fielding that started the licensing act was?
Ans. The Golden Rump
Q. What ended the dramatic career of Henry Fielding?
Ans. Licensing Act 1737
Q. Who wrote A Journey from this World to the Next?
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q.  A Journey from this World to the Next was published in?
Ans. 1743
Q. Henry Fielding was the manager of?
Ans. Little Theater

Q. Henry Fielding wrote The Female Husband?
Ans. Anonymously
Q. Henry Fielding edited?
Ans. Four journals
Q. As a magistrate, Henry Fielding’s favorite pamphlet on the subject of crime was?
Ans. Inquiry into the Cause of the Late Increase of Robbers
Q. Henry Fielding was?
Ans. Dramatist, novelist, magistrate
Q. Who wrote Jonathan Wild the Great?
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. What work of Henry Fielding is the biography of the famous thief and ‘thief-taker’ who was hanged at Newgate?

Ans. Jonathan Wild the Great
Q. Which work of Henry Fielding is a long ironical comment upon human action?
Ans. Jonathan Wild the Great
Q. In which work Henry Fielding calls good ‘by the name of evil, and evil by the name of good?
Ans. Jonathan Wild the Great

Q. Who called Henry Fielding the father of English novel?
Ans. Sir Walter Scott

(Walter Scott MCQ’s)
Q. Henry Fielding revolutionized the concept of?
Ans. Plot construction

Q. The greatest novel of Henry Fielding is?
Ans. Tom Jones
Q. Tom Jones was published in?
Ans. 1749
Q. Which literary period did Henry Fielding belong to?

Ans. The Augustan Age
Q. What was the name of Henry Fielding’s sister?
Ans. Sarah Fielding
Q. At Eton College, Henry Fielding developed a lifelong friendship with?
Ans. William Pitt the Elder
Q. Who wrote the play The Pleasures of the Town?
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Henry Fielding’s father was?
Ans. Lt. General
Q. Henry Fielding’s last novel is?
Ans. Amelia
Q. Which novel of Henry Fielding has the heroine based on Fielding’s first wife, and the character of the erring husband Booth is based upon that of Fielding himself?
Ans. Amelia
Q. The last work Henry Fielding produced was?
Ans. Voyage to Lisbon

Q. The keynote of all of Henry Fielding’s work is?
Ans. Realism

Q. The greatest novel of the eighteenth century is?
Ans. Tom Jones
Q. A half autobiographic account of Fielding’s own follies is his work?
Ans. Amelia
Q. An early and contemptuous detractor of Pamela by Samuel Richardson was?
Ans. Henry Fielding

(Samuel Richardson MCQ’s)
Q. Who was the father of Henry Fielding?

Ans. Lt. General Edmund Fielding
Q. Who was the wife of Henry Fielding?
Ans. Charlotte Craddock
Q. Henry Fielding was born in?
Ans. 1707. He died in 1754
Q. Henry Fielding was born in?
Ans. Somersetshire
Q. Who wrote Tom Jones?
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Tom Jones is?
Ans. A comic novel

Q. Fielding’s Tom Jones was dedicated to?
Ans. George Lyttleton
Q. Tom Jones concludes with?
Ans. “As there are not to be found a worthier man and woman, than this fond couple.”
Q. Henry Fielding died at the age of?
Ans. 47
Q. Who wrote Don Quixote in English?
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Henry Fielding was educated at?
Ans. Eton

Q. Henry Fielding studied……….. at Leyden?
Ans. Law
Q. Lack of funds stopped Henry Fielding’s………. for a time?
Ans. Legal studies
Q. Henry Fielding’s………. were of little merit?

Ans. Plays
Q. Who wrote Tom Thumb: A Tragedy?
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. The revised version of Tom Thumb: A Tragedy appeared as?
Ans. The Tragedy of Tragedies

Q. What did Henry Fielding say about Ben Jonson?
Ans. “He of all men understood the Ridiculous the best”
Q. One of the best plots ever planned is the plot of?
Ans. Tom Jones
Q. What type of humor is there in the novel Tom Jones?
Ans. Ironical humor
Q. Who said, “The form the novel took in England had its origin in Fielding, and in this respect, Smollett, Scott, Dickens, Thackeray and Meredith all wrote in his shadow?”
Ans. Allen

(Charles Dickens MCQ’s)
Q. In 1748, Henry Fielding was appointed?

Ans. Bow Street Magistrate
Q. Fielding’s novels are called?
Ans. Comic epics in prose

(Walter Scott MCQ’s)
Q. Richardson, Fielding and Goldsmith are considered to be the pioneers of?
Ans. Novel

(Samuel Richardson MCQ’s)
Q. Who are known as ‘the four wheels of novel?’
Ans. Richardson, Fielding, Smollett, Sterne

Q. A sentimental novel by Henry Fielding is?
Ans. Amelia
Q. Henry Fielding often endured periods of poverty, but he was helped by……….., a wealthy benefactor, on whom Squire Allworthy in Tom Jones would be based?

Ans. Ralph Allen

Q. Which novel is a satire of Prime Minister Walpole equating him and Jonathan Wild, the gang leader and highwayman?
Ans. The Life and Death of Jonathan Wild the Great
Q. Henry Fielding loved his wife deeply and modeled the heroines of two of his novels on her. Heroines are?
Ans. Sophia and Amelia
Q. Henry Fielding was suffering from?
Ans. Gout and Asthma
Q. Who called Richardson, Fielding, Smollett and Sterne ‘the four wheels of novel?’
Ans. Saintsbury

(Samuel Richardson MCQ’s)
Q. From 1734 until 1739, Henry Fielding wrote anonymously against the Prime Minister?
Ans. Sir Robert Walpole
Q. Henry Fielding’s patron was the opposition Whig MP?
Ans. George Lyttelton
Q. Henry Fielding’s mother was the daughter of?
Ans. A judge
Q. Fielding dedicated his play Don Quixote in England to the opposition Whig leader?
Ans. Lord Chesterfield
Q. Who wrote the play The Universal Gallant?

Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Fielding got his early education from the family……….?
Ans. Chaplain

Q. In which year was Henry Fielding married to Charlotte Cradock?
Ans. 1734
Q. Henry Fielding was the founder of which journal?
Ans. The Covent Garden Journal

Q. Who said, “I describe not men, but manners; not an individual, but a species?”
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Shamela by Henry Fielding was published under the name of?
Ans. Mr. Conny Keyber
Q. Who wrote The Female Husband?
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Henry Fielding dedicated his play The Universal Gallant to?
Ans. Charles Spencer
Q. Who wrote, “What’s vice today may be virtue, tomorrow?”
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Henry Fielding was born into an………….. family?
Ans. Aristocratic
Q. Henry Fielding helped to start the?
Ans. ‘Paper War’ of 1752-3
Q. Mr. Fielding studied classical literature at the University of Leiden in?
Ans. The Netherlands

Q. Henry Fielding’s first play was?
Ans. Love in Several Masques
Q. A lengthy novel of 346,747 words by Henry Fielding is?
Ans. Tom Jones
Q. How many major characters are there in the novel Joseph Andrews?
Ans. 2

Q. Who intended to write a “kind of writing which I do not remember to have seen hitherto attempted in our language?”
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. In the hope that it would improve his health, Henry Fielding took a voyage to Portugal in?
Ans. 1754
Q. Henry Fielding is buried at?
Ans. Lisbon
Q. Who wrote the novel Joseph Andrews?

Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding was published in?
Ans. 1742
Q. Joseph Andrews is the brother of?
Ans. Pamela
Q. The hero who is a footman appears in the novel?
Ans. Joseph Andrews

Q. What work did Fielding write in order to satirise and parody the false sentimentality and conventional virtues of Richardson‘s heroine, Pamela?
Ans. Joseph Andrews
Q. Fielding’s first novel, Joseph Andrews was inspired by the success of?
Ans. Pamela
Q. Joseph Andrews starts with?
Ans. “It is a trite but true observation that examples work more forcibly on the mind than precepts.”
Q. What is the full title of Joseph Andrews?

Ans. The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews Mr. Abraham Adams
Q. How many books are there in Joseph Andrews?
Ans. 04
Q. Who wrote The Author’s Farce?
Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Who wrote Rape upon Rape?
Ans. Henry Fielding

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