History Of English Language MCQ’s

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Here are all History Of English Language MCQ’s!

Q. History tells that English was first used by?
Ans. Some none-too-civilized tribes on the continent of Europe along the North Sea
Q. These none-too-civilized tribes were?
Ans. Angles, Saxons and Jutes.

Q. Angles, Saxons and Jutes had come from?
Ans. Germany

(Semantics MCQ’s)
Q. Hence English is regarded as a?
Ans. West Germanic language
Q. These three tribes Angles, Saxons and Jutes invaded England in?
Ans. 449 AD

Q. The inhabitants of England spoke which language before the arrival of Angles, Saxons and Jutes?
Ans. A Celtic language
Q. These invaders pushed the Celtic speakers to what is now called?
Ans. Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Q. Anglo-Saxons called English?
Ans. Englisc
Q. William the Conqueror of France invaded England in?
Ans. 1066

Q. William the Conqueror and his supporters used to speak?
Ans. French and Latin the most
Q. Middle English again became dominant in England in?
Ans. 14th century
Q. Early Modern English is dated from?
Ans. 1500-1800.

Q. The great vowel shift started in?
Ans. Early Modern English
Q. The great vowel shift focused on?
Ans. Pronouncing the vowels shorter

Q. First English dictionary was published in?
Ans. 1604
Q. Late Modern English is dated from?
Ans. 1808-present.

Q. The main difference between Early Modern English and Late Modern English is?
Ans. Vocabulary. Late Modern English has many more words

Q. Written records of Human Languages in Europe are present from as far back as?
Ans. 5000 BC
Q. How did human language get started?

Ans. It is considered that human ancestors used to grunt or hoot and it developed into language gradually
Q. Chimpanzees also grunt and hoot, why didn’t they develop it into a language?
Ans. They have smaller brains than humans

Q. What is the only evidence about human ancestors?
Ans. The shape of their vocal tract. Vocal tract includes the mouth, tongue and throat
Q. About 10,0000 years ago, what didn’t the shape of the vocal tract of human ancestors permit?
Ans. The modern range of speech sounds
Q. Some researchers even propose that language began as a?
Ans. Sign language

Q. What source of evidence has emerged recently?
Ans. A language gene which is called FOXP2
Q. A very promising evidence about how human language ability evolved will come from?
Ans. The human genome (It is a complete set of genes)
Q. Human language can express thoughts on an unlimited number of?
Ans. Topics

Q. Animal communication systems have at most a few dozen distinct sounds for?
Ans. Food, danger, threat and reconciliation
Q. Languages change due to?
Ans. Changes in culture OR by coming in contact with other languages

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