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Q. When did modern linguistics emerge?
Ans. It emerged in the late 19th century and early 20th century
Q. In modern linguistics, shift of focus changed from historical concerns of changes to the idea that?

Ans. Language can be viewed as a structured system
Q. Structuralist linguistics developed in?
Ans. The post-First World War
Q. Ferdinand De Saussure was?

Ans. A Swiss linguist
(History of Linguistics MCQ’s Part 01)
Q. The key figure in the development of structuralist linguistics is?

Ans. Ferdinand De Saussure

Q. Who is considered as the founding father of modern linguistics?
Ans. Ferdinand De Saussure
Q. Ferdinand De Saussure published little himself, then who published his works?

Ans. His students published from his lecture notes
Q. What was the name of the book which the students of Saussure published?

Ans. Course In General Linguistics
Q. The influence of Saussure extended beyond linguistics into fields such as?
Ans. Anthropology and Semiotics
Q. What idea did Saussure champion?

Ans. The idea that language is a system of arbitrary signs
Q. Saussure believes that language is a system of?

Ans. Arbitrary signs (A written word is an image of a vocal sign

Q. What areas were dominant in early modern linguistics?
Ans. Phonetics and Phonology
Q. IPA stands for?

Ans. International Phonetic Alphabet
Q. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) was established in?

Ans. 1886
Q. Who established The International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA)?
Ans. A group of European phoneticians
Q. The leading figure in the second half of the 19th century was?

Ans. The British phonetician Henry Sweet
Q. Who were very instrumental in the development of phoneme?
Ans. Henry Sweet and Baudouin

Q. Phoneme was foreshadowed by the author of which 12th century book?
Ans. The First Grammatical Treatise
Q. Who differentiated between phoneme and phone?
Ans. Baudouin

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