How To Become English Lecturer? How to Prepare for English Lectureship?

Here are all how to become English Lecturer tips for you!

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Candidates must have a second division in MA or equivalent marks in BS
2. The age of candidates should not be more than 33 years (age relaxation included)

Selection Criteria:

1. Selection depends on academic record, good performance in both test and interview
2. Candidates have to take MCQ’s Type Test and secure 50% marks to qualify for an interview

Before the Test:

1. Imagine the effective role of a teacher and try to be such a teacher
2. Imagine the problems of the students and try to find out their solutions
3. Form your personal opinion regarding every possible question and express it in a sequential manner
4. Develop a sound understanding of the national and global issues and their relevance with your subject
5. Be constructive and demonstrate an initiative-taking approach in solving the given problems
6. Avoid hostile attitude towards any idea, faith, philosophy or strategy
7. Develop communication skills and strive for clarity while discussing an idea
(55 Facts About English Language)
8. Avoid slangs and informal expressions. Be patriotic. Show a critical approach towards propaganda against your country
9. Find a role model in your teachers in terms of clarity of thought and expression


A general review of your Masters Syllabus and sometimes of graduation is probably the best preparation for the test. However, the test covers a broad range of subject matter, and no one is expected to be familiar with the content of every question

Preparation for Written Test:

1. Revise the syllabus you studied at the Masters Level
2. Make a timeline of the key works, concepts and theories
3. Have a good dictionary handy anytime
4. Read the prescribed texts and don’t rely on summaries
5. Identify the factors that make the content vague and ambiguous
6. Make a schedule for your study and strictly execute your study plan
7. The written test for lectureship requires the speed to do 1 mcq a minute and you should ensure this a speed by practice

Written Test Format:

1. Written test for lectureship contains 100 MCQ’s. The candidate is given a question book and an answer book.
2. Total Testing Time is 2 hours
👉Test-Taking Strategies:
1. Read the test directions carefully
2. Be vigilant and concentrated with respect to your job of completing 100 Mcq’s within time
3. Don’t waste time on questions you don’t know about because all questions are of equal value
4. Try to exclude the irrelevant choices by following different techniques of exclusion
(English Language Teaching MCQ’s)
5. Use minimum time in your first reading of questions
6. Fill the circles of the chosen options quickly with a black marker
7. Don’t forget to tally the serial number of your question book and that of your answer book 8. Avoid any error that may cause many errors

The Interview:

Candidates who pass the written test are called for an interview. The candidates are sent an interview letter or informed through the interview schedule displayed online on the website. The date, time and venue are mentioned in this letter

The Interview Panel:

The interview panel consists of five members. The head of the panel, two professors of the same subject, fourth member represents Education Department and fifth is a psychologist
Note. The head of the panel asks general questions

Preparation for Interview:

1.Choose your area of interest very carefully and then study it thoroughly
2. The candidate should write his/her interview answering all general questions like his/her family background, education etc.
3. After completing the written preparation, the candidate should have an exercise before a mirror speaking the prepared content with fluency and clarity
(Advanced Grammar Mistakes)
4. You should visit your college teachers and request them to conduct Mock Interviews

In Interview Room:

1.You should enter the room with a smile and greetings
2. Have your seat with permission
3. Don’t be nervous and try to be calm
4. Listen to the questions calmly, think a few seconds and respond confidently
5. If you don’t know the answer of a question, it’s ok don’t show any nervousness as nobody knows everything
6. Don’t be bothered about general knowledge questions if you answer wrong
7. Your original performance is based on your subject knowledge
8. If you are not extrovert, don’t worry at all
9. After the interview is concluded, you should thank the panel with a smile and leave the room walking gracefully
10. Say nothing negative about the panel out of the room

What May Be Asked in Interview:

1. The introduction of your city
2. Great alumni of your educational institute
3. Questions related to the subject
4. Area of interest within the subject
5. The technical terms of your subject
6. What you have read beyond the Masters Syllabus
7. The ‘new arrivals’ of the subject
8. Your favorite writer
9. Philosophy and contribution of your favorite writer
10. Description of any medal or prize that you have claimed to have received
11. Questions on teaching methods
12. Techniques and classroom management
13. Concepts of education
14. A short presentation of the lecture in the interview room
15. Job description of your present post
16. Renowned people who belong to your district and their distinctions

Success Formula:

The success formula of an interview is ‘Be Yourself’ and never pretend what you don’t have, don’t know and what you have never done

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