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Q. When was the novel Howards End by E.M Forster published?
Ans. 1910

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Q. How many chapters are there in the novel Howards End?
Ans. 44
Q. Why is the novel called Howards End?

Ans. Because the last occupant of this house was a man called Tom Howard
Q. The major themes of Howards End are?

Ans. Rich versus poor and property and inheritance
Q. The Schlegel family lived in a house called?
Ans. Wickham Place
Q. When was the mother of Margaret, Helen and Tibby died?
Ans. When Tibby was born
Q. The Schlegel family had a German cousin by the name of?
Ans. Frieda

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Q. How did Helen inform Margaret that she had fallen in love with Paul?
Ans. In her letters
Q. The views of the Schlegels were socialist while those of Wilcoxes were?
Ans. Materialistic
Q. Margaret and Henry had a quarrel over?

Ans. Helen

Q. Margaret at her death would leave Howards End to?
Ans. Her nephew, Helen’s illegitimate son
Q. Where is Helen at the beginning of novel?

Ans. At Howards End
Q. The Schlegel family had a?
Ans. German background

Q. The actual name of aunt Juley is?
Ans. Mrs. Munt

(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s)
Q. Who is Dolly?
Ans. She is the wife of Charles Wilcox
Q. What is Margaret’s philosophy of life?

Ans. She attached great importance to work. She also liked that every person should have a dear person or place
Q. What was Helen’s reaction to Margaret’s intention to marry Henry?
Ans. She opposed it
Q. Charles was annoyed with his father?
Ans. For his father’s marriage to Margaret
Q. Why did a quarrel between Helen and Henry take place?
Ans. Because of the advice he had given to Leonard
Q. Whom had Henry slept with in the past?

Ans. Jacky

Q. Whom does Aunt Juley first meet of the Wilcoxes?
Ans. Charles
Q. Helen vividly envisions goblins?
Ans. At a concert
Q. Who reads Ruskin in order to understand the fine points of English prose?
Ans. Leonard Bast
Q. Why does Mrs. Wilcox initially contact Margaret?
Ans. To inform that Paul has left the country
Q. What do Margaret’s younger friends conclude about Mrs. Wilcox?
Ans. She is uninteresting
Q. Why did Leonard come to Howards End?

Ans. To apologize to Margaret for making Helen pregnant
Q. Who is “Mrs. Lanoline”?
Ans. Jacky
Q. How does Helen describe Paul as looking the morning after their kiss?
Ans. Frightened
Q. Before leaving the country, Helen meets with?
Ans. Tibby

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. After Leonard loses his job, how do he and Jacky support themselves?
Ans. Leonard relies on handouts from his family

Q. Why are Mrs. Wilcox’s wishes not honored, regarding the inheritance of Howards End?
Ans. The note stating her intentions is destroyed
Q. What does Aunt Juley not know as she travels to Howards End?
Ans. The affair between Helen and Paul has ended
Q. Why is Margaret hesitant to meet with Ruth Wilcox?
Ans. The possibility of Helen and Paul running into each other
Q. Why do the Schlegels leave Wickham Place?
Ans. It is being replaced by flats
Q. What lecture do Helen and Leonard both attend at the beginning of the novel?
Ans. Music and meaning
Q. Who made Helen pregnant?
Ans. Leonard
Q. Where do Henry and Margaret plan to build their new home?
Ans. Sussex
Q. What industry does Leonard work in?
Ans. Insurance
Q. What is the name of Leonard Bast’s insurance company?
Ans. The Porphyrion Fire Insurance Company

Q. What was Margaret’s mother’s name?
Ans. Emily

Q. Which character does not live at Howards End at the end of the novel?
Ans. Dolly
Q. Which character goes to jail?
Ans. Charles
Q. Where does Paul go to make his fortune?

Ans. Nigeria
Q. Where is Evie married?
Ans. Oniton Grange

(George Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Where does Tibby go to college?
Ans. Oxford
Q. Where did Henry have his dalliance with Jacky?
Ans. Cyprus
Q. To whom does Ruth Wilcox wish to leave Howards End?
Ans. Margaret
Q. In what industry has Mr. Wilcox made his fortune?
Ans. Rubber
Q. Where does Helen live after she leaves England?
Ans. Munich
Q. What is to be built in place of the Schlegel home on Wickham Place?
Ans. Flats

Q. Which character never lives in London?
Ans. Miss Avery
Q. Which sickness nearly kills Aunt Juley?

Ans. Pneumonia
Q. What or who falls on Leonard before he dies?
Ans. A bookcase
Q. What musical piece do the Schlegels hear performed in Chapter 5?
Ans. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony
Q. Who will inherit Howards End when Henry dies?
Ans. Margaret
Q. Who kisses Helen?
Ans. Paul
Q. Who is Dolly’s uncle?
Ans. Percy Cahill
Q. How old is Helen at the beginning of the novel?
Ans. 21
Q. What was Forster’s first major literary success?
Ans. Howards End
Q. Which family in the novel represents the cultured, idealistic side of the English upper class?
Ans. The Schlegels

Q. What item does Helen accidentally steal from Leonard?
Ans. An umbrella
Q. When Mrs. Wilcox dies, to whom does she leave Howards End?
Ans. Margaret
Q. Who does Margaret and Helen blame for the bad advice that ruins Leonard’s career? Ans. Henry
Q. What ultimately kills Leonard?
Ans. Heart attack
Q. How old is Margaret at the beginning of the novel?
Ans. 29

Q. Who is the chief representative of the Wilcox family?
Ans. Henry
Q. What does Leonard do constantly to try to improve himself?
Ans. Read books
Q. Which character often causes trouble by revealing secrets?
Ans. Dolly
Q. What was Jacky Bast’s former profession?
Ans. Prostitution
Q. Which family owns Howards End?
Ans. The Wilcoxes

Q. Where were Helen and Margaret traveling when they first met the Wilcoxes?
Ans. Germany

(Thomas Hardy MCQ’s)
Q. At the beginning of the novel, who does Helen claim she has fallen in love with?
Ans. Paul
Q. What is Helen and Margaret’s father’s profession?
Ans. Professor
Q. What do Charles and Aunt Juley argue about on the drive to Howards End?
Ans. Whose family is better
Q. When does Leonard promise to marry Jacky?
Ans. On his 21st birthday
Q. Who thinks that the Wilcoxes moving to Wickham Place is terrible news?
Ans. Aunt Juley
Q. What kind of shopping do Margaret and Mrs. Wilcox do together?
Ans. Christmas
Q. When Mrs. Wilcox learns that the Schlegels will lose their lease in a few years, what does she suggest that Margaret do?

Ans. Move to Howards End
Q. How does Dolly spend the day of Mrs. Wilcox’s funeral?
Ans. In awkward boredom
Q. Who is the bizarre, gaudily dressed woman who comes to the Schlegels’ home looking for her husband?
Ans. Jacky

Q. Helen and Margaret talk about Leonard so much at a dinner party that his name becomes shorthand for?
Ans. Poor people

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Q. When Leonard storms off after losing his temper with Helen and Margaret, what are the sisters left to do?
Ans. Play with puppies
Q. When Henry Wilcox invites Margaret to inspect his old house, she has a premonition that?
Ans. He is going to propose
Q. What does Helen think that Wilcox men are ultimately made of?
Ans. Panic and emptiness
Q. Margaret’s motto is “Only connect,” but Henry’s is?
Ans. Concentrate
Q. Henry Wilcox believes that the struggles of the poor are merely part of the?
Ans. Battle of life

Q. What is Helen’s initial assessment of Henry?
Ans. She doesn’t like him
Q. What does Margaret compare Howards End to?
Ans. A giant wych-elm
Q. Who does Miss Avery initially mistake Margaret for?
Ans. Mrs. Wilcox’s ghost
Q. When Henry refuses to let Margaret out of the car to check on an injured animal, what does she do?
Ans. She jumps out of the car

Q. What does Leonard do with the 5,000 pounds that Helen gives him?
Ans. Refuses to take it
Q. Who begins unpacking all the Schlegels’ luggage at Howards End?
Ans. Miss Avery
Q. Helen wants to return to England briefly so that she can pick up her?
Ans. Books
Q. When Henry learns about Helen’s strange behavior, what does he suspect?
Ans. Mental illness

Q. Who do Margaret and Henry pick up on their way to surprise Helen at Howards End? Ans. A doctor
Q. Where has Helen been living with a roommate named Monica?
Ans. Munich
Q. Who does Henry call for help when he learns about Helen’s pregnancy?
Ans. Charles
Q. Who believes that Tibby condoned and facilitated the affair between Helen and Leonard?
Ans. Charles
Q. Helen and Leonard slept together on the night of?
Ans. Evie’s wedding
Q. What does Leonard feel about his affair with Helen?
Ans. He is remorseful

Q. What does Charles use to beat Leonard?
Ans. The flat of a sword
Q. How long is Charles’s sentence for the manslaughter of Leonard?
Ans. Three years

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Q. Who makes the comment that reveals that Mrs. Wilcox had intended to leave Howards End to Margaret?
Ans. Dolly

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