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⭐Call it a day:
Meaning: To stop working on something.
➡️ I’m tired of working. Time to call it a day.
➡️ Ahmad, you’ve been studying all afternoon. Time to call it a day.
➡️ Let me finish this last paragraph and I’ll call it a day.
⭐Cut me some slack:
Meaning: Don’t be so critical.
➡️Cut me some slack. I’m working for $7 an hour.
➡️I’m sorry I made a mistake, but can’t you cut me some slack?
⭐A dime a dozen:
Meaning: Something common, and not valuable.
➡️Photographers are a dime a dozen these days. Anyone can take photos with a phone.
➡️An umbrella costs $20? Back at home, they’re a dime a dozen.
➡️Selfish athletes are a dime a dozen these days.
⭐Bite the bullet:
Meaning: To stop avoiding something unpleasant, and do it.
➡️I bit the bullet, and hired an expensive contractor.
➡️Kamran bit the bullet, and went out into the rain without an umbrella.
⭐Break a leg:
Meaning: Good luck.
➡️I heard you’re giving a business presentation today. Break a leg.
➡️You’re going to be acting in the school play tonight? Break a leg!
⭐Cut corners
Meaning: To do something poorly to save time.
➡️No wonder the contractor cut corners! He was getting paid $10 an hour!
➡️Don’t cut corners. Buy a nice suit for your presentation.
➡️Bilal trains hard. He doesn’t cut corners in his workouts.
⭐Easy does it
Meaning: Slow down or calm down.
➡️Easy does it. There’s a stop sign coming up.
➡️Easy does it. You need to do your research before you start the project.
➡️Easy does it. You need to pace yourself when running the 800-metre
⭐Get something out of your system
Meaning: Do the thing you’ve been wanting to do, so you can move on.
➡️I had to go to Mexico and get that trip out of my system.
➡️Go for a run. Get all that energy out of your system.
➡️I want to start a company. I can’t get it out of my system.
⭐Get your act together
Meaning: Do better, because I’m not satisfied.
➡️I told my employee he needs to get his act together. He’s been consistently late in turning in his work.
➡️Get your act together. You’re a drunken mess.
➡️Get your act together. You should have a job by your age.
⭐Give someone the benefit of the doubt
Meaning: Trust what someone says.
➡️Give me the benefit of the doubt. We’ve been working together for months now.
➡️Give John the benefit of the doubt. I’ve known him a long time, you can trust him.
➡️I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I don’t need to check your work.
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⭐Go back to the drawing board
Meaning: To start planning something again because the first plan failed.
➡️My idea didn’t work. Back to the drawing board.
➡️You better go back to the drawing board. Your design isn’t possible to build.
➡️The scientists’ latest effort to find a cure has failed. Back to the drawing board.
⭐Hang in there
Meaning: Don’t give up.
➡️Hang in there. You’ll get a job eventually.
➡️Hang in there. Everybody is counting on you.
➡️Hang in there. The ambulance is on its way to help you!
⭐Hit the sack
Meaning: Go to bed.
➡️I’m tired. Time to hit the sack.
➡️After a long day, Sarah was ready to hit the sack.
➡️Once I hit the sack, I was asleep within five minutes.
⭐It’s not rocket science
Meaning: It’s not complicated.
➡️Dating isn’t rocket science. Just get to know someone and see if it works.
➡️How can you not know how to file your taxes? It’s not rocket science.
➡️Playing a sport takes skill, but it’s not rocket science.
⭐Let someone off the hook
Meaning: To not hold someone responsible for something.
➡️I turned in my assignment late, but my teacher let me off the hook. She accepted it.
➡️I had promised I would do Katie’s taxes for her, but she let me off the hook and got an accountant.
➡️Ali couldn’t pay the entire rent, but his landlord let him off the hook. He accepted a partial payment.
⭐Miss the boat
Meaning: It’s too late.
➡️You missed the boat. The deadline for applying for the scholarship was yesterday.
➡️I should have bought a turkey before the store sold out. I missed the boat.
➡️Don’t miss the boat. Take this opportunity while you can.
⭐On the ball
Meaning: Being attentive and doing thorough job.
➡️Evan is already halfway done with his work. He is really on the ball this week!
➡️Those landscapers are on the ball. They always do a fantastic job.
➡️The new employee is 100% on the ball. She’s doing a great job.
⭐Pull someone’s leg
Meaning: To joke with someone.
➡️Are you pulling my leg? You can’t be serious.
➡️I’m just pulling your leg. I’m not really drunk.
➡️Ali told me Hina was pregnant, but he was just pulling my leg.
⭐Pull yourself together
Meaning: To calm down or collect oneself.
➡️I need to pull myself together and stop drinking so much.
➡️She had a hard time after her husband died, but she pulled herself
together and now she seems happy.
➡️Pull yourself together, Ikram. You do not want your children to see you crying.
⭐Speak of the devil
Meaning: The person we were just talking about showed up.
➡️Speak of the devil! There’s the guy I was telling you about.
➡️Speak of the devil! We were wondering where you were.
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⭐That’s the last straw
Meaning: My patience has run out.
➡️Alright, that’s the last straw. I’m not cooking for everyone again.
➡️When Don insulted me, that was the last straw. I already didn’t like him.
➡️Getting fired was the last straw for Mujeeb. He decided he was going to take a very long vacation.
⭐Bent out of shape
Meaning: To get upset.
➡️I’m a little bent out of shape. A passing car splashed water all over my clothes.
➡️Why is he so bent out of shape? He’s yelling at everyone.
➡️Shazia seemed very bent out of shape after talking to the rude client.
⭐Under the weather
Meaning: To be ill.
➡️I’m feeling under the weather. I’m going to take today off from work.
➡️Are you ok? You look a little under the weather.
➡️She’s not just under the weather. She could be dying.
⭐We’ll cross that bridge when we get there
Meaning: Let’s not talk about that right now.
➡️We can discuss the price later. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
➡️I’m not sure if I’ll marry Tanya or not. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
➡️Let’s not worry about what to do for lunch right now. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
⭐Wrap your head around something
Meaning: To understand something complicated.
➡️Calculus is so hard. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the concepts.
➡️I can’t wrap my head around why he would try to learn 3 languages at the same time.
➡️I can’t wrap my head around why those two guys don’t get along.
⭐You can say that again
Meaning: That’s true, I agree.
➡️Person A: Chocolate ice cream is the best.
Person B: You can say that again!
➡️Person A: It’s hot out.
Person B: You can say that again.
➡️Person A: Billy Joel is such a talented musician.
Person B: You can say that again.
⭐Your guess is as good as mine
Meaning: I have no idea.
➡️I have no clue where your keys are. Your guess is as good as mine.
➡️I don’t know whether Majid really murdered his wife. Your guess
is as good as mine.
➡️I don’t know which item on the menu is the best. Your guess is as good as mine.
⭐A perfect storm
Meaning: Multiple factors that have come together to create a terrible situation.
➡️The country’s bad economy and frequent famines created a perfect storm. The people were ready for new leadership.
➡️Arrogance and incompetence create a perfect storm.
➡️Having an unhealthy population and a bad healthcare system has resulted
in a perfect storm in our country. Many people are dying.
⭐Barking up the wrong tree
Meaning: Looking for solutions in the wrong place.
➡️You’re barking up the wrong tree talking to Natalie. It’s not her fault you got fired.
➡️I tried to find jobs online, but I realized I was barking up the wrong
tree. Going through friends ended up working out much better.
➡️Maybe you’re barking up the wrong tree doing arm workouts all the
time. I think doing leg workouts will have more of an effect on your game.
⭐Break the ice
Meaning: Get something started, or make people feel comfortable.
➡️I broke the ice at the meeting by telling a joke.
➡️The hardest part of doing your homework is just breaking the ice. Once you get started, it’s easy.
➡️Just saying hello to a stranger can break the ice.
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⭐By the skin of your teeth
Meaning: Just barely.
➡️I won the race by the skin of my teeth.
➡️I passed my Spanish class by the skin of my teeth.
➡️Gohar avoided the crash by the skin of his teeth.
⭐Comparing apples to oranges
Meaning: Comparing two things that don’t make sense to compare.
➡️Person A: What do you think is better, playing an instrument or doing software programming?
Person B: I don’t know. That’s like comparing apples to oranges.
➡️Person A: What do you like doing better, eating or cooking?
Person B: I don’t know. That’s like comparing apples to oranges.
➡️Person A: What do you think is better, working or going on vacation?
Person B: I don’t know. That’s like comparing apples to oranges.
⭐Cost an arm and a leg
Meaning: Very expensive.
➡️Taking a trip to Hawaii costs an arm and a leg.
➡️That coat cost me an arm and a leg.
➡️College tuition costs an arm and a leg these days.
⭐at the drop of a hat
Meaning: Do something impulsively.
➡️He gets mad at the drop of a hat. All of a sudden, he’ll start yelling.
➡️I would take that job at the drop of a hat. What a good opportunity!
➡️If he asked me, I’d marry him at the drop of a hat. He’s so amazing!
⭐Get a taste of your own medicine
Meaning: To be harmed in the same way you’re harming others.
➡️The mean teacher got a taste of his own medicine when the students embarrassed him.
➡️This time I’ve fooled you! How is that for a taste of your own medicine!
➡️I got a taste of my own medicine when Ellen started ignoring me like I had ignored her.
⭐Give someone the cold shoulder
Meaning: To ignore someone.
➡️Why is he giving me the cold shoulder? He always ignores me.
➡️I’ve been friendly to her, yet she gives me the cold shoulder.
➡️Evan asked his dad for help, but his dad gave him the cold shoulder.
⭐have bigger fish to fry
Meaning: To have more important things to do.
➡️I can’t take on a small job. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.
➡️Jan doesn’t have time to give tutoring lessons anymore. He’s got bigger fish to fry with his new job.
➡️Don’t distract me. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.
⭐Hit the nail on the head
Meaning: Get something exactly right.
➡️You did a great job with the work! You really hit the nail on the head!
➡️Selena hit the nail on the head when she said we need to practice more often. We’re not prepared!
➡️The reporter hit the nail on the head with his accurate analysis of the situation.
⭐Let the cat out of the bag
Meaning: Give away a secret.
➡️Don’t let the cat out of the bag! We can’t let Ahmad know about this!
➡️I let the cat out of the bag. My girlfriend knows how I’m going to propose to her.
➡️Don’t let the cat out of the bag! The new puppy is supposed to be a surprise for the kids!
⭐The best of both worlds
Meaning: A situation that satisfies two desires.
➡️I wanted to eat lunch, but I also wanted to swim. Now I’m having this ice cream in the pool! It’s the best of both worlds.
➡️Sarah wanted work-life balance. She found a part-time job that gave her the best of both worlds.
➡️Sami wanted to live in a warm place, but also a place with many good restaurants. He found that Houston was the best of both worlds.
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⭐ a change of heart
Meaning: a change in the way one feels about something.
Ex: Usman had a change of heart and cancelled her date with Hina.
⭐ a close call
Meaning: an accident or incident that almost happens but does not happen.
Ex: Arshad had a close call when the child ran into the street before her car.
⭐ a hot potato
Meaning: a difficult and troubling issue.
Ex: The whaling issue is a hot potato between Japan and its neighbors.
⭐ a piece of cake
Meaning: something that is easy to accomplish or do.
Ex: It was a piece of cake for Martin to score an A on his chemistry exam.
⭐ a slap on the wrist
Meaning: a mild punishment
Ex: The banker only got a slap on the wrist for embezzling a million dollars.
⭐ actions speak louder than words
Meaning: It is better to do something than just talk about it.
Ex: Roberto promises to help with the car wash on Saturday, but actions speak louder than words.
⭐ to add insult to injury
Meaning: to make a situation worse.
Ex: Not only did the banker get a slap on the wrist, add insult to injury, he is going to sue the bank for defamation!
⭐ best of both worlds
Meaning: receive benefits of two different things at the same time.
Ex: Jared has the best of both worlds
Meaning: a mom to cook his meals and a sister to iron his clothes!
⭐ to bite off more than you can chew
Meaning: to try to do more than you can do.
Ex: Lola bit off more than she could chew when she got a second job to pay expenses.
⭐ blue moon
Meaning: a rare occurrence.
Ex: Is there a blue moon? Sara is actually cleaning up the house!

⭐ break a leg
Meaning: good luck
Ex: Josh told Kayla to break a leg before she left for the job interview.
⭐ to burn your bridges
Meaning: to act or communicate unpleasantly or nastily
ensuring you will never be welcome again.
Ex: Biff burned his bridges at work by insulting his boss and coworkers before he quit.
⭐ to call someone’s bluff
Meaning: to challenge someone to prove what they say is truthful
Ex: The police called the bluff of the bank robbers and stormed the building, but found no hostages.
⭐ cash cow
Meaning: a company’s most profitable product.
Ex: The 2-liter bottle of grape soda is the cash cow for K and B Beverages.
⭐ clear the air
Meaning: to resolve a dispute or argument.
Ex: Alberto cleared the air with his boss and kept his job.
⭐ cold shoulder
Meaning: a nasty attitude of rejection.
Ex: Jessica gave her boyfriend the cold shoulder after she saw him kiss another girl.
⭐ to cost an arm and leg
Meaning: to pay cost a lot of money.
Ex: Lars had bought a new sail boat, but it cost him an arm and a leg.
⭐ to be dead to the world
Meaning: to be sleeping deeply.
Ex: Kayla was dead to the world after the long flight from London.
⭐ to drive someone up the wall
Meaning: to irritate or annoy someone greatly.
Ex: Hannah’s smoking drives her mother up the wall.
⭐ eager beaver
Meaning: a person who is anxious to work hard and do extra work.
Ex: Lorenzo is an eager beaver. She arrives early at the office and goes home

⭐ to feel under the weather
Meaning: to be sick.
Ex: Rosa did not go to work today. She feels under the weather.
⭐ to get something off your chest
Meaning: to express exactly what you are
Ex: Raul got the F on the test off his chest by screaming down his dormitory hallway.
⭐ to get the ball rolling
Meaning: to initiate action
Ex: Alan got the ball rolling on his project by meeting with key players after work.
⭐ to get to the bottom of
Meaning: to discover the cause of something.
Ex: The state prosecutor vowed to get to the bottom of the illegal drug trade
in Belville.
⭐ to go ape
Meaning: to get very excited or emotional.
Ex: Joana went ape after her numbers matched the lottery drawing!
⭐ to go behind someone’s back
Meaning: to betray, to do something that is kept a secret from someone affected by it.
Ex: Marsha went behind Larry’s back and told his girlfriend that he kissed another girl.
⭐ goof off
Meaning: to waste time, to not work, to do nothing productive.
Ex: Eddie goofs off by playing video games after classes.
⭐ to hear it on the grapevine
Meaning: to discover information through rumors, gossip, etc.
Ex: Hannah heard through the grapevine that Professor Davis lost her job.
⭐ to hit the books
Meaning: to study, usually in an intense manner.
Ex: Lolly and Dolly hit the books one night before their English final exam.
⭐ to hit the nail on the head
Meaning: to be exactly right about something or what is causing something
Ex: Jess hit the head on the head when she said Roberta did not study enough and thus failed her test.

⭐ to keep your cool
Meaning: to remain calm despite a difficult situation.
Ex: Lorna has kept her cool during the debate despite sharp words from the other side.
⭐ to kill two birds with one stone
Meaning: to solve two problems with one
Ex: Max was able to kill two birds with one stone during his trip to Madrid:
practice his Spanish and see his friend, Marisela.
⭐ to leave someone out in the cold
Meaning: to exclude.
Ex: Marty left Inaam out in the cold at work after his ugly fight in the cafeteria.
⭐ to see eye to eye
Meaning: when people agree with each other.
Ex: Bert and Shelly just cannot seem to see eye to eye on how to discipline their bratty child.
⭐ to sit on the fence
Meaning: to be unable to make a decision.
Ex: The mayor is sitting on the fence on whether to build a park by the river.
⭐ squeaky clean
Meaning: perfectly clean.
Ex: The new police chief is squeaky clean according to his mother.
⭐ to take what someone says with a grain of salt
Meaning: to barely believe what
a person tells you.
Ex: Betty took with a grain of salt what Gina said about studying for her French exam.
⭐ the last straw
Meaning: the final irritation or disappointment which exhausts
your patience.
Ex: For Felipe, his fight with the boss was the last straw: he is quitting his
⭐ to turn a blind eye
Meaning: to refuse to acknowledge something that is real or
Ex: The judge turned a blind eye to the suspect’s violent past and released
him from prison.
⭐ to turn back the clock
Meaning: to try to return to the past.
Ex: The president vowed to stop the proposal to turn back the clock on
women’s rights.
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