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📗Dialogue No. 01
Mike : Why are you down in the dumps?
Suzan : Carl has foiled all our plans. I was going to take a few days off work but he turned down my request on the pretext of a due deadline and that they cannot do without me for the time being.
Mike : You’re kidding! If your husband heard that, he would hit the ceiling.
Suzan : He must step in and put a stop to Carl’s arrogance. He is the company’s owner after all and he should crack the whip.

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Down in the dumps : discouraged, depressed, or sad.
✔️Foil a plan : to spoil a plan; to cause it to fail.
✔️Take time off : to take a break from one’s employment or school.
✔️Turn down : to refuse someone’s request.
✔️On the pretext of : a false reason used to explain why you are doing something.
✔️A due deadline : the time something should be delivered.
✔️Do without : to manage without.
✔️For the time being : for the present; until some other arrangement is made.
✔️You’re kidding : You cannot be serious; I don’t believe it; this can’t be true.
✔️Hit the ceiling : to explode in anger; to go crazy.
✔️Step in : to become involved in a difficult situation, especially in order to help.
✔️Put a stop to : to cause to end.
✔️After all : used to add information that shows that what you have just said is true.
✔️Crack the whip : to use your authority to make someone else behave better or work harder.
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Eric : Did you enjoy the show?
David : No, it was rubbish. Wasn’t it?
Eric : I just couldn’t put up with those silly pranks; they just weren’t my cup of tea, but I had to stick it out because I was with two of my friends.
David : Well, make sure you see the trailers next time.
Eric : Can you do me a favor and cancel tonight’s tickets. The whole thing is a kind of pouring money down the drain.
David : With pleasure.

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Rubbish : something that is of bad quality.
✔️Put up with : to tolerate; endure.
✔️Prank : a trick that is intended to be funny.
✔️Not one’s cup of tea : not what one likes or is interested in.
✔️Stick it out : to continue to the end of a difficult or unpleasant situation.
✔️Trailer : (noun) a series of extracts from a film or broadcast, used for advance publicity.
✔️Do someone a favor : to do something for someone as an act of kindness.
✔️Pour money down the drain : to waste money; to throw money away.
✔️With pleasure : gladly
(used to express polite agreement or acceptance).
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Sam : I can’t believe how Clare goes around with Alice.
Kathy : Why is that? What’s wrong with Alice?
Sam : She’s a whistleblower and she rats on others in her department.
Kathy : Then, we have to warn Clare as soon as possible lest she slips up.
Sam : Yeah, the sooner the better.
Kathy : Actually! I’m afraid Clare is the villain of the piece but not the other way round.
Obviously; she is covering up by spreading rumors about Alice.
Sam : You don’t say!

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Go around with : to go places and do things with a particular person.
✔️A whistleblower : a person who tells someone in authority about what is happening.
✔️Rat on : to inform on (someone).
✔️Lest : for fear that.
✔️Slip up : make a careless error.
✔️The sooner the better : right away; the sooner something gets done, the better things will be.
✔️The villain of the piece : when someone is seen as being the cause of trouble.
✔️The other way round : the opposite of what is expected or supposed.
✔️Cover up : to prevent people from discovering mistakes or unpleasant facts.
✔️Spread rumors : to spread unverified information of uncertain origin
✔️You don’t say : used to express amazement or disbelief.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
Sam : I’m racking my brains to find a way to get the work done before noon.
Kathy : I will give you a hand. I didn’t know you were hard up.
Sam : Honestly; I’ve had enough of this job and I’m doing my best to get a better one so that I can stand on my feet.
Kathy : You mean you are going to change your line of work!
Sam : No, not at all. All I need is a bit more leeway. I just feel that I’m boxed-in inside this office. I need some space and a change of air.
Kathy: Go for it!
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🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Rack ones brains : to make a great effort to think of or remember something.
✔️Give someone a hand : to help, aid, or assist.
✔️Hard up : in desperate need of something.
✔️Have enough of : used when somebody/something is annoying you and you no longer want to do, have or see them/it.
✔️Do one’s best : to do all one can.
✔️Stand on one’s feet : to be financially independent or physically healthy again.
✔️Line of work : the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money.
✔️Leeway : the available amount of freedom to move or act
✔️Boxed-in : to be restricted or feeling stuck due to one’s limited options.
✔️A change of air : a different climate, as a means of improving one’s health.
✔️Go for it : Go ahead! Give it a good try!
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