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📗Dialogue No. 01
Bill : Sally is dropping out of school. She’s getting married in two weeks.
Mike : She is a nitwit if she thinks that marriage is a picnic. That’s no joke.
Bill : But, her husband is a business tycoon. He is going to back her up for good.
Mike : Well, I have to change my mind. It makes sense to take shortcuts to success in this tough and rough world.
Bill : I remember when she said that she would make her dreams come true one way or another.
Mike : I must admit that determination pays off!

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Drop out of : to abandon a course of study.
✔️Nitwit : an idiot.
✔️A picnic : a pleasant and easy activity.
✔️No joke : a difficult or serious matter:
✔️Tycoon : a wealthy, powerful person in business or industry.
✔️Back someone up : to support
✔️For good : permanently; forever.
✔️Change one’s mind : to adopt a different opinion or plan.
✔️Make sense : be intelligible, justifiable, or practicable.
✔️Take shortcuts : a method or means of doing something more directly and quickly, not by ordinary procedure.
✔️One way or another : in any way that is possible
✔️Pay off : to yield good results; succeed.
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Emily : Enough already (1)! I heard you the first time!
Julie : Fair enough ! If I were in your shoes, I would also be out of my mind.
Emily : How on earth do you give away (1) such secrets about our business?
Julie : Believe it or not. Someone else, other than me and you, has already (2) informed them about our plans.
Emily : Already? (3) Who on earth could be that third party?
Julie : They must be bugging us or else how will they figure out that we are giving away (2) free samples?

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Already (1): used as an intensifier to express exasperation or impatience.
✔️Fair enough : used to admit that something is reasonable or acceptable.
✔️In one’s shoes : in someone’s else place or situation.
✔️Out of one’s mind : to be crazy and irrational.
✔️On earth : used after question words to emphasize that you are surprised or annoyed.
✔️Give away (1): to tell information or facts that you should keep secret.
✔️Believe it or not : this is surprising but true (Used to introduce a surprising fact)
✔️Other than: apart from; except.
✔️Already (2): previously
✔️Already (3): so soon.
✔️Third party : a third person other than the two involved.
✔️Bug : to place or hide a listening device inside something.
✔️Or else : used to say what will happen if another thing does not happen
✔️Give away (2): give people stuff without pay.
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Emily : What have you got in that box?
Julie : Some odds and ends. They can serve a purpose when I go out of town.
Emily : I admire those handy and practical people. They are really dependable.
Julie : Aren’t you buttering me up?
Emily : Far from it. You just remind me of my uncle. He was literally a Jack-of-all-trades. He used to spend the lion’s share of his time fixing stuff.
Julie : Why don’t you introduce me to him? At least we have something in common.
Emily : Don’t hold your breath. He passed away years ago.

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Odds and ends : miscellaneous articles or remnants.
✔️Serve a purpose : to have a use.
✔️Out of town : away from home; out of one’s town of residence.
✔️Dependable: (adjective): trustworthy and reliable.
✔️Butter up : to praise or flatter someone in order to make him or her more receptive or willing.
✔️Far from it : no; not at all; almost the opposite is true.
✔️Literally : in a literal manner or sense; exactly.
✔️Jack-of-all-trades : (noun) someone who can do many different jobs.
✔️The lion’s share : the largest part of something.
✔️Have something in common : to share the same interests.
✔️Don’t hold your breath : to tell someone that an event is not likely to happen.
✔️Pass away : to die.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
Sally : I’m sure my university days seem happier in retrospect than they really were. Doesn’t that sound weird?
Mark : Well, go easy on yourself. University is a thing of the past!
Sally : Go easy on the popcorn then; we are running short of it already.
Mark : I always teach you to see the beauty of life, but all you teach me is to hold a grudge.
Sally : Don’t you see that you’re pushing it! I’ll throw you out unless you watch your words.
Mark: Why does it always end up like that?
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🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️In retrospect : thinking now about something in the past.
✔️Go easy on someone : to treat someone in a gentle way.
✔️A thing of the past : a thing that no longer happens or exists.
✔️Go easy on (something) : to not take or use too much of something.
✔️Run short of (something): something that no longer happens.
✔️Hold a grudge : not let it go when you feel someone has insulted or wronged you.
✔️Push it : to continue to do or to try to do something when one should stop.
✔️Unless : if not
✔️Watch one’s words : be careful about what you say.
✔️End up : to finally be in a particular place or situation.
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