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📗Dialogue No. 01
Steve : Why don’t you mind your own business and quit keeping up with the Joneses? You’re just wasting your time.
Tom : Because of my wife. She keeps moaning and squawking about money.
Steve : Some people are bound to learn it the hard way. I can’t stand hearing such nonsense.
Tom : I’ve tried hard to point out the fact that we are different but to no avail. She is a jealous woman. Isn’t she your sister? Why don’t you talk her round?
Steve : What? Sure, it’s getting overcast. Isn’t it? I had better get home before it gets dark.

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Mind your own business : to concern oneself only with what is of interest to a person and not interfere in the affairs of others.
✔️Keep up with the Joneses : try to equal your neighbors’ lifestyle.
✔️Moan : to complain.
✔️squawk : to complain.
✔️To be bound to do something : Be certain or destined to do something.
✔️Learn something the hard way : to discover what you need to know through experience or by making mistakes.
✔️Can’t stand : to hate; to dislike.
✔️Point out : to explain or to tell someone something.
✔️To no avail : without success.
✔️Talk someone round : to convince; to persuade.
✔️Overcast : (of the sky or weather) marked by a covering of grey cloud
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Diana : You’re clueless about how to deal with your new assignment. Aren’t you?
Anne : Yeah. I’m completely helpless.
Diana : Never mind, I’ll work overtime and show you the ropes. I know this type of things inside out OR probably I can take over tomorrow.
Anne : Please do and get me off the hook!
Diana : Well; I have got a full plate today. I’ll give you a hand tomorrow. Okay?
Anne : Thanks Diana. You’ve truly saved the day!

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Clueless : no nothing about
✔️Deal with : to take action to do something, especially to solve a problem.
✔️Never mind : not to worry or not to be upset about something.
✔️Overtime : extra hours that someone works at their job.
✔️Show someone the ropes : to teach someone how to do something.
✔️Know something inside out: know something very thoroughly.
✔️Take over : to begin to have control of something.
✔️Get someone off the hook : to get out of the awkward or unpleasant situation that they are in.
✔️Have a full plate : to have a busy schedule or a lot of workload
✔️Save the day : find or provide a solution to a difficulty or disaster.
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Jack : Don’t be such a gullible person. Did you truly believe that Jessie got the tender for the hospital project?
Tony : You mean she was pulling my leg!
Jack : Without doubt. I don’t deny that she is an ambitious girl and bold enough to go to extremes but this deal is definitely beyond her means.
Tony : Then, she is making fun of me!
Jack : Not exactly. She is trying to get you worked up so that you give up trying.
Tony : She is such a dirty rat!

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Gullible : Someone who is easily persuaded to believe something
✔️Pull someone’s leg : to deceive someone playfully; tease someone.
✔️Without doubt : Without question; certainly; definitely.
✔️Go to extremes : to do something much more than is usual or reasonable.
✔️Beyond one’s means : beyond (or within) one’s budget or income.
✔️Make fun of someone : to mock or direct insults at someone or something.
✔️Worked up : upset or very excited about something.
✔️Give up : to stop trying to do something before you have finished.
✔️Dirty rat : Who one does malicious acts against you or your friends
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📗Dialogue No. 04
Jessie : I’ve been meaning to paint the shed all summer, but I keep letting it ride.
Rebecca : Why is the delay? Unless you take action soon, it’s going to run down and collapse in a few days.
Jessie : I’m just in no mood to lift a finger. I just feel lonely and this is a hard pill to swallow.
Rebecca : Oh, poor Jessie. Your recent break-up must have ruined you.
Jessie : On top of that I’m getting more and more absent-minded. Yesterday I had a near miss. I was almost hit by a truck.
Rebecca : That’s awful.
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🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Let it ride : take no immediate action over something.
✔️Take action : do something to achieve an aim or deal with a problem.
✔️Run down : gradually deteriorate
In no mood to do something : not feeling like doing or experiencing something.
✔️Lift a finger : make the slightest effort to do something.
✔️A hard pill to swallow : something that is difficult to accept.
✔️Break-up : the end of a relationship.
✔️On top of that : In addition to; besides.
✔️Absent-minded : (adj) distracted; forgetful or inattentive
✔️A near miss : a narrowly avoided collision or other accident.
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