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📗Dialogue No. 01
John : Can’t you wipe those crumbs from your mouth? You’re turning my stomach!
Tom: Oops, sorry!
John : You know what? The children are up to something. They keep sneaking into and out the kitchen every now and then. I’m starting to smell a rat.
Tom : Alright, I’ll go and take a look.
John: OMG. Where is my wallet? Tom; leave the kids alone and come back.
Tom : What’s wrong with you.
John : My wallet disappeared. It was beside the television. I’ve searched for it everywhere but it seems to have vanished into thin air!

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Turn one’s stomach : To cause one to become nauseated or disgusted.
✔️To be up to something : doing something wrong or secret.
✔️Sneak into : To enter some place in a quiet manner
✔️Sneak out : to leave furtively and stealthily.
✔️Every now and then : from time to time; occasionally.
✔️Smell a rat : to begin to suspect trickery or deception.
✔️OMG : used to express surprise, excitement, disbelief, etc.
✔️Leave someone alone : to refrain from disturbing or interfering with someone.
✔️Vanish into thin air : to disappear suddenly and completely
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Carl : Hey Alice! You look pleased with yourself today. What’s up?
Alice : I’m gonna meet the mayor. It’s such a big deal (1) for me because I will ask him to grant me an exception.
Carl : Big deal! (2) Seriously!
Alice : You know I need to get a license for the new shop. I bet he won’t disappoint me and we’ll find some loophole for this issue.
Carl : Don’t be very overoptimistic. I heard he is such a big-headed guy.
Alice : Leave it to me. I’ve already greased his palm. Oh, by the way, I heard your team won last night – congrats!
Carl : No big deal! we were against a pretty weak team. But thanks all the same!

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Big deal (1): something important.
✔️Big deal (2): used to express one’s contempt for something that is regarded as impressive by another person.
✔️I bet : used for saying that you are sure about something.
✔️A loophole : a means of escape or evasion, esp. a means or opportunity of evading a law, contract, etc.
✔️Big-headed : (adj) conceited or arrogant.
✔️Leave it to me : let me handle it or take care of it.
✔️Greased one’s palm : to bribe.
✔️No big deal : not important.
✔️All the same: despite what has just been said.
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Carl : Good opportunities always come my brother’s way , whether he works hard for them or not. Sounds like things are looking up for him all the time.
Alice : No wonder. He thinks out of the box and he doesn’t mind taking on more responsibilities. In short, Steven is cut out to be a leader.
Carl : You’ve got a point there! Thinking out of the box pays dividends!
Alice : For the record, I’ve made up my mind to get married and settle down.
Carl : Really? What wonderful news! Obviously, I’m the only loser here.
Alice : Cheer up, man. Things are bound to look up sooner or later.

🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Come one’s way : happen to.
✔️Things are looking up: things are improving or becoming better.
✔️Think out of the box : to think differently
✔️Not to mind doing something: to be happy or willing to do something.
✔️To be cut out to be/for something: To be well-suited for a certain position or role.
✔️You’ve got a point there : Your point of view or opinion makes sense.
Pay dividends : to cause good results at a ✔️time in the future.
✔️For the record : So that the true facts about something are clear or known.
✔️Make up one’s mind to : to take a decision to do something.
✔️Settle down : live a quieter life by getting married or staying permanently in a place.
✔️Cheer up : to start to feel happier.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
David : This day is a big day for me. I’ve been assigned to give a speech on behalf of our
company in front of the minister.
Michael : I bet you’re ill at ease already.
David : No, not at all. I’ve been used to giving talks since university days. It’s a breeze for me. I’ve never messed things up when it comes to speaking in public.
Michael : Lucky you. I would have thought twice before I could take on such a tough task.
David : I truly bank on this great opportunity to get a promotion.
Michael : Then, it’s worth giving it your best shot!
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🍎Idioms and Vocabulary:
✔️Assigned to : to designate someone as responsible for doing something.
✔️On behalf of : as a representative of or a proxy for.
✔️Ill at ease : (adj) uncomfortable or embarrassed.
✔️Be used to something/doing something : to be familiar with a condition or activity.
✔️A breeze : a thing that is easy to do or accomplish.
✔️Mess up : to do something badly; to mishandle a situation.
✔️Think twice : consider a course of action carefully before embarking on it.
✔️Bank on : to rely on something confidently
✔️Give it one’s best shot : do the best that one can.
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