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📗Dialogue No. 01
Max : Thanks, Bill. I’ll make up (1) for the missing work on Friday. I’m tied up right today.
Bill : Did you and John make up (2)? You guys have gone too far this time!
Max : Yeah. We met and hanged out for hours last night.
Bill : Good. You two make up (3) half our team! We need you to be friends.
Max : Wow! This book is made up of twelve separate stories. Can I borrow it?
Bill : Yeah. I made up (4) half of them myself. I’ve got a knack for writing stories.

Make up (1): to compensate for something lost or missed
To be tied up : to be busy
Make up (2): to reconcile; to be friendly with someone after an argument.
Go too far : to exceed the limits of what is reasonable or acceptable.
Hang out : to spend time relaxing or enjoying
Make up (3): to form; to combine together.
Make up (4) to create; to invent.
Have a knack for : to be exceptionally good at doing something.
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Peter : I can’t wait to see the new boss. I’m sure I’m going to make a hit with him. I’ve great ideas that are bound to knock him out.
Bob : Let’s keep our fingers crossed, anyway.
Peter : Do you think I’m jumping the gun?
Bob : Not exactly, but it makes sense to sit tight till things come to light. Otherwise, you may end up losing face.
Peter : Oh! How did this slip my mind? Others may think that I’m a bootlicker.
Bob : Yeah, because you’re a well-intentioned guy, others will think that you’re buttering him up.
Peter : Right! At least we got rid of Clare; she used to give me the creeps.

Can’t wait : Be very eager, anxious, or impatient.
Make a hit : make success or become popular.
Knock someone out : Greatly impress; surprise.
Keep one’s fingers crossed : wish for good luck.
Jump the gun : to act before the proper or appropriate time.
Sit tight : to wait patiently and take no action.
Come to light : to become known; to get clearer.
Lose face : to be humiliated
Slip one’s mind : to be overlooked or forgotten.
A bootlicker : to behave like a sycophant toward someone
Well-intentioned : having or showing good intentions.
Give someone the creeps : to make one feel uneasy.
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Sarah : I have recently called on my aunt. She lives in a cabin which was built above the lake, and it has got a view to die for.
Emily : Speaking of views, I’m dying for a holiday. I just need to clear my head.
Sarah : What’s wrong with you?
Emily : Our next-door neighbors are very loud. And their dog is barking day and night. I’m truly craving for quietness and tranquility.
Sarah : Then let’s jump at the chance. My aunt is travelling abroad. What do you say we spend a few days out there?
Emily : That’s a big favor. Sarah; you’re second to none.

To die for: to be extremely attractive, enjoyable, or desirable.
Call on : pay a visit to.
Speaking of : it is used to introduce a remark about a topic previously mentioned.
Be dying for something : wanting to have or do something so much that you do not want to wait.
Clear one’s head : to stop worrying or thinking about something.
Next-door : living or situated next door.
Day and night : all the time.
Crave : to feel a powerful desire for something
Jump at the chance : to quickly take advantage of a new opportunity.
What do you say? It is used to make a suggestion or offer.
Second to none : as good as or better than all others.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
Sarah : Michael is a brain. I’m sure he’s gonna get the job. I read all the applications; and he’s unquestionably the cream of the crop.
Emily : But there’s something fishy about him. I just can’t put my finger on it.
Sarah : Come on! Aren’t you judging a book by its cover?
Emily : I just can’t put up with people who are full of themselves.
Sarah : We can’t turn him down anyway. You know he is Mary’s cousin and she’ll pull some stings to get him hired.
Emily : As long as our hands are tied, let’s not waste our breath.
Sarah : Obviously; You can hardly ever find a person who has made their own way these days. It’s all favoritism and patronage.
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A brain : an intelligent person.
The cream of the crop : the best among others.
Fishy : arousing feelings of doubt or suspicion.
To put one’s finger on (something) : to discover the exact reason why a situation is the way it is, especially when something is wrong.
Judge a book by its cover : make judgments depending on appearances.
Put up with : to tolerate; to endure.
Full of oneself : very self-satisfied
Pull strings : secretly use influence or power.
Hands are tied : unable to act freely.
Waste one’s breath : to speak or argue without result.
Make one’s own way : to rely on one’s own abilities.
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