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📗Dialogue No. 01
Sarah : Now, I would like to discuss your behavior in the party yesterday.
Peter : (to himself) Here we go again!
Sarah : You’ve made a laughingstock of me. You just kept putting me down.
Peter : Oh, dear! I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I’m really sorry and ready to pay for it.
Sarah : Look; I’m gonna ridicule you next weekend and then we get even.
Peter : Well done! You’re good at taking your revenge.
Sarah : Fair is fair.

Here we go again : something familiar is happening again.
Make a laughingstock of : to subject someone to a mockery or ridicule;
Put someone down : to criticize someone; to belittle someone
Hurt one’s feelings : to make someone feel bad.
Pay for it : to be punished for doing something bad to someone else.
Get even : to inflict similar trouble or harm on someone in return
Take revenge : to hurt or punish the person who wronged you.
Fair is fair : it is used for saying that someone should accept something because it is fair.
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Steven : Here we go again — another train cancelled. This is getting ridiculous!
Peter : Why don’t we make a complaint to the city council? Typically, it takes the bus ages to get to the stop let alone the cancellations. Not only this, but the buses are all out of date.
Steven : I did, but they turned a blind eye to it every time. And to crown it all, I was warned not to falsify the facts once more.
Peter : That’s ridiculous. We had better see the mayor.
Steven : The who? He’s such a grumpy man. Forget about it.

Typically : in most cases; usually.
Take ages : to take a long time
Let alone : not to mention.
Out of date : old-fashioned.
Turn a blind eye to it : to ignore something that you know is wrong.
To crown it all : to make things worse.
Falsify the facts: to give a false representation of the facts.
Grumpy : bad-tempered
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Charles : I’ve been cooking for three days in a row. Are you taking advantage of my kind-heartedness and goodwill? Enough is enough.
Diana : But the food you make is out of this world. You should go into business selling it.
Believe me, you are gonna make a bundle unless someone beats you to the punch.
Charles : Enough already. I’m in no mood for joking.
Diana : Darling; You’ve got a heart of gold indeed.
Charles : Come on! What else do you want?
Diana : Please do the dishes after you clear the table.
Charles : You’re such a high-maintenance woman! But I love you.
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In a row : one after another without a break.
Take advantage of : to exploit for one’s own benefit.
Enough is enough : no more will be tolerated.
Out of this world : extremely good or impressive.
Go into business : to begin to work in a certain field of activity.
Make a bundle : to earn a great deal of money.
Beat someone to the punch : to do or say something before someone else does it.
To have a heart of gold : have a generous nature.
High-maintenance : a person demanding a lot of attention.

📗Dialogue No. 04
Charles : Sarah said nothing was stolen! that’s ridiculous to cover-up.
Diana : Probably her husband has a finger in the pie!
Charles : But as far as I know he is a straightforward fellow who is keen to keep his nose clean.
Diana : Excuse me; Charles but you don’t seem to see farther than the end of your nose. I wasn’t born yesterday to believe such a hoax.
Charles : What do you mean?
Diana : Everything is as plain as day. They’re playing the victim to divert attention from their bankruptcy.
Charles : That’s nothing but smoke and mirrors.
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Cover-up : concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public.
Have a finger in the pie: to have a role or to be involved in something.
Keen to : very interested, eager, or wanting to do something.
Not to see farther than the end of one’s nose : to be narrow-minded
Not to be born yesterday : to have enough experience to not be easily tricked.
As plain as day : Very obvious, quite clear.
Play the victim : to claim or pretend to be wronged.
Divert attention from : to try to keep people from noticing or thinking about something.
Smoke and mirrors : a strategy of deception and cover up.
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