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📗Dialogue No. 01
Charles : This is the second time I’ve failed her driver’s test, and I’ll do the next time unless I practice parallel parking.
Diana : Oh come on! That’s not the end of the world. You are one of millions in the same boat. You don’t really have to despair.
Charles : Jenny has passed it from the first time. She deserves a pat on the back.
Diana : Jenny is going a long way because she is a go-getter.
Charles : Anyway; I have to get out of some of my commitments to do some practice. I’m always beat . You know.
Diana : Well; I’m afraid the driver’s test committee are taking you for a ride. I heard they make more money when people fail.

Not the end of the world : not the worst thing that could happen.
In the same boat : sharing a particular experience or circumstance with others.
A pat on the back : praise.
Go a long way : to make success
Go-getter : ambitious.
Get out of : to try to avoid or escape a duty or responsibility
Beat : completely exhausted.
Take someone for a ride : to deceive or cheat someone.
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Josh : Oh, not again. My holiday plans fell apart (1). My wife is gonna go nuts. She always accuses me of not keeping my word.
Bill : Do you often go back on your word?
Josh : When the vase fell apart (2) last month, I promised to buy a new one. But I’m still broke!
Bill : Don’t let on to her yet. Maybe everything will turn out okay.
Josh : The point is my wife is counting a lot on this holiday. She has already informed all friends about it. I can’t just overlook that.
Bill : Man! marriage is no bed of roses!
Josh : Looking back on my bachelorhood days, I can obviously say that marriage is heaven in comparison. Al least I got rid of the dog’s life.

Fall apart : to fail.
Go nuts : to become very angry or very excited.
Keep one’s word : do what one has promised.
Go back on one’s word : fail to keep a promise.
Fall apart (2): break into pieces.
Let on : to reveal; to inform; to tell.
Count on : to hope or expect that something will happen.
No bed of roses : there are unpleasant things to deal with as well as the pleasant ones.
Look back : to think about a time or event in the past.
Heaven : something that gives you great pleasure.
Dog’s life : a very unhappy and unpleasant life
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Josh : Albert is a top-notch manager who never backed out of any agreement.
Bill : Well; I beg to differ. You had better wash your hands of this affair before you end up in jail.
Josh : What? Jail! Do you think I’m sticking my neck out by this partnership?
Bill : Don’t you see that you’re asking for trouble by selling smuggled cars? Are you out of your mind?
Josh : I have to. Sales have fallen off and all I can do is sitting around twiddling my thumbs. Business stinks.
Bill : You’re right. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Top-notch : excellent; the best.
Back out of : not to do something that you had said you would do.
I beg to differ : a way of saying “I do not agree”. It’s a polite expression.
Wash one’s hand of : to get out of: to refuse responsibility for.
Stick one’s neck out : to expose oneself to some risk, danger, or responsibility.
Ask for trouble : to act in a way that is likely to incur problems or difficulties.
Fall off : to drop off; to decrease.
Twiddle one’s thumbs : be bored or idle because one has nothing to do.
Stink : to be of extremely bad quality, to be terrible.
Money doesn’t grow on trees : it is not easy to get money.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
Linda : England had been knocked out (1) of the World Cup by West Germany.
Lucy : Really! This news will knock James out (2). He is a big fan of Germany.
Linda : I also heard that the storm knocked out (3) power supplies in many parts of the city. Two people passed away and 10 were knocked out (4).
Lucy : Don’t knock yourself out reporting such news. I’m in no mood to hear them right now.
Don’t you see that you’re getting a news junkie!
Linda : It’s all because of the dead-end conditions we are going through.
Lucy : Don’t be so morbid and gloomy for Heaven’s sake! Things aren’t that bad.
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Knock out (1): to make someone leave a competition by defeating them.
Knock someone out (2): to impress someone.
Knock out (3): to destroy something, or to stop it from working.
Knock out (4): make someone unconscious.
Knock oneself out : make a lot of efforts to do something.
Junkie : a person with an obsessive dependency on something
Dead-end : permitting no opportunity for progress or advancement.
Go through : to experience; to undergo.
Morbid : showing a strong interest in subjects such as death that most people think are unpleasant.
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