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📗Dialogue No. 01
Albert : I’ve had it up to here with Clare. She’s getting under my skin in the true sense of the word.
Jason : Did she put you on the spot again?
Albert : Much worse! She’s bossing me around as if she was the head of the department not me! Does this stand to reason?
Jason : Well; time to crack down, I suppose.
Albert : If I did, I’d be shooting myself on the foot.
Jason : Then, all you can do is to smooth things over so that you can adjust to the status quo.

Have it up to here with someone : not endure any more of someone or something .
Get under one’s skin : to annoy or irritate someone intensely.
In the true sense of the word : totally; in every possible way.
Put someone on the spot : to cause them embarrassment or difficulty by forcing them to answer a difficult question or make an important decision.
Boss someone around : tell someone what to do, give orders.
Stand to reason : to be logical or rational.
Crack down : to become more strict.
shoot oneself on the foot : to foolishly harm one’s own cause.
Smooth things over : make better or more pleasant.
Adjust to : to get used to a new situation by changing the way you do things.
Status quo : the existing state of affairs; the present situation.
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Suzan: Get a load of that little girl. She’s a true troublemaker.
Jenny : Is she? But she doesn’t look so. As they say appearances are deceiving!
Suzan : She’s not that bad. But she’s spoiled because my uncle gets a kick out of her. She keeps him in stitches.
Jenny : But he shouldn’t give in to all her acts. She’ll eventually go out of control.
Suzan : That’s right! You hit the nail on the head. I said that over and over again but my words fall on deaf ears!

Get a load of : take a look at
Appearances are deceiving : Things can look different from the way they really are.
Spoiled : of a person, especially a child harmed in character by being treated too leniently
Get a kick out of : to get a sense of enjoyment, amusement, or excitement.
In stitches : laughing uncontrollably.
Give in : to finally agree to what someone wants.
Go out of control : no longer possible to manage.
Hit the nail on the head : to describe exactly a situation/problem.
Over and over again : again and again.
fall on deaf ears : to be ignored
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Bill : It’s a shame we lost touch with most of our university friends.
Peter : Why don’t we track them down? Haven’t you kept in touch with or come across any of them?
Bill : A few! Some have settled down, some are tied down, some are living it up and others are in a rut. Recently, I touched base with Steve; but he is always on the go.
Peter : I hope one day we can get together and hark back to the good old days.
Bill : Yeah; I truly yearn for them.

Lose touch : to cease to be in communication.
Track down : to find something or someone after looking for them.
Keep in touch with : to maintain communications with someone.
Come across : to meet or find by chance.
Tied down : to be restricted by responsibilities.
Live it up : To really enjoy oneself.
In a rut : in a fixed, rather boring way of doing things.
Touch base : briefly make or renew contact with someone.
On the go : Constantly in motion, active, or working.
Hark back to : to mention or remember something from the past
The good old days : a past period of better times.
Yearn for : to desire someone or something strongly.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
Wendy : When it comes to friendship, you’re more than lucky. I like your friend Kathy. She’s really terrific and down-to-earth.
Jessie : You’re right. We really hit it off. I wish all other friends were like her.
Wendy : You mean those fair-weather ones!
Jessie : By the way, do you still see Samantha? The other day I came across her and she gave me a cold shoulder!
Wendy : On and off. Obviously, I steer clear of her now because she looks down her nose at me after she got married that guy and became well-off.
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Down-to-earth : practical, reasonable, and friendly.
Hit it off : to get along well.
A fair-weather friend : a person whose friendship cannot be relied on in times of difficulty.
The other day : a few days ago.
Give someone a cold shoulder : to intentionally ignore someone or treat someone in an unfriendly way.
On and off : occasionally
Steer clear of : to take care to avoid or keep away from.
Look down one’s nose at someone : to regard someone with a feeling of superiority.
Well-off : wealthy; rich.
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