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📗Dialogue No. 01
George : I truly pity Mike! This guy is completely dominated by his wife. She simply leads him around by the nose!
Carl : You’re such a pushover! Who filled you in on that? Things are not always what they seem.
George : What do you mean?
Carl : Mike does have a mind of his own but she is putting the screws on him after she caught him cheating on her.
George : Yeah! They used to be at odds with each other most of the time and could never see eye to eye!
Carl : I know Mike well. He’ll stand up for himself one way or another.

Leads someone around by the nose : to completely control a person.
A pushover : a person who is easy to overcome or influence.
Fill someone in on : to give someone extra or missing information.
Have a mind of one’s own : to be capable of independent opinion or action.
Put the screws on someone : to force somebody to do something, especially by frightening and threatening them.
Cheat on someone : to secretly have sex with someone other than your husband, wife, or partner.
At odds : in conflict or at variance.
See eye to eye : be in full agreement.
Stand up for oneself : to speak or act in support of.
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📗Dialogue No. 02
George : You know what! I don’t like gossiping but there are some rumors circulating around that Jessie and Sam’s marriage is on the rocks.
Carl : There’s nothing of the sort! It could be a false alarm. You know; people are very brilliant at blowing stuff up.
George : But Clare did tell Jessie that their marriage had been on shaky ground and they were on the edge of splitting up!
Carl : I wonder who’s at fault?
George : Contrary to Sam’s desire, Jessie doesn’t want to have a bun in the oven. Simply, they aren’t on the same wavelength .

On the rocks : experiencing difficulties and likely to fail.
A false alarm : A signal or warning that is groundless.
Blow something up : exaggerate the importance of something.
On shaky ground : weak and likely to break down or fail
Split up : to end a relationship
At fault : in the wrong.
Have a bun in the oven : to be pregnant.
On the same wavelength : to share the same perspective with someone else.
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Harry : Thanks for making some time for me Sarah. I thought the new position would change you! You’ve got a heart of gold indeed.
Sarah : Obviously, assuming responsibility is easier said than done. I have to sort out everything from scratch.
Harry : If the worst comes to worst hire an assistant to share the workload.
Sarah : Well, let’s not jump the gun. So far, things are under control.
Harry : Anyway, try not to lose your head while dealing with Anne. She has got a one track mind.
Sarah : No hard feelings!

Make time : arrange one’s schedule for doing something or seeing someone.
Have a heart of gold : have a generous nature.
Easier said than done : be more easily talked about than put into practice.
From scratch : from the very beginning.
If the worst comes to the worst : if the situation develops in the most serious or unpleasant way.
Jump the gun : act before the proper or appropriate time.
Lose one’s head : to act emotionally or irrationally.
Have a one track mind : think only about one subject.
No hard feelings : no feeling of being upset; no offense.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
Chris : I’m not a fan of taxes, but it’s a bit of a stretch to claim they are the cause of all our
Diana : Yeah; that’s no brainer. But you know; people are used to taking it on the circumstances.
Chris : You’re right! It’s quite hard to cope with the fact that we’re responsible for our failures.
Diana : We should learn what is truly worth our while rather than sitting idly by.
Chris : Honestly, it’s like pulling teeth trying to lay these facts out for others.
Diana : Well, don’t beat yourself up; everyone knows their stuff!
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A bit of a stretch : a mild exaggeration beyond the truth or what is likely the case.
No brainer : something which requires little or no mental effort.
Take it out on : to make someone else suffer or be responsible for your own mistakes, anger, sadness, etc.
Cope with : to endure something
Worth one’s while : Good enough for one to spend time, effort, or money on.
Sit idly by : to see something bad happening without trying to prevent it.
Like pulling teeth : used to convey that something is extremely difficult to do.
Lay out : to explain a plan of action or a sequence of events.
Know one’s stuff : to be good at doing something because you know a lot about it.
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