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đź“—Dialogue No. 01
Sally : Mike is a stand-up guy but his brothers are all sourpusses.
Sarah : Go figure!
Sally : But when any of them steps out of line, he steps in to work it out.
Sarah : They’re trying to set him up and lay their hands on his company. Actually, they have a long track record of scams.
Sally: It gives me goosebumps just talking about them!

Stand-up : loyal to friends and beliefs.
A sourpuss : a bad-tempered person
Go figure : It’s really strange
Step out of line : behave inappropriately or disobediently.
Work out : to solve a problem by considering the facts.
Set someone up : to deceive someone so that they fall victim to something.
Lay one’s hand on : to get someone or something, especially to do harm.
Track record : all of a person’s or an organization’s successes or failures in the past.
Goosebumps : Bumps on one’s skin where one’s body hair stands on end as the result of an intense feeling of cold, nervousness, anxiety, excitement, or fear.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 02
Sally : Unlike his dad who is all thumbs, Rob is a handy boy. He never throws away any second hand tool. For him even the smallest screw can serve a purpose.
Sarah : I wish I had a boy like Rob. Currently, my TV is on the blink.
Sally : Why don’t you get a new one and spare yourself the trouble?
Sarah : To say I’ve had enough of those broken stuff is an understatement! I’ve already ordered a new one.
Sally : Way to go!

All thumbs : very awkward with your hands; clumsy.
Handy : able to use something skillfully.
Second hand : not new; having been used in the past.
Serve a purpose : to have a particular use or function in some way.
Spend a fortune : to spend a large amount of money.
On the blink : when a machine is out of order.
Spare yourself the trouble : to avoid going through difficult experiences.
Understatement : the act or an instance of stating something in restrained terms
Way to go : Well done! Good job!
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đź“—Dialogue No. 03
Peter : Steven you’re such a slob ! How many times should I warn you not to pile everything up and scatter stuff around? The place is a complete mess!
Steven : Here we go again! I bet you’ve lost your glasses. Haven’t you?
Peter : Of course not! This time my wallet is missing. I’ve looked high and low but to no avail.
Steven : Just stop nagging and it’ll turn up! It could be right under your nose!
Peter : Here it is! On the TV. Anyway, I’m gonna straighten the flat out.

A slob : a person who is lazy and has low standards of cleanliness.
Pile up : to accumulate; to put things on top of each other
Scatter around : carelessly put in different places.
A mess : in disorderly condition; bad or confused situation.
Look high and low : to look everywhere.
Nag : to harass someone constantly to do something that they are averse to.
Turn up : to appear.
Right under someone’s nose : in an obvious, nearby place.
Straighten something out : to make something tidy or organized.
Here it is : said when you’ve found something you’re looking for.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 04
Ben : You’ve been fiddling around with this washing machine for hours! Aren’t you fed up already? Maybe you won’t doctor it up this time! Will you?
James : You’re right! I can kiss it goodbye now.
Ben : Good for you! You’re cut out to be a technician!
James : Stop ridiculing and help me remove this screw. It needs a lot of elbow-grease!
Ben : I told you all along that the panel is broken but you took no notice! You’re as stubborn as a mule.
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Fiddle around : to play with or idly handle something improperly.
Doctor something up : to fix superficially or temporarily.
Kiss something a goodbye : to see something ruined or lost.
Elbow-grease : hard physical work, especially vigorous polishing or cleaning.
All along : from the beginning.
Take no notice : to pay no attention to someone or something.
Stubborn as a mule : extremely obstinate.
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