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đź“—Dialogue No. 01
Peter : I saw the mayor and told him that the state’s Sunday law is a dead letter as many stores open and conduct business on that day.
Ben : Well done! You just cut to the chase!
Peter : Regarding our license, I was informed that we still need two signatures to be home free. Steven is tracking it and he assured me that it is in good hands.
Ben : What’s the point of all this red tape? They’re just holding us back! When on earth will we get rid of these time-worn rules?
Peter: When the pigs fly!

Dead letter : an existing law or agreement that is no longer obeyed or enforced.
Cut to the chase : to reach the most important points quickly.
Home free : to succeed without difficulty or obstacles.
In good hands : In competent or safe care.
What’s the point of : to ask about the reasons for something in a negative way.
Red tape : obstructive official routine or procedure; time-consuming bureaucracy.
Time-worn : belonging to times long past.
When the pigs fly : that will never happen.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 02
Lucy : I can’t take it anymore! Living in this run-down (1) building is like hell. I’m completely run-down (2). Besides, we’re in the middle of nowhere.
Jenny : Isn’t it better than living amidst the hustle and bustle of cities?
Lucy : Not on your life! As soon as we pay off our loan, I’ll move back to the city. I have had
enough of this life!
Jenny : Won’t you give me a rundown (3) of the new semester’s schedule?
Lucy : Provided you take over the cooking tomorrow.
Jenny : touché

Run-down (1); old; ancient; in a poor or neglected state.
Hell : a situation or place of evil or misery
Run-down (2): tired and unwell, especially through overwork.
In the middle of nowhere : a place that is very remote.
Hustle and bustle : large amount of activity and work, usually in a noisy surrounding.
Not on your life: No way.
Rundown (3): an analysis or summary of something.
Take over : to begin to do something that someone else was doing
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đź“—Dialogue No. 03
Lucy : Won’t you patch it up with Sam? It’s time to turn over a new leaf! The whole matter isn’t worth it!
Jenny : Not in the short run at least! He’s such a bootlicker and keeps sucking up to Thomas just to gloss over his under-the-table deals.
Lucy : That’s weird! He used to be on the level and never stepped out of line.
Jenny : Being surrounded by corrupt people made of him a carbon copy of them.
Lucy : As they say; dogs of the same street bark alike!

Patch up : to settle a quarrel
Turn over a new leaf : to start behaving in a better way.
Suck up : to show too much respect or obedience, especially for one’s own advantage.
Gloss over : to overlook; to ignore
Under-the-table : Secret
On the level : honest; straightforward.
A carbon copy : a person or thing identical or very similar to another.
Dogs of the same street bark alike : People of the same background have the same behaviour.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 04
David : I’ve made up my mind to quit. James’s such a nag. He keeps hounding me.
Steven : We’re in the same boat. Jessie won’t get off my back as well. She’s bossing me around as if I’m a little kid.
David : At least Jessie is a bit open-minded. You can simply ask her to knock it off.
Steven : Right! James is a pill. He is constantly harping on the same stuff. He’s going to send you to the Looney bin if you don’t put a stop to his farce.
David : Let’s not take it to heart anyway! If Jessie keeps nitpicking, you should take what she says with a pinch of salt.
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A nag : a persistently urging person.
Hound someone : to bother; to annoy
In the same boat : in a similar situation.
Get off one’s back : to leave someone alone, don’t bother.
Boss someone around : to give orders to another person rudely.
Open-minded : willing to consider new ideas
Knock it off : to stop.
A pill : an annoying person.
Harp on : to repeat or persist.
Looney bin : insane asylum; mental hospital.
Farce : an event or situation that is absurd or disorganized.
Take something to heart : to consider seriously.
Nitpicks : to find faults in details that are not important.
Take something with a pinch of salt : regard something as exaggerated
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