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đź“—Dialogue No. 01
James : I used to be very pessimistic, but ever since surviving that car wreck, I’ve been whistling a different tune!
Bill : You used to have a chip on your shoulder as well. What about this?
James : Well, let bygones be bygones! Oh; What are you getting at?
Bill : Previously, you would dish it out but you couldn’t take it!
James : I know what you mean; I have already cleared the air with Steven. By the way save your wisecracks for yourself. I still need to settle accounts with you. Little jerk!
Bill : Old habits die hard, indeed!

Whistle a different tune : to change one’s opinion or behavior.
Have a chip on your shoulder : to have quarrelsome attitude
Let bygones be bygones : to forget unpleasant things that have happened in the past
Get at : to mean; to hint
Dish it out : to criticize other people.
Take it : to endure trouble, criticism, abuse or pressure.
Clear the air with : to calm anger and remove misunderstanding.
A wisecrack : a sarcastic or nasty remark.
Settle accounts : to avenge a misdeed.
Old habits die hard : people find it difficult to change their accustomed behavior.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 02
Thomas : OK, that’s the last straw! I told Mark to stop irritating his mates, but he is taking no notice of that. I’ll teach him a lesson.
Diana : Come on! You’re making a big thing of it! He is still too young to lay the blame on him.
Thomas : I know, but unless we nib it in the bud, he’ll end up going astray.
Diana : You’re right, but please don’t make waves. Or else we’re gonna be the talk of the town!
Thomas : Yeah, the last thing we need is to make the fur fly. I’ll hand him over to you; anyway.

The last straw : the last of a succession of troubles that leads to a loss of patience, a disaster, etc.
Teach someone a lesson : punish or hurt someone as a warning.
Make a big thing of : to exaggerate.
Lay the blame on : to blame.
Nip something in the bud : suppress or destroy something at an early stage.
Go astray : to go out of the right, good, or expected way
Make waves : to cause trouble; to create a disturbance.
The talk of the town : to be what everyone is talking about.
Make the fur fly : to cause a fight or an argument
Hand over : to delegate authority or responsibility to someone or something.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 03
Mike : They are trying to teaching me a lesson for turning down the report! I feel like knocking my head against the wall trying to point it out but they just won’t listen! See! That’s what you get out of your goodwill.
Peter : It serves you right because you’ve allowed them to walk all over you.
Mike : Don’t rub it in! I don’t like getting the short end of the stick.
Peter : What I want to say is unless you’re giving them the green line, they won’t dare to take you for granted.
Mike : Do you think it’s too late to turn the tables on them?
Peter : Not at all! It’s never too late to take the gloves off.

Knock one’s head against the wall : to waste time in futile effort to improve or change something.
Serve someone right : be someone’s deserved punishment or misfortune.
Walk all over someone : to take advantage of someone.
Rub it in : to constantly refer to a mistake or fault.
Get the short end of the stick : to receive unfair, unequal treatment.
Give the green line : to allow.
Take for granted : To underestimate or undervalue someone or something.
Turn the tables : to change or reverse something dramatically.
Take the gloves off : To begin to behave in a more hostile way.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 04
Jerry : Paul certainly deserves credit for the work he did on the project.
Peter : No he doesn’t! He is only a freeloader – He doesn’t know the first thing about diagrams but he is very good at talking big.
Jerry : A free rider!
Peter : Never mind him; I’ll put him in his place. I know how to hit him where it hurts and I know well which side his bread is buttered.
Jerry : How do you mean? What will you do?
Peter : You’ll see when the time’s ripe!
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Deserves credit for : to deserve recognition for doing something.
A freeloader : a person who has the advantage of something given, such as money, food, or a place to stay, without offering anything in exchange.
Not to know the first thing about : to know nothing about.
Talk big : talk boastfully or overconfidently.
A free rider : a person or company that gets an advantage without paying for it or earning it.
Put someone in his place : To humble or lower the dignity of one.
Hit someone where it hurts : To attack one in the area that is most weak or that will result in the most harm.
Know which side one’s bread is buttered : know what to do.
How do you mean? used for asking someone to explain what they have said
Time is ripe : when it is the suitable time
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