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📗Dialogue No. 01
Charles : James was suspected for cheating but none had the backbone to stand up to him.
Mike : Well, I have every confidence that the new inspectors will get to the bottom of it in no time.
Charles : What if they proved him guilty and lowered the boom?
Mike : Then, he would get what’s coming to him. They must set him an example for other jerks.
I’m a strong proponent of the rule of law, not the law of the jungle.
Charles : But bear in mind that the drama queen, his mom, will raise Cain!

Backbone: Courage
Stand up to someone : to be brave to confront someone.
Get to the bottom of it : to determine the cause or source of something.
Lower the boom : to punish someone or something harshly.
Get what’s coming to one : to receive what one deserves.
Set an example : show a standard of work or behavior for others to follow.
The law of the jungle : the principle that those who are strong will be most successful.
Bear in mind : to remember.
Drama queen : A person (usually a woman) who gives exaggerated reactions to relatively minor events or situations.
Raise Cain : to cause a commotion, to create a disturbance, to make trouble.
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Simon : Peter should never cry uncle – He has to keep right on going. At least to save face.
Emilie : But his opponents are totally unprincipled. They’re resorting to mudslinging.
Simon : It’s a complete battle of nerves. It’s an asymmetrical one as well.
Emilie : Will he take it lying down? I’m afraid he is gonna go down swinging.
Simon : All I know is that Peter will have the upper hand as long as he is sticking to his guns.

Cry or say uncle : to surrender; to admit defeat
Save face : to avoid humiliation.
Unprincipled : not acting in accordance with moral principles.
Mudslinging : scandalous allegations about an opponent to damage their reputation.
Battle or war of nerves : psychological warfare using fear tactics.
Asymmetrical : unbalanced; uneven
Take something lying down : to suffer without a fight
Go down swinging : to lose but fight until the end.
Have the upper hand : to have an advantage.
Stick to one’s guns : to refuse to compromise or change, despite criticism.
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Lucy : Although we are making good profits there is one cloud on the horizon — the government may increase taxes in the near future.
Tina : Don’t be so gloomy; every dark cloud has a silver lining.
Lucy : The terrible news is getting me down against my will! I can’t help but cloud up – I wish I had a million dollars. I will lay back all day and watch TV.
Tina : Get your head out of the clouds and watch where you are driving! You’re going to kill us.
Lucy : You’re very good at smashing my dreams into pieces! Aren’t you? The thought of millions sends me to cloud nine.

Cloud on the horizon : an omen that something bad or problematic will happen in the near future.
Every dark cloud has a silver lining : it is possible for something good to come out of a bad situation.
Get someone down : depress or demoralize someone.
Against someone’s will : contrary to a person’s choice or desire.
Cloud up : to become very sad or upset.
Lay back : to relax and rest on your back.
Get your head out of the clouds : stop daydreaming.
To be on Cloud nine : to be blissfully happy.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
Harry : Hey Donald! You aren’t really with it today! What’s wrong?
Donald : Oh! Those loud neighbors! They’re giving me sleepless nights. They’re renovating their kitchen and making a great racket!
Harry : Why don’t you talk to them and ask them to keep it down?
Donald: Well, I did but I’m going nowhere. We seem to have reached a standoff.
Harry : Why don’t you change your tune and kill them with your kindness?
Donald : How do you mean?
Harry : Consider treating them to a meal or bring some gifts for their kids.
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With it : alert; responsive.
Racket : an unpleasant loud continuous noise
Keep it down : to be quitter.
Go/get nowhere : make no progress.
Standoff : a situation in which agreement in an argument does not seem possible.
Change one’s tune : express a very different opinion or behave in a very different way.
Kill someone with kindness : to be enormously kind to someone.
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