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📗Dialogue No. 01
Steven : The design of this car appeals to me. I wonder whether it is roadworthy!
Mark : Actually, it has some wear and tear, but it is in pretty good shape.
Steven : Well, I must confess that I’m kind of a road hug, but I never smacked into someone or had a fender-bender.
Mark: Speaking of roads – the other day I was riding Albert with me. He wiped me out by his observations. In short, he is such a backseat driver.
Steven : That’s right. He is panic-stricken after he got a sideswipe!
Mark : Yeah. As far as I remember he used to love speeding up as well.
Steven : the truth is driving fast takes its toll on the car engine. I’m not a big fan of that.

Appeal to : to arouse one’s specific interests or feelings.
Roadworthy : fit to be used on the road.
Wear and tear : minor damage from frequent use.
In good shape : in a good condition.
A road hug : person who takes too much room on the road.
Smack into : to collide; to hit.
Fender-bender : a dent in the fender. A minor accident.
Backseat driver : a passenger who tells you how to drive.
Panic-stricken : affected with panic; very frightened.
Sideswipe : to hit the side of the car.
Take its toll on : to affect, especially negatively
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Clare : Charles brought it on himself! What do they call the feeling of joy when others suffer?
Mark : Schadenfreude. But don’t be silly – I know he’s a blabbermouth. He’ll have hard feelings about this for a long time because he truly loves Jenny.
Clare : It serves him right, I suppose. He dwells on unnecessary stuff and ends up giving full rein to his mouth.
Mark: The point is that Jenny is oversensitive. She couldn’t stand hearing him talking trash.
Clare : Jenny is very kind-hearted and forgives easily but she is fuming right now.
Mark : It’ll blow over anyway.

Bring something on oneself: to cause; to produce.
Schadenfreude : taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.
Blabbermouth : a person who talks excessively
Hard feelings : feelings of anger and bitterness.
Dwell on : talk and think about something all the time.
Give full rein to someone/something : to give them a lot of freedom.
Oversensitive : excessively sensitive.
Talk trash : to talk nonsense
Fume : to be angry.
Blow over : to end; to pass.
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Clare : Hey Mark! I just wanted to have a word with you before you’re off.
Mark : I’m really pressed for time. Can’t you put it off?
Clare : Please Mark! I won’t hold you up. It really can’t wait! Well; Jessie is inquiring about the position you told her about.
Mark: Tell her not hold your breath in the short run. It would be much better if she takes matters into her own hands and searches for another job.
Clare : Yeah; she wants me to ask you what should she take up?
Mark : Well, I’ll look into it when I’m available. Please, don’t hold me back anymore. I need to dash.

Have a word : speak briefly to someone.
Off : to leave a place.
Put something off : to delay; to postpone.
Hold up : to delay; to postpone.
Something can’t wait : to be urgent.
Hold one’s breath : to wait for something specific to happen.
Take matters into one’s own hands : to deal with a problem yourself.
Take up : begin an activity.
Look into something : to investigate
Hold someone back : to restrain people from moving forward.
Dash : to run or travel somewhere in a great hurry.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
George : You deserve 30 lashes with a wet noodle because you’re such a wet noodle. How do you let them push you around?
Sam : I can’t! I mean I wimp to confront them; that’s not fair – If I do, I’m toast .
George : What’s wrong with you? Use your noodle! Defend yourself at least. Don’t let them take advantage of you.
Sam: I can’t figure out why they are green with envy to that extent. Is it because I get better scores?
George : Never mind. I know how to put a stop to all this farce.
Sam : Alright, I count on you.
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Lashes with a wet noodle : to punish someone for something small.
A well noodle : a dupe; a wimp.
Wimp : fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence.
Toast : to be or be likely to become finished or dead.
Use your noodle : to think.
Figure out : to try to understand; to solve.
Green with envy : very envious or jealous.
To that extent : so far, to that degree.
Put a stop to : to cause to end.
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