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đź“—Dialogue No. 01
David : I’d appreciate your help with that if you can get to it, but don’t go out of your way.
Martina : It’s a pleasure to put myself out for you! You’re the one who stimulates me to go the extra mile and never finds fault with me.
David : By the way, Rebecca gave away her possessions! That floored me indeed.
Martina: They say she is out of her mind after losing her son, but I guess that’s an earful. What do you make out of it?
David : Well, let me give her a call and discover the lowdown.
Martina : Yeah, it makes sense to clear up this mystery before it’s too late.

Go out of your way : to make a special effort to do something.
Put someone out : to bother
Go the extra mile : to make a special effort to achieve something.
Find fault with someone : to complain; to criticize.
Floor : to baffle someone completely; to confuse.
Out of one’s mind : having lost control of one’s mental faculties.
Earful : gossip, especially of an intimate or scandalous nature.
Make out of : to interpret, to figure out, to think of.
Lowdown : the true facts or relevant information about something.
Make sense : be intelligible, justifiable, or practicable.
Clear up : to make clear or understandable.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 02
James : This report scratches the surface of the migration problem! The worse is yet to come.
Peter : Simply because the people working on this issue are not up to scratch. We have to tap into the key problems in home countries.
James : They say those people have to start their life here from scratch.
Peter: Well, I am scratching my head why our authorities are not nipping the issue from the bud.
James : Who knows! They may have been colluding with their leaders to create this mess!

Scratch the surface : to deal with only a very small part of a problem.
Up to scratch : as good as what was expected; satisfactory or adequate.
Tap into : to access a resource or object.
From scratch : from the beginning.
Scratch one’s head : to show that one is puzzled, doubtful, or uncertain.
Collude with : to cooperate in a secret or unlawful way.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 03
Maggie : We have been falling out a lot recently – I think it’s time we clear it up. Let’s get everything out of our chests and have a heart-to-heart talk.
John : I will do provided you don’t hold anything back. What really matters is to get things straight and avoid getting into such arguments later on.
Maggie: Alright, your constant tangential remarks are trying my patience.
John : What about your leading questions? Don’t you see that you always try to get me
Maggie : Well, let’s split the difference . You don’t meddle in my private affairs nor do I in yours.

Fall out : have an argument; to be at odds.
Clear up : to alleviate tension in a particular situation.
Get something out of one’s chest : unburden oneself; tell what’s bothering you.
Hear-to-heart : openly ; candidly ; intimately.
Hold back : to conceal, to hide.
Get something straight : to make a situation clear reaching an understanding.
Tangential : only slightly related to what you are doing or discussing.
Try one’s patience : to annoy one by continued unwanted behavior.
Leading question : a question that prompts or encourages the answer wanted.
Get someone cornered : to make someone talk to you when they have been trying to avoid this.
Split the difference : to find and agree upon the point halfway.
Meddle : to interfere in something that is not one’s concern.
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đź“—Dialogue No. 04
Mike : This report is too long! It has to be boiled down into two pages.
Jackie : You took the words right out of my mouth. I had the same observation.
Mike : Then; the ball is in your court, darling.
Jackie : What do you mean? Why don’t you bring it back to its original owner, Kathy?
She claims that she’s a ball of fire. She has got her nose up in the air!
Mike : Kathy pales in comparison to you – you’re literally the backbone of this department.
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Boil down: to simplify, summarize, or shorten.
Take the words out of someone’s mouth : say something someone else was going to say
The ball is in someone’s court : to be someone else’s move, play, or turn.
A ball of fire : a person full of energy and enthusiasm.
Pale in comparison : to seem less impressive when compared to someone or something else.
Backbone : the part of something that makes it successful or strong.
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