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📗Dialogue No. 01
Mike : It’s time I put my cards on the table; I have no intention of marrying her.
Jackie : Didn’t you say that you would move mountains to be with her?
Mike: That was a thing of the past.
Jackie : I’m not siding with her, but the fact that you’re wishy-washy will leave you holding the bag someday.
Mike : Honestly, I have no guts to take responsibility. I had better back out of this commitment before I’m trapped in marriage forever.
Jackie : Go away! You’re such a wimp!

Put one’s cards on the table : be open and honest, reveal one’s intentions.
Move mountains : to do or achieve something that is incredibly difficult.
A thing of the past : a thing that no longer happens or exists.
Side with : to favor or support one party in a dispute.
Wishy-washy : having no definite opinion; unable to decide.
Leave someone holding the bag : to leave someone else to take blame.
Guts : courage; bravery.
Back out of : to withdraw from.
Trapped : to be caught in.
A wimp : a cowardly person.
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📗Dialogue No. 02
Jerry : Did you see the doctor? Is your sister out of the woods?
Sarah : Oh Jerry! I’m at my wit ends; I’m afraid she’s going from bad to worse – it has been two hours!
Jerry: Snap out of it! She’ll be fine. I’m sure she’ll.
Sarah : I’m really going into pieces. I can’t help being worried sick about her. You know she’s at death’s door.
Jerry : Oh dear! Hold yourself together! You just need to pray for her and keep a stiff upper lip.
Sarah : Look look! Why are the doctors in a huddle? She must have passed away!

Out of the woods : no longer in danger, in the clear.
At one’s wit ends : anxious; not knowing what to do next.
Go from bad to worse : from a bad condition to a worse condition.
Snap out of it : to stop experiencing something unpleasant or stop behaving in a negative way.
Go into pieces : to become unable to think clearly and control your emotions.
Worried sick : Extremely anxious.
At death’s door: to be seriously ill.
Hold oneself together : To calm oneself down and begin to think or act appropriately.
Keep a stiff upper lip : to remain indifferent during difficult situations.
In a huddle : conferring confidentially.
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📗Dialogue No. 03
Rob : The story seems to be far-fetched, unreal; yet it happened.
Edie : I’m afraid it’s one of those stories that smooth-talking snake-oil salesmen employ to take people for a ride.
Rob: Not at all! The person who told it is as true as steel – she has never stretched the truth. It’s Rebecca!
Edie: You don’t say! Rebecca literally lives in the fantasy world.
Rob : Well, I could be wrong, but I never witnessed her telling lies!
Edie : Don’t go hard on yourself, dude! Tell me about it!

Far-fetched : unlikely and unconvincing
Snake oil : a valueless or fraudulent cure, remedy, or solution.
Take someone for a ride : to deceive or cheat someone.
As true as steel : very loyal and dependable.
Stretched the truth : to exaggerate the truth
You don’t say : used to express amazement or disbelief.
Fantasy world : something existing solely in the imagination
Tell me about it : a way of stating that they’re talking about something you know very well or agree with.
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📗Dialogue No. 04
Mike : Her lifestyle as a tightwad had given her a handsome bank account and no one to share it with!
Luna : On top of that she is on the verge of kicking the bucket! Go figure!
Mark: I should make use of this opportunity and tie the knot at her. And then, I end up the sole heir and come into all her fortune.
Luna : You double-crosser! Quit playing with fire.
Mark : Did I slip up or anything?
Luna : You just keep it up and see what happens!
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Tightwad : a mean or miserly person
Kick the bucket : to die; to pass away.
Make use of : to benefit from.
Tie the knot : to get married
Sole heir : the person who inherits the whole heritage.
Come into : to inherit; to receive money as a result of a relative’s death.
Double-crosser : traitor; disloyal
Play with fire : to do something that could cause you trouble.
Slip up : to make a careless error.
Keep it up : Just keep acting that way and see what happens to you.
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