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Q. The first biographer of John Donne was?
Ans. Izaak Walton
(Death Be Not Proud)
Q. What was the last poem of John Donne?

Ans. A Hymn To God The Father
Q. Whose characteristic method was “First the shock, then the ingenious development of thought?”
Ans. John Donne
Q. The first known work of John Donne is?

Ans. Biathantos. In it Donne defends suicide
Q. John Donne was the grandson of the playwright……..?
Ans. John Heywood
Q. What was the cause of Donne’s death?

Ans. Stomach cancer
Q. In 1598, John Donne renounced his religion………. ?
Ans. Roman Catholicism
Q. Interestingly, John Donne shared exactly the same name as his?
Ans. Father
Q. The first two editions of John Donne’s poems were published posthumously in?

Ans. 1633 and 1635
Q. Who wrote, “For God’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love?”
Ans. John Donne

Q. John Donne’s poem “Song” is about?
Ans. The poet’s wish to find an honest woman
Q. The Progress Of The Soul by John Donne has……… lines?
Ans. 52
Q. Who was thrown into prison for marrying the woman he loved?
Ans. John Donne
Q. The Autumnal by John Donne is a poem of grave compliment to?
Ans. An older woman
Q. The satires of John Donne were written in rhymed couplet. They influenced both?
Ans. Dryden and Pope

(John Dryden MCQ’s) (Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Who said John Donne must be regarded poet but not writer?
Ans. Dryden
Q. “Hymn To God, My God, In My Sickness” is a religious poem by?
Ans. John Donne
Q. Who wrote the poem Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe?
Ans. John Donne. It is a love poem
Q. John Donne has often been compared to?

Ans. Robert Browning (for his obscurity)
(Robert Browning MCQ’s)
Q. One important difference between John Donne and Robert Browning is that Donne is the poet of wit while Browning is the poet of?

Ans. Ardent passion

Q. John Donne’s poetry can be divided into what three parts?
Ans. Amorous, Metaphysical, Satirical
Q. Is Death Be Not Proud by John Donne a love poem?
Ans. No. In it John Donne challenges death

Q. What was the occupation of Donne’s father?
Ans. His father was an Ironmonger
Q. What was the name of John Donne’s wife?

Ans. Anne More. They married in 1601
Q. John Donne’s forte is?
Ans. Wit
Q. What is theme of For Whom The Bell Tolls by John Donne?
Ans. Death
Q. Which poets believed in the analysis of emotion?
Ans. Metaphysical poets
Q. “The nest of singing birds was transformed into a grove of nice speculations. “It is said about?
Ans. Metaphysical era
Q. Historically the Age of metaphysical poets is known as?
Ans. Caroline age. Because Charles l ruled over England at that time
Q. “Batter My Heart, Three Person’d God” is a……….. by John Donne?
Ans. Holy Sonnet

Q. Donne shows relationship between body and soul, soul and God and?
Ans. Man and his self
Q. What is the meaning of the term Metaphysics?
Ans. A process of dry reasoning
Q. What type of style have the metaphysical poets used?
Ans. Unconventional
Q. The other title of To His Coy Mistress Going To Bed by John Donne is?
Ans. Elegy XlX
Q. John Donne’s mother belonged to?
Ans. Sir Thomas More’s family
Q. What were the subjects of John Donne’s poetry?
Ans. Love, sexuality, religion and death
Q. Who said Elizabethans played with words, Metaphysicals played with thoughts?
Ans. Walter Scott

(Walter Scott MCQ’s)
Q. Pseudo-Martyr is a……… by John Donne?
Ans. Polemical prose
Q. Who said metaphysical poets were men of learning and to show their learning was whole effort?
Ans. Doctor Johnson

(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. John Donne studied at?
Ans. Cambridge and Oxford

Q. What is the original title of Goe And Catche A Falling Star by John Donne?
Ans. Song
Q. John Donne became the Dean Of St. Paul’s Cathedral in?
Ans. 1621
Q. Who divided John Donne’s poetry into three groups?
Ans. Jesus Cora
Q. Donne’s work Songs And Sonnets (1633) comprises of?
Ans. 55 lyrics
Q. John Donne’s language is known for?
Ans. Adding extra vowels and consonants e.g. Goe, Catche
Q. Who said Donne affects metaphysics even in his amorous verse?
Ans. Dryden

(John Dryden MCQ’s)
Q. Death Be Not Proud by John Donne is part of what group of poems?
Ans. The Holy Sonnets
Q. John Donne’s imagery is?
Ans. Scientific as well as natural
Q. As a metaphysicist, Donne’s poetry is marked with intellectual agility, dramatic power, introspection, self-analysis and?
Ans. Strong passion
Q. John Donne’s poem The Flea is similar to?

Ans. Andrew Marvell’s poem To His Coy Mistress

Q. Sources of Donne’s imagery were?
Ans. Medieval mythology and scholastic philosophy
Q. The metaphysical poetry is called as the poetry of?
Ans. Wit
Q. The Ecstasy is a love poem by?
Ans. John Donne
Q. In 1578, John Donne became private secretary to?
Ans. Sir Thomas Edgerton
Q. Who wrote Essay in Divinity?
Ans. John Donne
Q. John Donne didn’t get any degree from Oxford or Cambridge because of his?
Ans. Catholicism
Q. Who is considered as the Monarch Of Wit?
Ans. John Donne
Q. Donne took the line “No man is island” from?
Ans. Thomas Morton
Q. Who wrote the poem The First Anniversary?
Ans. John Donne
Q. Metaphysical poetry also became famous in the?
Ans. 20th century

Q. Who wrote the essay Metaphysical Poets?
Ans. T.S Eliot
(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Who said, “Oh my America, my new-found land?”
Ans. John Donne
Q. Who wrote A Nocturnal Upon Saint Lucy’s Day?
Ans. John Donne
Q. Which sovereign elevated Donne to his Deanship?
Ans. James l

Q. What illness did Donne suffer from before writing the Meditations?
Ans. Spotted Fever
Q. In 17th Holy Sonnet, Donne mourned the death of?
Ans. His wife
Q. Any poem by John Donne in which he used metaphysical conceit?
Ans. Valediction: Forbidding Mourning. (Example Of Compass)
Q. The term metaphysics is made up of two words “meta” and “physics” which means? Ans. “Beyond, nature”
Q. The salient features of metaphysical poetry are peculiar blend of passion, expression of deep thoughts and?
Ans. Philosophical conception of the universe
Q. With what is a metaphysical poem over-loaded?
Ans. Conceits

Q. Who wrote the poem The Apparition?
Ans. John Donne
Q. What is metaphysical conceit?
Ans. It is an extended metaphor
Q. John Donne belonged to which era?
Ans. Jacobian era
Q. John Donne was born in what religious family?
Ans. A catholic family
Q. Who wrote Twickenham Garden?
Ans. John Donne

(Thomas Carlyle MCQ’s)
Q. John Donne was?
Ans. A great scholar, theologian, metaphysical poet and lawyer
Q. John Donne was born in?
Ans. 1572. He died in 1631

Q. John Donne was the founder of?
Ans. Metaphysical School Of Poetry
Q. Who wrote Epithalamium?
Ans. John Donne
Q. When did John Donne become a member of parliament?
Ans. 1602

Q. John Donne’s poems are known for their?
Ans. Metaphysical conceits
Q. Who coined the term metaphysical conceit?
Ans. Doctor Johnson

(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote An Anatomy Of The World?

Ans. John Donne
Q. What is the title of the collection of sermons Donne wrote in 1623?
Ans. Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions
Q. Whose poetry is harsh ans rugged?
Ans. John Donne’s poetry
Q. What is the general trait of a metaphysical poem?
Ans. It is Short
Q. Who wrote The Sun Rising?
Ans. John Donne
Q. John Donne was a convert from Roman catholicism to?
Ans. Anglicanism
Q. Like Browning, Donne has no sympathy for?
Ans. The reader

Q. What was the literary movement of John Donne?
Ans. Metaphysical Poetry

Q. Who wrote the poem Canonization?
Ans. John Donne
Q. The canonization reveals Donne’s?
Ans. Platonic love
Q. The poem The Canonization is addressed to?
Ans. His friend
Q. The poem The Canonization was born out of the poet’s love for?
Ans. Anne More
Q. The Canonization means?
Ans. Making of a saint according to church law
Q. Who wrote The Good Morrow?
Ans. John Donne
Q. Who wrote The Storm?
Ans. John Donne
Q. Who wrote The Calm?
Ans. John Donne

(Death Be Not Proud MCQ’s)

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