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Q. Which female author was a fierce critic of Galsworthy?
Ans. Virginia Woolf

(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s)
Q. The main theme of Galsworthy’s plays is?

Ans. Social problems of his time
Q. Who used the pseudonym John Shinjohn?

Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. John Galsworthy was the son of?
Ans. A lawyer
Q. John Galsworthy began his literary career as?
Ans. A novelist
Q. Galsworthy met him in 1893 and formed a lifelong friendship with him. Identify him?

Ans. Joseph Conrad
(Joseph Conrad MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote The Inn of Tranquility?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. John Galsworthy’s ideas on drama are found in?
Ans. The Inn Of Tranquility
Q. “As a painter of physical universe and of the soul, John Galsworthy is a poet.” Who said?
Ans. Louis Cazamin
Q. Galsworthy’s wife was?
Ans. Ada Pearson

Q. John Galsworthy started writing at the age of 28 for his amusement?
Ans. True
Q. Who wrote Fraternity?
Ans. Galsworthy
Q. The lower class was represented in Galsworthy’s?
Ans. Fraternity
Q. What kind of plays did John Galsworthy write?
Ans. Problem plays
Q. As a dramatist, John Galsworthy belongs to the……?
Ans. Realist tradition of Jones and Pinero
Q. John Galsworthy received the degree of D.Lit from?
Ans. Cambridge University 1930

Q. Who wrote The Forsyte Saga?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. In the Forsyte Saga, the Forsytes belong to?
Ans. A typical city family
Q. John Galsworthy was born in?
Ans. 1867. He died in 1933
Q. John Galsworthy refused knighthood in?

Ans. 1917

Q. Galsworthy married his cousin’s wife after her?
Ans. Divorce
Q. Who wrote The Silver Box?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. The first play by John Galsworthy was?

Ans. The Silver Box
Q. The Silver Box was published in?
Ans. 1906

(Preposition Quiz Part 01)
Q. Galsworthy won the Nobel Prize in literature in?
Ans. 1932
Q. Galsworthy’s tragedies are called?
Ans. Social tragedies
Q. Galsworthy is a………..both minute and delicate?
Ans. Realist
Q. Who wrote Justice?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. The character William Falder figures in which play of Galsworthy?
Ans. Justice
Q. Who said, “Literature is its own reward?”

Ans. John Galsworthy

Q. What did John Galsworthy become in 1921?
Ans. President of the P. E. N. Club London
Q. Who said, “Life is one long temptation?”

Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. Who wrote the play Strife?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. Galsworthy’s reputation as a novelist is established by?
Ans. The Forsyte Saga
Q. He received Order Of Merit reward in?

Ans. 1929
Q. Why did John Galsworthy reject knighthood?
Ans. Because he thought that a writer’s reward should come from writing
Q. Who used to write novels in the morning and plays in the afternoon?
Ans. Galsworthy
Q. Which critic said about Galsworthy’s play Justice, “Justice is a commentary upon the prison administration of that period?”
Ans. A. C. Ward
Q. Who wrote In Chancery?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. Which drama of Galsworthy deals with the conflict between capitalists and labourers?

Ans. Strife

Q. John Galsworthy was born in?
Ans. A wealthy family
Q. John Galsworthy’s father name was also John Galsworthy?
Ans. True
Q. John Galsworthy was the eldest son of his family?
Ans. True
Q. Who wrote The Man Of Property?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. The first successful novel of John Galsworthy was?
Ans. The Man Of Property
Q. A turning point in the life of Galsworthy came in with the publication of?
Ans. The Man Of Property

Q. John Galsworthy went to Harrow and?
Ans. New college, Oxford
Q. In the first world war, Galsworthy joined a hospital in France as an?
Ans. Orderly
Q. Towards the end of his life, Galsworthy developed ?
Ans. Brain tumor
Q. Who wrote Loyalty?
Ans. John Galsworthy

Q. Strife by John Galsworthy dramatizes?
Ans. A strike
Q. In the play The Silver Box, John steals?

Ans. A silver cigarette box
Q. “I read in various chambers, practised almost not at a all, and disliked my profession thoroughly.” Who said?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. In Kingston, a road and a hospital have been named after?
Ans. Galsworthy
Q. John Galsworthy was a poet, a novelist, a dramatist and a?
Ans. Lawyer
Q. The first play that made Galsworthy famous as a playwright is?
Ans. The Silver Box
Q. Who suffers solitary confinement in Justice by Galsworthy?
Ans. Falder
Q. Who wrote The Dark Flower?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. The Dark Flower by John Galsworthy is?

Ans. A love novel
Q. John Galsworthy’s novels are chiefly occupied with the effect and conflict of?

Ans. Class traditions upon society

Q. John Galsworthy died at the age of?
Ans. 65

Q. John Galsworthy got honorary degrees from……….universities?
Ans. Seven
Q. The character of Irene in the Forsyte Saga is inspired from?
Ans. Ada Pearson (Galsworthy’s wife)
Q. According to Galsworthy, which play made a sensation in parliamentary and official circles?
Ans. Justice
Q. Who wrote The White Monkey?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. The White Monkey by Galsworthy is?
Ans. A novel
Q. Who said, “Galsworthy does not create life but he has interpreted today?”
Ans. Hermon Ould
Q. Who commented after the death of Galsworthy, “Since his death in 1933, the level of his popularity has remained remarkably constant?
Ans. John Hampaen
Q. John Galsworthy was wrote about?
Ans. 30 plays
Q. John Galsworthy’s play Justice deals with?
Ans. The cruelty of solitary confinement

Q. Who wrote the novel The Island Pharisees?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. Galsworthy’s first novel published under his own name was?
Ans. The Island Pharisees
Q. The title of Galsworthy’s first work in his Forsyte Saga was?
Ans. The Man Of Property

Q. Who said, “take care of the character and actions will take care of themselves?”
Ans. Galsworthy
Q. Galsworthy campaigned for a variety of reasons including prison reforms, women rights and?
Ans. Animal welfare
Q. Who wrote, “Love has no age, no limit; and no death?”
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. Who wrote End of the Chapter?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. The title of the play Justice by Galsworthy is?
Ans. Ironical
Q. Why was John Galsworthy given Nobel Prize?
Ans. For his distinguished art of narration in Forsyte Saga
Q. The Forsyte Saga includes 3 novels and?

Ans. 2 interludes

Q. Which play of John Galsworthy deals with infidelity between husband- wife relationship?
Ans. Fugitive
Q. Which play of John Galsworthy deals with the evil of illicit love?
Ans. The Eldest Son
Q. The sequel of Forsyte Saga is?
Ans. A Modern Comedy
Q. What is Galsworthy’s play The Skin Game about?
Ans. Class struggle
Q. Which character said, “Justice is a machine?”
Ans. Mr. Frome
Q. In which play of Galsworthy did the mute scene feature?
Ans. Justice
Q. The subject matter of The Man of Property was?
Ans. Middle class Victorian society

Q. Galsworthy’s literary career spanned the Victorian, Edwardian and?
Ans. Georgian eras
Q. The motivating force behind Galsworthy’s writing was?
Ans. His wife
Q. Who said, “a human being is the best plot there is?”
Ans. John Galsworthy

Q. Who wrote To Let?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. Which novel of Galsworthy is considered to be his masterpiece?
Ans. Indian Summer of a Forsyte
Q. First novel of Galsworthy was?
Ans. Jocelyn
Q. “Burn it out and you’ll oblige me, “about which work does Galsworthy talk here?
Ans. “From the Four Winds”
Q. John builder is an unimaginable hot-tempered man. In which play does he appear?
Ans. A Family Man
Q. Galsworthy’s play Justice shows the problem of?
Ans. English legal system
Q. Galsworthy’s work The Country House presents?
Ans. The upper class
Q. The finest of Galsworthy’s later dramas is?
Ans. Loyalties
Q. What became the main theme of John Galsworthy’s writing?
Ans. The inequalities and injustices of the social system
Q. Who said, “If you can not think about your future, you can not have one?”
Ans. John Galsworthy

Q. The Little Man written by Galsworthy is a/an?
Ans. One act play

Q. In which play does a woman kill her illegitimate child to escape social tyranny?
Ans. Windows
Q. About which play did Galsworthy say, “The only play of mine which I was able to say when I finished it, no manager will refuse this?”
Ans. Loyalties
Q. Which play of Galsworthy made him famous?
Ans. The Skin Game
Q. In the play Loyalties, Galsworthy has tried to say that?
Ans. Loyalty is not enough
Q. Which play deals with the impact of modern publicity on private domestic tragedy?
Ans. The Show
Q. Who is the leader of the laborers in Strife?

Ans. David Roberts
Q. Who wrote the work Two Essays on Conrad?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. In the title Forsyte Saga, the word Saga is?
Ans. Ironic
Q. The Forsyte family chronicle covers thirty-four years to the death of Queen Victoria, and gives an admirable picture of the upper-middle classes in the changing society of the end of the nineteenth century?

Ans. True

Q. Who wrote, “Every grouping of life and character has its inherent moral; and the business of the dramatist is so to pose the group as to bring that moral poignantly to the light of day?”
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. John Galsworthy’s ideas on the drama are to be found in his collection of essays……?

Ans. The Inn of Tranquillity
Q. John Galsworthy’s play…….deals with the inadequacy of the administration of justice and the attitude of different types of people toward an escaped prisoner?
Ans. Escape
Q. The Bells of Peace is a……… of John Galsworthy?
Ans. Poetic
Q. The most attractive of all John Galsworthy’s novels is?
Ans. The Country House
Q. Which play of John Galsworthy was included in Burns Mantle’s The Best Plays of 1927–1928?
Ans. Escape
Q. Who was a great propagator of naturalistic methods of description in literature?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. Who wanted to shed light on the forgotten dark spots of human life, as a means of providing moral guidance?
Ans. John Galsworthy

Q. If G B Shaw put problems on the stage, Galsworthy put people there?
Ans. True

(G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. Who orders his under-keeper to marry a pregnant village girl or get out?
Ans. Sir William Cheshire in The Eldest Son

Q. The Man of Property was adapted in 1949 by Hollywood as?
Ans. That Forsyte Woman
Q. “When an artist of Mr. Galsworthy’s high endeavour, mental equipment and technical skill writes a play like………., he has done much more than write a play, he has rendered a public service?”
Ans. Strife
Q. Who attended an early performance of the play Justice?
Ans. Winston Churchill
Q. Which play of John Galsworthy was included in Burns Mantle’s The Best Plays of 1920–1921?
Ans. The Skin Game

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