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Here is John Milton MCQs Part 02 for you!
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Q. When Milton speaks in Paradise Lost of a second Adam, he means………?
Ans. Jesus Christ
Q. What is the meaning of Areopagitica?
Ans. “Free Press”
Q. Preparing to become an Anglican priest, Milton obtained his Master of Arts degree in……..?
Ans. 1632
Q. John Milton vigorously attacked the High-church party of the Church of England and their leader………?
Ans. William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury
Q. In June 1642, Milton paid a visit to the manor house at Forest Hill, Oxfordshire, and returned with a 16-year-old bride………?
Ans. Mary Powell
Q………is one of John Milton’s most recent biographers?
Ans. Anna Beer
Q. Who wrote On Reaching The Age Of 23?
Ans. John Milton
Q. In which poem has John Milton given his views on poetry?
Ans. Lycidas
Q. The meaning of John Milton’s work
L’ Allegro is?
Ans. Happy or cheerful
Q. The meaning of John Milton’s work
Il Penseroso is………?
Ans. A pensive and ill man
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Q. The titles of L’ Allegro and Il Penseroso are taken from?
Ans. Musicology
Q. What two poems are also called John Milton’s twin poems?
Ans. L’ Allegro and Il Penseroso
Q. With the parliamentary victory in the Civil War, Milton used his pen in defense of the………represented by the Commonwealth?
Ans. Republican principles
Q. Milton’s political reputation got him appointed………by the Council of State in March 1649?
Ans. Secretary for Foreign Tongues
Q. Upon the Restoration in May 1660, Milton, fearing for his life, went into hiding, while a warrant was issued for his arrest and his writings were burnt?
Ans. Very true
Q. As Secretary for Foreign Tongues, Milton’s main job description was to compose the English Republic’s foreign correspondence in………and other languages?
Ans. Latin
Q. The longest book in Paradise Lost is?
Ans. Book IX
Q. Who is the most active angel in Paradise Lost?
Ans. Michael
Q. How many fallen angels are there in John Milton’s Paradise Lost?
Ans. 7
Q. Who wrote the sonnet On His Deceased Wife?
Ans. John Milton
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Q. From 1657 most of Milton’s work was written by the poet…….?
Ans. Andrew Marvell
Q. Milton tutored………in Hebrew in exchange for lessons in Dutch?
Ans. Roger Williams
Q. Which school did John Milton attend?
Ans. St. Paul’s School
Q. Which college did John Milton attend?
Ans. Christ’s College, Cambridge
Q. Why did John Milton move out of London in 1665?
Ans. To escape from the plague
Q. Who wrote Milton: A Poem in Two Books?
Ans. William Blake
Q. Who felt that Paradise Lost was a “beautiful and grand curiosity”?
Ans. John Keats
Q. Milton’s…….is still cited as relevant to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution?
Ans. Areopagitica
Q. The title of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy is derived from line 915 of………?
Ans. Paradise Lost Book ll
Q…….used the diction of Paradise Lost in his Homer translation?
Ans. Alexander Pope
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Q. Milton’s poem On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity was set as a large-scale choral work by……….?
Ans. Cyril Rootham
Q. How many times did John Milton marry?
Ans. 3
Q. Total sonnets written by Milton are……?
Ans. 24
Q. Out of 24, John Milton wrote how many English sonnets?
Ans. 18
Q. Out of 24, how many Latin sonnets did John Milton write?
Ans. 6
Q. Which poem describes Christ’s Incarnation and his overthrow of earthly and pagan powers?
Ans. On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity
Q. Which poem connects Christ’s Incarnation with Christ’s Crucifixion?
Ans. On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity
Q. Milton wrote this poem in commemoration of the Nativity of Jesus. Which poem?
Ans. On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity
Q. Although this ode was the first poem of Milton’s 1645 collection, it was not the first poem that he wrote; many of the Latin and Greek poems included in the 1645 collection were composed earlier. Which ode?
Ans. On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity
Q. This work of Milton is regarded as “Milton’s first manifestation of poetic genius.” Which work?
Ans. On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity
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Q. Who wrote On Arriving at the Age of Twenty-Three?
Ans. John Milton
Q. Who said about John Milton’s blank verse, “Sure and flawless perfection of rhythm and diction?”
Ans. Mathew Arnold
Q. Having once watched his fellow students attempting comedy upon the college stage, Milton later said……..?
Ans ‘They thought themselves gallant men, and I thought them fools’
Q. John Milton read both ancient and modern works of theology, philosophy, history, politics, literature, and science in preparation for a prospective……..?
Ans. Poetical career
Q. As a result of his………., Milton is considered to be among the most learned of all English poets?
Ans. Intensive study
Q. Who made illustrations to both L’Allegro and Il Penseroso?
Ans. William Blake
Q. Comus is also known as…….?
Ans. A Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle, 1634
Q. Comus by Milton is a masque in honour of………?
Ans. Chastity
Q. This poem is 193 lines in length and is irregularly rhymed. Which poem?
Ans. Lycidas
Q. Milton’s intellectual development can be noticed via entries in his commonplace book. This book is now in the…….?
Ans. British Library

Q. In addition to his years of private study, John Milton had command of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and……..from his school and undergraduate days?
Ans. Italian
Q. In 1638, John Milton embarked upon a tour of…….?
Ans. France and Italy
Q. In France, it was through…….that Milton met Hugo Grotius, a Dutch law philosopher, playwright and poet?
Ans. Scudamore
Q. Which poem was detested for its artificiality by Samuel Johnson, who found “the diction is harsh, the rhymes uncertain, and the numbers unpleasing?”
Ans. Lycidas
Q. “When I Consider How My Light is Spent” by Milton is also known as……..?
Ans. On His Blindness
Q. On the Late Massacre in Piedmont is a………by John Milton?
Ans. Sonnet
Q. The largest theme of this sonnet is religion. Which sonnet?
Ans. On the Late Massacre in Piedmont
Q. Paradise Regained is four books long and consists of……..?
Ans. 2,065 lines
Q. This work has been labeled a “brief epic.” Which work?
Ans. Paradise Regained
Q. Giovanni Salzilli praised Milton within……..?
Ans. An epigram
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Q. Which poets does John Milton emulate?
Ans. Virgil and Homer
Q. What two great influences worked upon the literary career of John Milton?
Ans. The spirit of Renaissance AND Reformation
Q. Who said, “The style of Paradise Lost is lofty and exalted and shows the influence of Latin writers?”
Ans. Leguois
Q. What was the original title of Paradise Regained?
Ans. Paradise Regain’d. A Poem In IV BOOKS. To which is added SAMSON AGONISTES
Q. What is the genre of Paradise Lost?
Ans. The epic poem, religious
Q. This work deals primarily with the temptation of Christ as recounted in the Gospel of Luke. Which work?
Ans. Paradise Regained
Q. Who said that Paradise Regained is “practically sui generis” in its poetic execution?
Ans. Northrop Frye
Q…… a tragic closet drama by John Milton?
Ans. Samson Agonistes
Q. Violence, women, religion and blindness are the themes of?
Ans. Samson Agonistes
Q. John Milton’s early poetry is…….?
Ans. Lyrical

Q. When the Civil War broke out in 1642, Milton threw himself, heart and soul, into the struggle against……..?
Ans. King Charles l
(Milton supported Oliver Cromwell)
Q. By 1652, John Milton was……….?
Ans. Completely blind.
(He was 44 years old in 1652)
Q. Who made the rhymed version of Paradise Lost?
Ans. John Dryden
Q. The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce: Restor’d to the Good of Both Sexes, From the Bondage of Canon Law is the full title of Milton’s work…..?
Ans. The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce
Q. Name John Dryden’s work about the fall of man based on Paradise Lost?
Ans. The State Of Innocence
Q. Who described Milton as an “Acrimonious and surly republican?”
Ans. Dr. Samuel Johnson
Q. John Milton received his Masters degree from……..?
Ans. Cambridge University
Q. John Milton was an official servant at the court of………?
Ans. Oliver Cromwell
Q. Of True Religion is a polemical tract against the……..of the Roman Catholic Church written by John Milton?
Ans. Popery
Q……… is an unfinished prose work by John Milton?
Ans. The History of Britain
(Great Expectations MCQs Part 2)

Q. In which tract, Milton warns against the dangers inherent in a monarchical form of government?
Ans. The Ready and Easy Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth
Q. Milton’s view of monarchy and the decadence of monarchy is a theme emphasized in……….?
Ans. Paradise Lost
Q. A sequel to Milton’s Defensio Pro Populo Anglicano was?
Ans. Defensio Secunda
Q. Milton wrote………against episcopacy?
Ans. Prose tracts
Q. Milton died of……….?
Ans. Some say he died from Consumption. Some say he died from gout. Some say he died of kidney failure.
(Keep all in mind)
Q. Milton and his first wife Mary Powell had……..?
Ans. Four children
Q. John Milton’s first biographer was his nephew named……..?
Ans. Edward Phillips
Q. In this work, Milton provides a justification for the execution of Charles I. In which work?
Ans. Eikonoklastes
Q. In this book, Milton defends the right of people to execute a guilty sovereign, whether tyrannical or not. In which book?
Ans. The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates
Q. Colasterion by John Milton means……….?
Ans. “Instrument of punishment” or “house of correction”
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Q. The title of this work symbolizes Milton’s attempt to connect four passages of Biblical Scripture to rationalize the legalization of divorce. Which work?
Ans. Tetrachordon
Q. Areopagitica consists of……..?
Ans. 30 pages
Q. Who was a “passionately individual Christian Humanist poet?”
Ans. John Milton
Q. According to American historian………, “Milton argued for disestablishment as the only effective way of achieving broad toleration?”
Ans. William Hunter
Q. Modern scholars of Milton’s life, politics, and work are known as………?
Ans. Miltonists
Q. Who became the first editor of Paradise Lost?
Ans. Patrick Hume
Q. Who gave the title On His Blindness to When I Consider How My Light Is Spent?
Ans. Thomas Newton
Q. “My rising is thy fall.” This line is from…..?
Ans. Paradise Regained
Q. Comus was presented in honor of the……?
Ans. Earl of Bridgewater
Q. Il Penseroso is written in…….?
Ans. Octosyllabic couplets
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