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Here is John Milton MCQs Part 03 for you!
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Q. The phrase “bottomless perdition” occurs in which book of Paradise Lost?
Ans. Book One
Q. In Paradise Lost, who narrates the story of the making of Eve from Adam’s rib?
Ans. Adam
Q. Milton’s On His Blindness ends with an expression of the poet’s……..?
Ans. Faith in God’s way
Q. What is the stated subject of Paradise Lost?
Ans. Adam and Eve’s Disobedience
Q. Who does John Milton name as his heavenly muse in Paradise Lost?
Ans. Urania
Q. An MP took what to Parliament in 1667?
Ans. Paradise Lost
Q. Who wrote The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce?
Ans. John Milton
Q. Many………of the 18th century revered and commented on Milton’s poetry and non-poetical works?
Ans. Enlightenment thinkers
Q. Who were the Enlightenment thinkers of the 18th century who revered and commented on Milton’s poetry and non-poetical works?
Ans. John Dryden, Alexander Pope, Joseph Addison, Thomas Newton, and Samuel Johnson
Q……..wrote numerous essays on Paradise Lost, and Milton was included in his Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets?
Ans. Samuel Johnson
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Q. Who said “Milton remains the glory and the wonder of England?”
Ans. Voltaire
Q. Samson Agonistes shows Milton’s desire to bring over into English the gravity and calm dignity of the…….?
Ans. Greek tragedies
Q. Milton’s favorite work was……?
Ans. Paradise Regained
Q. Name the woman Samson Agonistes loved and who betrayed him?
Ans. Delilah
Q. Milton’s Paradise Lost is divided into the same number of books as…….?
Ans. Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
Q. Which book of Paradise Lost begins with an invocation to light?
Ans. Book lll
Q. Milton borrowed the theme for Comus from…….?
Ans. Homer’s Odyssey
Q. Milton derived the title for his Areopagitica from the Greek word Areopagus. What was Areopagus?
Ans. A Greek hill
Q. Who wrote The Life of John Milton?
Ans. A. N. Wilson
Q. What was particular about John Milton’s studious nature since his childhood?
Ans. From 12th year he scarcely went to bed
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Q. By faith, John Milton was a……..?
Ans. Protestant
Q. Who said about Milton, “Thy soul was like a star, and dwelt apart?”
Ans. William Wordsworth
Q. Who was the literary titan of the 17th century?
Ans. John Milton
Q. Paradise regained is most similar in linguistic style to what books from Paradise Lost?
Ans. Eleven and twelve
Q. Who is Samson’s father in Samson Agonistes?
Ans. Manoa
Q. In Book Vl of Paradise Lost, Adam is told of what major event?
Ans. The fall of the rebel angels
Q. The character Comus is often seen by critics as a prototype of what character Milton later portrayed?
Ans. Satan
Q. Who was the greatest prose writer of the Age of Milton?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. When John Milton became blind, who kept writing for him?
Ans. His daughters
Q. John Milton’s wife and daughters also finally rebelled at the task of reading to him and writing his thoughts when he was blind?
Ans. True
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Q. John Milton was a royalist?
Ans. False
Q. Who saw himself as Milton’s poetical son?
Ans. William Blake
Q. De Doctrina Christina by Augustine casts doubt on the orthodoxy of……..?
Ans. Paradise Regained
Q. A novelization of Paradise Lost has been published?
Ans. True
Q. What is John Milton’s stated purpose in Paradise Lost?
Ans. “To justify the ways of God to men”
Q. Who leads Adam and Eve out of paradise in Paradise Lost?
Ans. Michael
Q. Subject matter in Paradise Lost is……..?
Ans. Universal
Q. Which Poem caused John Milton’s stature as a poet to be recognized?
Ans. Paradise Lost
Q. Paradise Lost is called the last great Elizabethan poem?
Ans. True
Q. Who has spoken of Milton as “our greatest public poet?”
Ans. Philip Pullman
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Q. Titles of Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward Angel, Aldous Huxley’s Eyeless in Gaza, Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon, and William Golding’s……..have been taken from Milton’s writings?
Ans. Darkness Visible
Q. Who said, “Mr. Milton is esteemed the parent and author of blank verse among us?”
Ans. Isaac Watts
Q. The Romantic poets valued Milton’s exploration of blank verse, but for the most part rejected his…….?
Ans. Religiosity
Q. This work argues over the definition and nature of heresy and free thought, and Milton tries to convince the new English Parliament to further his cause. Which work?
Ans. A Treatise of Civil Power
Q. Name the elegy written by Milton on Charles Deodati?
Ans. Epitaphium Damonis
Q. Who disapproved Milton’s Lycidas for its “inherent improbability”?
Ans. Samuel Johnson
Q. Who regarded Satan as the real hero of Paradise Lost?
Ans. Coleridge
Q. In whose memory did Milton write, “Methought I saw my late espoused saint?”
Ans. Katherine Woodcock
Q. In Paradise Lost, what is the relationship between Satan and Death?
Ans. Death is Satan’s son
Q. The period known as the Age of Milton is……..?
Ans. 1625-1660
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Q. Who said, “Milton’s poetry is a mirror in which the writer’s character is very clearly reflected?”
Ans. MacMillan
Q. “The spirit of Lord is upon me.” Whose line is this?
Ans. Milton
Q. Who called Shakespeare, “Sweetest Shakespeare, Fancy’s child?”
Ans. Milton
Q. “In Milton there is always an appearance of effort, in Shakespeare scarcely any.” Who said so?
Ans. Matthew Arnold
Q. John Milton lived through the………..Ages?
Ans. Caroline, Commonwealth and Elizabethan
Q. Of Reformation is a…… John Milton
It is his debut in the public arena?
Ans. Pamphlet
Q. The purpose of…… that it “reminds readers that truth is attainable and that all nonscriptural authority is fallible?
Ans. Of Prelatical Episcopacy
Q. Who wrote Animadversions?
Ans. John Milton
Q. The Reason of Church-Government Urged against Prelaty is a/an…… John Milton?
Ans. Essay
Q. Apology for Smectymnuus by Milton has also been titled……..?
Ans. An Apology for a Pamphlet
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Q. Milton wrote a large number of political pamphlets and treatises. What were they called?
Ans. Tracts
Q. Who said, “Because Milton is human, he must know the best in humanity?”
Ans. William J. Long
Q. Milton is known for……..?
Ans. Epic similes
Q. Milton was also influenced by Fletcher’s work titled…….?
Ans. Christ’s Victory and Triumph
Q. Who is the writer of Essays on Milton?
Ans. Macaulay
Q. Who is known as a belated Elizabethan poet?
Ans. John Milton
Q. Milton was appointed to the position of Latin secretary to Cromwell’s government Chiefly due to his work………?
Ans. On the Tenure of Kings and Magistrates
Q. The titles of L’Allegro and ll Penseroso are taken from……..?
Ans. Musicology
Q. Which poems of John Milton are full of Elizabethan spirit?
Ans. Horton poems
Q. The major theme of Paradise Regained is………?
Ans. Satan’s temptation of Christ in the wilderness
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Q. Milton’s “Unholy Trinity” of characters include……..?
Ans. Satan, Sin and Death
Q. Who said, “Milton was a passionate man who lived in passionate times?”
Ans. John Bailey
Q. When John Milton studied at Christ’s College, his college was a stronghold of what religious faith?
Ans. Puritanism
Q. John Milton championed the absolute freedom of the……..?
Ans. Individual
Q. Milton wanted to write an epic that was equal to the greatness of the epics of……..?
Ans. Homer and Virgil
Q. Milton published his first poem at the age of 22. What was its title?
Ans. On Shakespeare
Q. The ode On the Morning of Christ’s nativity was begun on?
Ans. Christmas Day, 1629
Q. Who said, “Lycidas is the touchstone of poetic taste?”
Ans. Tennyson
Q. Samson Agonistes is a tragedy based on……..?
Ans. Sophocles’ model
Q. Who wrote Life of Milton?
Ans. Samuel Johnson

Q. John Milton was a poet, an intellectual, a prose polemicist and……….?
Ans. A civil servant
Q. John Milton’s father was……..?
Ans. A musician and composer
Q. John Milton died at the age of…….?
Ans. 65
Q. Milton’s literary period is divided into?
Ans. Three periods
Q. Who said, “Who overcomes by force hath overcome but half his foe?”
Ans. John Milton
Q. The age of John Milton had what three kind of poets?
Ans. Metaphysical, Cavalier and Puritan
Q. First two sentences of Paradise Lost consist of……..?
Ans. 26 lines
Q. Where is Milton’s paradise located?
Ans. Mesopotamia
Q. Mary Shelley chooses for her epigraph a quotation from Paradise Lost in her book…..?
Ans. Frankenstein
Q. L’Allegro and ll Penseroso are companion poems and are both written in?
Ans. Tetrameter couplets

Q. Who calls Milton “God-gifted organ-voice of England?”
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. Who says about Elizabethan period, “A noble and puissant nation, rousing herself, like a strong man after sleep, shaking her invisible locks?”
Ans. John Milton
Q. Who accused Milton of “Callousness to the intrinsic nature of English?”
Ans. F R Leavis
Q. Who said about John Milton, “This man cuts us all out, and the ancient too?”
Ans. John Dryden
Q. Besides poetry, in which art did John Milton excel since his childhood?
Ans. Music
Q. Who said, “Milton was of the devil’s party, without knowing it?”
Ans. William Blake
Q. Who said, “Milton was the poetical son of Spenser?”
Ans. John Dryden
Q. Who described Milton’s Paradise Lost as “The dream of a puritan fallen asleep over his Bible?”
Ans. Lamartine
Q. John Milton is buried at…….?
Ans. Chalfont St. Giles
Q. Who said, “Sonnet in Milton’s hand becomes a trumpet?”
Ans. William Wordsworth
Q. John Milton died in……..?
Ans. 1674
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