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Q. Ruskin was born in?
Ans. 1819. He died in 1900
Q. Ruskin’s literary career may be divided into?
Ans. Two periods
Q. The first period of Ruskin’s literary career lasted from?
Ans. 1843 to 1860
Q. The second period of Ruskin’s literary career lasted from?
Ans. 1860 to the last years of his life
Q. Ruskin’s work Modern Painters is in?
Ans. Five volumes
Q. At the time of the publication of the first volume of Modern Painters, Ruskin was?

Ans. 24
(Robert Browning MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote The Seven Lamps Of Architecture?
Ans. Ruskin
Q. Who wrote The Stones Of Venice?
Ans. Ruskin
Q. In The Stones Of Venice, Ruskin attacked the?
Ans. Art of renaissance
Q. In The Stones Of Venice, Ruskin pointed out that the decline of Venice started in the year?
Ans. 1310

Q. Complete the title of Ruskin’s work, Unto This………… ?
Ans. Last

Q. Unto This Last by Ruskin contained?
Ans. Four essays
Q. The publication of Unto This Last began in CornHill Magazine under the editorship of?

Ans. Thackeray
Q. Who wrote Time And Tide?
Ans. Ruskin
Q. The subject of Time And Tide is?
Ans. Political economy
Q. Time And Tide is in the form of?
Ans. A series of twenty-five letters
Q. Complete the title of Ruskin’s work, Sesame And…………. ?
Ans. Lillies
Q. Who wrote Crown Of Wild Olive?
Ans. Ruskin

(Emily Dickinson MCQ’s)
Q. The fourth lecture of Crown Of Wild Olive was on?
Ans. Traffic
Q. Praeterita by Ruskin is?
Ans. The autobiography of Ruskin

Q. Praeterita by Ruskin was written at?
Ans. Intervals between 1885 to 1889
Q. Who wrote Muneria Pulveris?
Ans. Ruskin

Q. John Ruskin was a disciple of?
Ans. Carlyle

(Thomas Carlyle MCQ’s)
Q. John Ruskin was born of?
Ans. Scotch parentage
Q. For how many years, Ruskin used to teach drawing on Thursday evenings in working men’s college?
Ans. Four years
Q. Ruskin delivered a lecture on The Mystery Of Life And Its……….. ?
Ans. Arts
Q. During several years of his professorship in Oxford, Ruskin wrote monthly letters for the workmen of England entitled?
Ans. Fors Clavigera
Q. Which prize did Ruskin won for English Verse?
Ans. Newdigate prize
Q. The Saturday Review described the essays of Ruskin in Unto This Last as?
Ans. Absolute nonsense
Q. Ruskin’s mother lived on to the age of?

Ans. 90

Q. Who called Praeterita by Ruskin, “The most charming thing that he ever gave to the world?”
Ans. Harrison
Q. Ruskin was born in?
Ans. London
Q. Ruskin’s father was?
Ans. Scotch wine merchant

Q. Ruskin went to Christ Church Oxford when he was a lad of?
Ans. 17
Q. When Ruskin was returning from an alpine tour, he stopped for a few days in?
Ans. Italy
Q. Ruskin fell in love at the age of?
Ans. 17
Q. Ruskin married in?
Ans. 1848
Q. Ruskin’s marriage broke in?
Ans. 1855
Q. The Ethics Of The Dust was written by?

Ans. Ruskin
Q. How many papers were contributed by Ruskin on The Laws Of Art to the journal?

Ans. Nine
(English Literature MCQ’s Part 06)

Q. Ruskin’s connection with Oxford continued till?
Ans. 1884. He was hired by Oxford in 1870
Q. Ruskin had also founded a?
Ans. Museum
Q. Ruskin was repeatedly subjected to a painful nervous excitement of the brain from?
Ans. 1881 onward
Q. The book Munera Pulveris by Ruskin is divided into?
Ans. Six chapters

Q. The last chapter of Munera Pulveris deals with?
Ans. Mastership
Q. Ruskin’s Sesame And Lillies originally consisted?
Ans. Two lectures
Q. The first lecture of Sesame And Lillies deals with?
Ans. The question what to read and how to read
Q. The second lecture of Sesame And Lillies deals with?
Ans. The sphere, education and duties of women of the privileged classes
Q. Ruskin’s first notable work was?
Ans. Modern Painters
Q. Ruskin’s family was?
Ans. Evangelical

(English Language Teaching MCQ’s)

Q. Ruskin was trained by a woman who was?
Ans. Deeply religious
Q. Ruskin’s aunt helped him to be thorough in?
Ans. Bible
Q. Ruskin’s moral principles have greatly been admired by?
Ans. Leo Tolstoy
Q. Tolstoy considered Ruskin as the greatest?
Ans. Thinker of England
Q. Ruskin’s interest for art was kindled by?

Ans. His father
Q. When Ruskin was a teenager, his father gifted him?
Ans. Roger’s Italy
Q. In 1854, Ruskin delivered his lecture on art for the first time in?
Ans. Edinburgh
Q. Ruskin shows an excessive power of expression in his essays on?
Ans. Art
Q. Sacrifice is a part of?
Ans. The Seven Lamps Of Architecture
Q. In Unto This Last, Ruskin focused on the problem of?
Ans. Wages

Q. Ruskin’s articles in Frazer Magazine aroused?
Ans. Strong reaction
Q. Ruskin’s Frazer Magazine articles later on appeared as?
Ans. Munera Pulveris
Q. Ruskin’s Frazer Magazine articles are concentrating on conservative view of?
Ans. Political economy
Q. Ruskin emphasized that political economy should be treated as a branch of?
Ans. Sociology

(Robinson Crusoe MCQ’s)
Q. On Work And Traffic is included in the volume?
Ans. The Crown Of Wild Olive
Q. Ruskin’s work Time And Tide deals with the social and economic problems of?
Ans. The country

Q. According to a scholar, we come across an abundance of…………… in Ruskin’s prose? Ans. Figures of speech
Q. Who said, “Though England is deafened with spinning wheels, here people have no clothes?”
Ans. Ruskin
Q. Which architecture is upheld by Ruskin as the finest and noblest style of architecture? Ans. Goethic
Q. The rise and fall of Goeth is discussed by Ruskin in?
Ans. The Stones Of Venice

Q. Ruskin’s prose is?

(Death Of A Salesman MCQ’s)
Q. Ruskin was a social critic and criticized capitalist society for?
Ans. The breeding of wealth and poverty

Q. Ruskin was opposed to the theory of?
Ans. Art for art’s sake
Q. Ruskin judged works of art as if they were?
Ans. Human actions
Q. Which work of Ruskin remained unfinished?
Ans. Praeterita
Q. Who was the ideal of Ruskin?
Ans. Carlyle

(Thomas Carlyle MCQ’s)
Q. Ruskin shared his social ideas with?
Ans. Carlyle
Q. For which poem Ruskin got Newdigate Prize?
Ans. Saltsete And Elephenta
Q. Which work of Ruskin influenced Gandhi?

Ans. Unto This Last

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