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Q. Who was the reconciler of hostile parties and the founder of public opinion?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Joseph Addison wrote nearly?
Ans. 400 essays
Q. The best biography of Joseph Addison is The Life of Joseph Addison by?
Ans. Peter Smithers
Q. Joseph Addison was much admired by?

Ans. The Victorians
Q. Who is known as, “The Noblest Purifier of English Literature?”
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Joseph Addison fell out with……..over the Peerage Bill?
Ans. Richard Steele
Q. The purpose of the writings of Steele and Addison was?
Ans. Ethical
Q. Who observed of Addison, “He is the perfect representative of what the age was trying to be, the man who more than anybody else helped society to go the way it wanted to go?”
Ans. Bonamy Dobree
Q. Joseph Addison obtained a travelling scholarship of three hundred pounds a year?

Ans. True
Q. Which event lost Joseph Addison his £300 pension?
Ans. The death of William lll

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Q. In 1710 Joseph Addison founded the……….to counter the Tory views ?
Ans. Whig Examiner
Q. Who wrote Cato?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Cato was written in 1712 and first performed in?
Ans. 1713

Q. What is Cato?
Ans. A tragedy
Q. Whose style has been praised as middle style?
Ans. Joseph Addison’s
Q. Joseph Addison exposed the ridiculous principle of the……….and laughed at the follies and foibles of ladies?
Ans. Comedy of manners
Q. Joseph Addison’s essays are faithful reflection of the life of the time?
Ans. True
Q. Who wrote The Drummer?
Ans. Joseph Addison

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Q. What is The Drummer?
Ans. It is a comic play
Q. When was The Drummer written and performed?
Ans. 1716

Q. Who said, “Give nights and days, sir, to the study of Addison if you mean to be a good writer, or, what is more worth, an honest
Ans. Dr. Johnson

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Q. Who directed his essays against gambling, drinking, indecency, cruelty and many other evil practices?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Addison’s best attempt at character writing is?
Ans. Sir Roger
Q. Joseph Addison was educated at Charterhouse School and……..?
Ans. Queen’s College, Oxford
Q. Where did Joseph Addison first meet Richard Steele?
Ans. Charterhouse School
Q. Who wrote Letters to a Young Lady?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Who wrote, “Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week?”
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Joseph Addison was told to write a commemorative poem about the battle of Bleinhem and he produced…….?
Ans. The Campaign
Q. The Campaign was published in?
Ans. 1705

Q. In 1693, Joseph Addison addressed a poem to?
Ans. John Dryden

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Q. Joseph Addison was an essayist, a satirist, a poet, a playwright and?
Ans. A politician
Q. Joseph Addison was born in?
Ans. 1672. He died in 1719
Q. Which work of Joseph Addison has a prologue written by Alexander Pope and an epilogue by Samuel Garth?
Ans. Cato
Q. Which work of Joseph Addison deals with conflicts such as individual liberty VS government tyranny, logic VS emotion, republicanism VS monarchism?
Ans. Cato

(The Old Man and the Sea MCQs)
Q. According to John J. Miller, “no single work of literature may have been more important than………..” for the leaders of the American revolution?
Ans. Cato
Q. With whom did Addison found The Spectator magazine?
Ans. Richard Steele
Q. Joseph Addison’s name is usually remembered alongside that of his long-standing friend………?
Ans. Richard Steele
Q. Joseph Addison also contributed to The Tatler magazine which was founded by his friend……….?
Ans. Richard Steele
Q. Who wrote the essay entitled Dialogues on Medals?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Who wrote, “A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world?”
Ans. Joseph Addison

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Q. Joseph Addison assisted Richard Steele in writing………….?
Ans. The Guardian
Q. Who wrote The Vision of Mirza?
Ans. Joseph Addison

Q. The literary reputation of Joseph Addison rests upon the essays from The Spectator and?
Ans. The Tatler
Q. What has been rightly called the fortuner of English novel?
Ans. The Spectator
Q. Who said, “Much had been done by Dryden, much was done by Steele, much too by Defoe and Swift. But no one did more than Addison?”
Ans. Hugh Walker
Q. Who wrote The Spacious Farmament on High?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. The Spacious Farmament on High is?

Ans. A hymn
Q. Who said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body?”
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Joseph Addison met Jonathan Swift in?

Ans. Ireland
Q. Who wrote the essay Adventures of a Shilling?
Ans. Joseph Addison

(Indian English Literature MCQs)

Q. Name the incomplete work of Joseph Addison?
Ans. Of the Christian Religion
Q. Joseph Addison also attained distinction by contributing the…….. to Virgil’s Georgics in John Dryden’s great translation?
Ans. Preface
Q. Who helped in forming the Kitcat Club?

Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Who said about Joseph Addison, “Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike?”
Ans. Alexander Pope

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. In Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot, Alexander Pope named Joseph Addison as……….?
Ans. Atticus

Q. Who wrote Rosamond: An Opera?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. The Campaign by Joseph Addison was addressed to?
Ans. Marlborough
Q. Who created Sir Roger De Coverley?
Ans. Joseph Addison and Richard Steele
Q. Cato by Joseph Addison was received with……… both Whigs and Tories?
Ans. Acclamation
Q. In which year was Addison elected as a member of parliament?
Ans. 1708

Q. Joseph Addison remained a member of parliament until his death?
Ans. True
Q. Joseph Addison contributed 42 essays to?
Ans. The Tatler
Q. Who wrote the poetic epistle A Letter from Italy?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. What two satirical works of Joseph Addison illustrate the foolishness of social conventions?
Ans. Will Wimble and Party Patches
Q. Who wrote a preface to The Drummer by Joseph Addison?
Ans. Richard Steele
Q. Who said about Joseph Addison, “When I had once called him in, I could not subsist without dependence on him?”
Ans. Richard Steele
Q. In the Spectator, Addison contributed 274 essays out of a total of……….?
Ans. 635 essays
Q. The Spectator was issued……….?
Ans. Daily
Q. From literary point of view, the most interesting work of Addison’s early life is…..?

Ans. An Account of the Greatest English Poets
Q. Who wrote The Peace of Ryswick?
Ans. Joseph Addison

Q. The Peace of Ryswick earned Joseph Addison the friendship of?
Ans. John Dryden
Q. Who co-authored The Coverley Papers with Joseph Addison?
Ans. Richard Steele
Q. What is Addisonian Termination?
Ans. When a grammatical construction ends with a preposition
Q. The aim of the The Spectator was to show a real and faithful picture of the 18th century society?
Ans. True
Q. Who was the wife of Joseph Addison?

Ans. Charlotte, Countess of Warwick
Q. The first issue of The Spectator appeared on?
Ans. March 1, 1711
Q. Joseph Addison’s last publication was The Freeholder which was a………..paper?

Ans. Political
Q. Who wrote Dissection of a Beau’s Head?

Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Joseph Addison was born in?
Ans. Milston, United Kingdom
Q. Joseph Addison was the eldest son of?

Ans. Reverend Lancelot Addison

Q. “Addison almost created and perfected English prose as an instrument for the expression of social thought.” Who said so?
Ans. Courthope
Q. Who wrote A Poem to His Majesty?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. In A Poem to His Majesty, his majesty refers to?
Ans. William lll

Q. Which play ran for three nights at the Drury Lane Theatre?
Ans. The Drummer
Q. Lady Truman figures in?
Ans. The Drummer
Q. “The most fitted gift that fitted Addison was his sense of humor.” Who said so?
Ans. Deighton
Q. Each issue of The Spectator was reaching some………readers in London alone?
Ans. 60,000
Q. Poem to his Majesty was dedicated to?

Ans. John Somers
Q. Who wrote Remarks on Several Parts of Italy?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Who wrote the work To Mr. Dryden?
Ans. Joseph Addison

Q. Who wrote Prologue to Steele’s The Tender Husband?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. The Spectator’s………..was ‘to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit
with morality’?
Ans. Objective
Q. What reduced Joseph Addison to poverty in 1703?
Ans. The misfortunes of the Whigs
Q. Joseph Addison died at the age of?
Ans. 47
Q. Another title of The Drummer is?
Ans. The Haunted House
Q. “A reader seldom peruses a book with pleasure till he knows whether the writer of it be a black or a fair one.” Which essay starts with this sentence?
Ans. The Spectator’s Account of Himself

Q. Which series of essays started the vogue of journalistic literature?
Ans. The Tatler by Richard Steele
Q. Which poem brought Joseph Addison fame and fortune?
Ans. The Campaign
Q. Who wrote The Evidences Of the Christian Religion?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Joseph Addison became a Secretary of State in?
Ans. 1717

Q. “Thus I live in the world, rather as a spectator than as one of the species.” From which essay is this sentence taken?
Ans. The Spectator’s Account of Himself
Q. At Oxford, Joseph Addison became known as…………?
Ans. A writer of graceful verses
Q. Joseph Addison’s best epitaph by……….is: A life prosperous and beautiful, a calm death; an immense fame and affection afterwards for his happy and spotless name?
Ans. Thackeray
Q. Cato by Addison was praised by…… the first English “rational tragedy”?
Ans. Voltaire
Q. Who wrote Essay on the Pleasures of the Imagination?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Samuel Johnson praised the play as Addison’s noblest work. Which play?
Ans. Cato

Q. Who wrote the essay Sir Roger at Church?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Which essay of Joseph Addison starts with, “There are no authors I am more pleased with than those who show human nature in a variety of views?”
Ans. Simonides on Women
Q. The phrase “shining sins” figures in which essay of Joseph Addison?
Ans. Walking with God
Q. The Spectator was interrupted for a year by the publication of?
Ans. The Guardian

Q. Joseph Addison’s simple prose style marked the end of the mannerisms and conventional classical images of the 17th century?
Ans. True
Q. Who wrote the essay Female Orators?

Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. What message does Joseph Addison convey in Female Orators?
Ans. Female are better orator than male
Q. Joseph Addison excelled in classics, being specially noted for his……verse?
Ans. Latin
Q. The Spectator was revived in………., and has been published weekly ever since?
Ans. 1828

Q. Who wrote the essay On Giving Advice?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Who wrote Life of Addison?
Ans. Samuel Johnson
Q. Joseph Addison’s Spectator essays on……… are an important landmark in literary criticism?
Ans. Paradise Lost
Q. Who wrote the essay Sir Roger at Home?

Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Addison was buried in Westminster Abbey, and lamented in an elegy by?
Ans. Tickell

Q. “His irony and urbanity are the two most prominent traits in the essays of Addison.” Who said so?
Ans. Lobban
Q. Who wrote The Aims of the Spectator?

Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Joseph Addison’s biography states, “In the field of his foreign responsibilities Addison’s views were those of a good……..?
Ans. Whig
Q. Addison later revived The Spectator briefly to support?
Ans. George I
Q. Who wrote The Rural Manners?
Ans. Joseph Addison

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