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Here are all Keats MCQ’s for you!

Q. Which career did Keats give up to become a poet?
Ans. Medicine

(John Keats MCQ’s)
Q. Keats never finished his long poem?
Ans. Hyperion
Q. In On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer, what name did Keats accidentally substitute for Balboa?
Ans. Kortez

Q. What personal fear does Keats touch upon in When I Fears?
Ans. Dying young
Q. Which characters die at the end of The Eve Of St. Agnes?
Ans. Beadsman and Angela
Q. In La Belle Dame Sans Merci, what does the beautiful lady do to the knight?
Ans. Sings him to sleep

Q. None of the characters in La Belle Dame Sans Merci are given names?
Ans. True
Q. In Ode To Psyche, Keats built the Greek Goddess a?
Ans. Shrine
Q. In Ode To A Grecian Urn, Keats ponders?

Ans. Life after death

Q. After writing Ode To Melancholy, Keats chose to do away with the fur stanza?
Ans. True
Q. Two major themes of Ode To A Nightingale?
Ans. The power of imagination And an easy and painless death
Q. Who wrote Lamia?
Ans. Keats

Q. The line “Save wings, for heaven” is in?
Ans. The Eve Of St. Agnes
Q. The line, “Your Cordage large uprooting from the skull” is in?
Ans. Ode To an Melancholy
Q. The poem Ode On A Grecian Urn describes?
Ans. How perfect art is when compared with natural things that change and grow old

Q. Who wrote To Autumn?
Ans. Keats
Q. The ‘Letters’ of Keats were published in?

Ans. 1848
(John Keats MCQ’s)
Q. The names of Keats’ friends?
Ans. Joseph Severn and Cowden Clarke

Q. Keats died in?
Ans. Rome of Tuberculosis
Q. The name of Keats’ wife?
Ans. Fanny Brawne

Q. Keats’ father was?
Ans. Stable Keeper

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