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Q. How did the original audience respond to the ending of King Lear?
Ans. They were so disturbed that an alternate ending was created, in which Cordelia lives

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. Who does Kent reappear as after being banished by Lear?
Ans. Caius
Q. Why does Goneril give Oswald a letter for Edmund?
Ans. She wants Edmund to kill Albany, her husband
Q. King Lear was written?
Ans. Between 1605 and 1606

(Hamlet MCQ’s)
Q. Major themes of King Lear?
Ans. Justice; appearance versus reality
Q. Goneril and Regan kill each other for love of whom?
Ans. Edmund
Q. At the end of the play, who is going to be the next king?
Ans. Edgar

(Romeo And Juliet MCQ’s)
Q. Which suitor of Cordelia refuses to marry her after she is disinherited?
Ans. Burgundy
Q. Who said, “I love your Majesty/ According to my bond, no more nor less”?
Ans. Cordelia
Q. Who kills Cornwall?
Ans. A servant defending Gloucester

Q. Which event is proof of Lear’s madness and delirium?
Ans. The trial he holds for Goneril and Regan with the fool and poor Tom as judges
Q. What is Edmund’s main concern when he contemplates which of the two sisters, Goneril or Regan, he should marry?

Ans. Ambition: he wishes to be the ruler of Britain
(The Tempest MCQ’s)
Q. Why does Lear run away when one of Cordelia’s attendants approaches him kindly?
Ans. He thinks the man was sent by Goneril

Q. When Edgar is disguised and pretending to be insane, by what name does he go?
Ans. Poor Tom

(The Winter’s Tale MCQ’s)
Q. When did the events depicted in King Lear supposedly occur?
Ans. The 8th century BCE
Q. Which historical event may have influenced Shakespeare as he wrote the play?
Ans. The death of Elizabeth and the succession of James I
Q. What do Goneril and Edmund conspire to do?
Ans. Kill Albany
Q. Which three characters are still alive at the end of the play?
Ans. Edgar, Kent, and Albany
Q. What does the play suggest about betrayers?
Ans. They ultimately betray each other
Q. Which two characters parallel each other the most?
Ans. Lear and Gloucester

Q. Lear is king of what country?
Ans. Britain

(Macbeth MCQ’s)
Q. Which one of Lear’s daughters is sent into exile?
Ans. Cordelia
Q. Which one of Lear’s counselors reprimands the king for exiling his daughter?

Ans. Kent
Q. Who is Gloucester’s bastard son?
Ans. Edmund
Q. When Lear visits Goneril, what does she demand of him?
Ans. That he send away some of his knights
Q. When they hear that Lear is coming to visit them, where do Regan and Cornwall go? Ans. To Gloucester’s castle

Q. Why is Kent thrown into the stocks?
Ans. For beating Oswald with the flat of his sword
Q. When he flees from his father, how does Edgar disguise himself?
Ans. As a common beggar

(Othello MCQ’s)
Q. When Lear tells Regan that Goneril has wronged him, what does Regan advise him to do?
Ans. Go to Goneril and ask her forgiveness
Q. After he curses both Goneril and Regan, what does Lear do?
Ans. He storms out of Gloucester’s castle, accompanied by the Fool

Q. Whom does Lear meet living in a little hovel on the heath?
Ans. Edgar, in disguise
Q. Why is Gloucester accused of treason?

Ans. Because Edmund reveals letters showing that he knows of a French invasion
Q. Where does Gloucester send Lear and his attendants?
Ans. To Dover
Q. How is Gloucester punished for his “treason”?
Ans. He is blinded
Q. Who encounters Gloucester on the heath and offers to lead him to Dover?
Ans. Edgar
Q. Who is leading the army that lands at Dover?
Ans. Cordelia
Q. Why does Gloucester want to reach the cliffs of Dover?
Ans. He wants to throw himself over the cliffs
Q. To whom are both Goneril and Regan attracted?
Ans. Edmund
Q. Before the battle between the French and English armies, to whose camp is Lear brought?
Ans. Cordelia’s

Q. What happens to Lear and Cordelia during the battle?
Ans. Edmund takes them captive

Q. How does Regan die?
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Ans. Goneril poisons her
Q. Who fights a duel with Edmund?
Ans. Edgar
Q. What does Edmund reveal as he lies dying?
Ans. That he ordered Cordelia be killed
Q. What happens to Cordelia?
Ans. She is hanged in prison
Q. What happens to Lear at the end of the play?
Ans. He dies while weeping over Cordelia’s body
Q. What does Gloucester say about Edmund when he introduces him?
Ans. That Edmund is illegitimate but that he loves him
Q. How does Lear plan on spending his remaining years?
Ans. Visiting his daughters
Q. How does Lear react to Cordelia’s refusal to flatter him?
Ans. He gives her share of the kingdom to her sisters
Q. Why is Edmund jealous of Edgar?
Ans. Edgar will inherit their father’s estate
Q. How does Edmund make Gloucester want to read the forged letter?
Ans. By obviously hiding it from him

Q. What does Goneril order her servants to do to Lear?
Ans. Act rudely toward him
Q. Who shows up at Goneril’s castle disguised as a peasant?
Ans. Kent

Q. What does the Fool say to Lear?
Ans. That it was wrong to give the kingdom to Regan and Goneril
Q. What does Lear say he hopes happens to Goneril?
Ans. She becomes infertile
Q. Who protests about how Goneril treats Lear?
Ans. Albany
Q. How do Cornwall and Regan punish Kent?

Ans. They put him in the stocks
Q. Who has promised Kent help from abroad?
Ans. Cordelia
Q. What excuse do Regan and Cornwall give for not speaking with Lear immediately?
Ans. They are sick and tired
Q. Who shows up at Gloucester’s castle during Lear’s confrontation with Regan?
Ans. Goneril
Q. What do Goneril and Regan demand of Lear?
Ans. He must give up all his servants to live with them

Q. Who is searching for Lear on the heath?
Ans. Kent
Q. What does Kent give to the knight to deliver to Cordelia?
Ans. A ring
Q. When they’re caught in the storm, what does the Fool suggest that Lear do?
Ans. Beg his daughters for shelter
Q. What did Regan, Goneril, and Cornwall do when Gloucester asked to go look for Lear? Ans. Took over his castle and ordered him not to mention Lear again
Q. Whom does Edmund decide to tell about Gloucester’s plans?
Ans. Cornwall

Q. Why does Lear resist going into the hovel?
Ans. He says he’s so upset he can”t feel the storm
Q. Who is in the hovel already?
Ans. Edgar
Q. What does Edgar claim is happening to him?
Ans. He is being pursued and possessed by devils
Q. Why does Lear take off his clothes?
Ans. Out of sympathy with Edgar
Q. How does Edmund react to the revelation of his father’s actions?
Ans. He pretends to be horrified but is secretly glad

Q. What does Gloucester overhear when gathering supplies?
Ans. A plot to kill Lear
Q. Where does Gloucester ask Kent to take Lear?
Ans. Dover
Q. What does Edgar realize after seeing Lear’s suffering?
Ans. His own suffering is insignificant
Q. Why does Edmund have to go with Goneril to Albany’s palace?
Ans. To avoid seeing his father suffer
Q. Who does Edgar say was with Gloucester at the top of the cliff?
Ans. A devil
Q. Who encounters Edgar and Gloucester in a maddened state?
Ans. Lear
Q. What happens when Oswald tries to kill Gloucester?
Ans. Edgar defends his father and kills Oswald
Q. What does Edgar take from Oswald as he dies?
Ans. A packet of letters

Q. Whom does Goneril discover to be no longer on her side?
Ans. Albany
Q. How does Albany regard Cornwall’s death?
Ans. As a just punishment

Q. Why is Goneril upset about Cornwall’s death?
Ans. Now Regan can pursue Edmund
Q. Why does Lear not want to see Cordelia?

Ans. He is ashamed of how he treated her
Q. What does the doctor say that Lear needs?
Ans. Sleep
Q. Why does Regan think that Edmund should be with her rather than with Goneril?

Ans. Her husband is dead, while Goneril’s is still alive
Q. What does Regan promise Oswald a reward for?
Ans. Killing Gloucester
Q. What does Regan ask Edmund not to do?

Ans. Sleep with Goneril
Q. Why does Albany have mixed feelings about fighting the invaders?
Ans. He is sympathetic to Lear
Q. What does Edgar give Albany?
Ans. A letter from Goneril to Edmund
Q. Whom has Edmund sworn his love to?

Ans. Regan and Goneril
Q. What does Edmund vow to do to Lear and Cordelia?
Ans. Punish them severely

Q. What is Lear’s flaw at the beginning of the play?
Ans. He values appearance over reality
Q. Which of the play’s villains fights against the established social order?
Ans. Edmund

(Edmund Spenser MCQ’s)
Q. What does Edmund want throughout the play?
Ans. To be recognized as legitimate
Q. What trait do Goneril and Regan share?

Ans. A capacity for evil
Q. Why does the King of France marry Cordelia?
Ans. For her virtue
Q. Who is married to Goneril?
Ans. Albany

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. How does the Fool give Lear advice?
Ans. Through puns and songs

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