Linguistics MCQ’s Part 02 l Linguistics Quiz

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Here is Linguistics MCQ’s Part 02 for you!

Q. The inability to produce or comprehend speech because of damage to certain parts of the brain is called?
Ans. Aphasia
Q. When a baby is three months old, they can produce velar sounds k, g and vowels i, u. This stage is known as?
Ans. Cooing

(The Prague School Of Linguistics MCQ’s)
Q. By the six month, a baby can produce nasal and fricative sounds. This stage is called?
Ans. Babbling

Q. What is the difference between acquisition and learning?
Ans. Acquisition is natural and learning is conscious effort to get language
Q. Traditional method of learning a language is?
Ans. Grammar Translation Method
Q. When you mix L1 and L2 and make another language is called?
Ans. Interlanguage

Q. According to Hinduism, language cane from?
Ans. Sarasvati
Q. Language might be started by the imitation of sounds which early men and women heard around them. This describes?

Ans. Bow-Wow Theory
Q. The sounds of a person involved in physical could be the source of our language. This describes?
Ans. Yo-he-ho Theory

Q. The biological basis of the formation and development of human language is called?
Ans. Glossogenetics
Q. Acoustic phonetics is the study of?
Ans. The physical properties of speech sounds

Q. The use of the verb google in the phrase ‘google it’ represents a case formation via? Ans. Conversion
Q. The bound morpheme ‘er’ acts as an inflectional morpheme in the word?
Ans. Quieter
Q. If a syntactic rule is applied more than once in generating a sentence then this is known as?
Ans. Recursion

Q. When the meaning of one form is included in another, the relationship between them is described as?
Ans. Hyponomy
Q. The knowledge of the physical context of the speaker is necessary to make sense of? Ans. Deictic expressions

Q. The feature of speakers rather than their speech is called?
Ans. Coherence
Q. What is the study of language as it pertains to social classes, ethnic groups and genders?
Ans. Sociolinguistics

Q. What is the study of the meaning of languages?
Ans. Semantics
Q. In 1348, English replaces Latin as the language of instruction in most schools?

Ans. True

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