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Here is Linguistics MCQ’s Part 04 for you!

Q. Which among the following dimensions can the vowels in English be classified?
Ans. The position of the lips
Q. The phonemes which do not occur in the same linguistic environment and which when occur so, do not bring about a change in meaning are said to be in?
Ans. Complementary distribution
Q. The pronunciation of English practised by the educated people at the public schools came to be called?
Ans. Received Pronunciation

Q. The IPA came into existence in the year?
Ans. 1998
(Sociolinguistics MCQ’s)
Q. Words with more than three syllables are called?
Ans. Multisyllabic
Q. The /k/ in ‘kill’ and ‘skill’ is?
Ans. Allophone

Q. The /l/ in clear and the /l/ sound in dark may be considered to be – – – – of the same phoneme /l/?
Ans. Allophones
Q. The theory of Transformational Generative Grammar is contained in?
Ans. Both Chomsky’s “Syntactic Structures” and Chomsky’s “Aspects of the theory of Syntax”
Q. The two great linguists who have contributed much to frame the device of Immediate Constituent analysis are?
Ans. Leonard Bloomfield & Noam Chomsky

Q. The method of word formation whereby one or more syllables are removed from longer words?
Ans. Clipping
Q. The ‘s’ in ‘she (sings) well’ is?
Ans. Morpheme signaling third person singular.
Q. The ‘or’ in actor is?
Ans. Noun forming morpheme

Q. The /s/ in ‘john’s’ is?
Ans. Plural morpheme
Q. The final consonants /s/, /z/ and /iz/ in the words ‘cats’, ‘dogs’ and ‘boxes’ are examples of?
Ans. Allophones
Q. The “ish” in the word ‘childish’ is?
Ans. An adjective forming morpheme

Q. /m/ is?
Ans. Bilabial-nasal consonant
Q. The form ‘dog’ is?
Ans. A free morpheme

Q. A minimal meaningful unit in the grammatical system of a language is called?
Ans. Morpheme
Q. How many types of phonetic transcriptions are generally followed?
Ans. Two

Q. Which term refers to omissions of certain sounds, syllables or even words in continuous speech?
Ans. Elision

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