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Here are all Literary Terms MCQ’s for you!

Q. What is Controlling Image?
Ans. It is a single image or comparison that extends throughout a literary work and shapes its meaning
Q. Which language communicates ideas beyond the ordinary meaning of the words?

Ans. Figurative language
Q. Literary Text means?
Ans. Fictional writing

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Q. What is Extended Metaphor?
Ans. It is a comparison between two unlike things that serves as a unifying element throughout a series of sentences. It describes a scene, an event, a character or a concept
Q. A type of literature, art or music characterized by its particular subject or style is called?
Ans. Genre

Q. The main literary genres are?
Ans. Fiction, nonfiction and poetry
Q. What is Atmosphere in literature?
Ans. It means the mood either moral, sensational, emotional or intellectual which dominates a story or novel
Q. What is literary style?
Ans. The ways of writing employed in literature
Q. Imagery may also appeal to?
Ans. The senses of smell, hearing, taste or touch
Q. Theme is?
Ans. A comment on or certain attitude towards the subject of the story

Q. Subject is?
Ans. A broad concept which embraces the theme
Q. The contrast between expectation and reality is?
Ans. Irony

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Q. Techniques of satire include?
Ans. Hyperbole, understatement and sarcasm
Q. Sarcasm refers to?
Ans. Two meanings one of which is real and the other one ludicrous
Q. Parody in literature mimics?
Ans. A subject or a style

Q. Personification is actually a form of?
Ans. Metaphor. In it human attributes are given to non-human agents or objects
Q. Pathetic Fallacy is the belief that?
Ans. Nature shares our moods and feelings
Q. What is Poetic License?
Ans. The writer of Literature is allowed to deviate from rules, maxims or conventions
Q. Cases of neologism, ungrammatical sentences, live metaphor and archaism are clear examples of?
Ans. A writer making use of Poetic License
Q. Forms of parallelism include?
Ans. Rhyme, assonance, alliteration and meter etc

Q. Yeah, mmm, huh etc are?
Ans. Minimal responses
Q. Who says, “Literature is a performance in words?”
Ans. Robert Frost

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Q. Which theory holds that art is an imitation of something?
Ans. Imitative theory

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Q. Which theory holds that the artist is not essentially an imitator but one who expresses his feelings?
Ans. Expressive theory
Q. Which theory holds that a work of art should arouse a particular emotion in the perceiver?
Ans. Affective theory

Q. What are the elements of novel?
Ans. Plot, characters, narrator, themes and style
Q. What is Saga?
Ans. It is a novel which tells the story of several generations of the same family

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Q. What is Linear Plot?
Ans. It describes events chronologically
Q. What is limited third person narrator?
Ans. One who can’t see into the minds and hearts of other characters
Q. What is Coming-of-age novel?
Ans. A novel which describes how the main character changes and develops from childhood to adulthood (e.g. Great Expectations)

Q. What is Gothic Novel?
Ans. Novel which describes supernatural forces and includes scenes of terror
Q. What is two-dimensional character?
Ans. One which is not described in detail
Q. Olympus was the high mountain where the?
Ans. Greek gods lived
Q. Among the Olympian gods, Zeus was the supreme god who ruled?
Ans. The sky
Q. Hades was the goddess of the underworld while Hestia was the goddess of?
Ans. The earth

Q. The tragicomedies of Shakespeare are also called?
Ans. The reconciliation plays
Q. Direct comparison between two unlike things is called?
Ans. Simile
Q. Indirect comparison between two unlike things is called?
Ans. Metaphor

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