Look Back In Anger MCQ’s l John Osborne

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Here are all Look Back in Anger MCQ’s for you!

Q. Who wrote the play Look Back In Anger?
Ans. John Osborne in 1956
Q. In what month does the first act of the play takes place?
Ans. April
Q. In what kind of room do the Porter’s live?

Ans. An attic
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Q. Which stuffed animal doesn’t occupy the Porter’s residence?
Ans. Bear

Q. What is the best word to describe the furniture in the Porter’s residence?
Ans. Shabby

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Q. Who is Jimmy Porter?
Ans. He is the play’s main character. He is 25 years old.
Q. Who is Cliff Lewis?
Ans. He is friend to both Jimmy Porter and Alison Porter

Q. Which word does Osborne use to describe Cliff Lewis?
Ans. Lethargic
Q. Who is described as demanding other people’s love?
Ans. Cliff Lewis

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Q. Who is Alison Porter?
Ans. She is Jimmy’s wife
Q. In the first act, what domestic activity is Alison Porter performing?
Ans. Ironing

Q. At the beginning of the play, Cliff and Jimmy are?
Ans. Reading newspapers
Q. Why does Jimmy say he’ll never be fat?

Ans. Because he ‘burns up everything’
Q. Which section of the paper is Jimmy particularly disgusted with?
Ans. The book reviews section

Q. What does the bishop of Bromley encourage all Christians to support?
Ans. The H-Bomb
Q. What activity does Alison suggest for them all to do on Sunday afternoon?
Ans. Go to a movie

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Q. Why does one read the paper, according to Jimmy?
Ans. They can’t rise from their ignorant sloth

Q. What does Alison offer to do for Cliff to make him look better?
Ans. Iron his pants
Q. In what country did Alison’s father live and work before retiring to England?
Ans. India
Q. Which friend of Alison’s might come over and visit in the first act?
Ans. Webster
Q. Jimmy believes that it is pretty dreary living in?
Ans. The American Age

Q. What words does Jimmy use to disparage Alison’s family?
Ans. Phlegmatic, pusillanimous, sycophantic
Q. What kind of radio program does Jimmy want to listen to in the first act?
Ans. A concert

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Q. What injury does Alison sustain when Cliff and Jimmy accidentally fall into her?
Ans. A burned arm

Q. What secret does Alison confide to Cliff in the first act?
Ans. She is pregnant
Q. Why was Jimmy angry with Alison on their wedding night?
Ans. He discovered that she didn’t like him
Q. Who is Colonel Redfern?
Ans. He is Alison’s father

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