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Here is Look Back in Anger MCQs Part 1 for you!

Q. In Look Back In Anger, Jimmy refers to Shakespeare’s……..to discuss his views of women?
Ans. Sonnet 129
Q. What is the purpose of Cliff’s character in the play Look Back in Anger?
Ans. He lives with the couple (Jimmy and Alison) and helps to keep them together
Q. Who is the protagonist and the antagonist in the play Look Back In Anger?
Ans. Jimmy
Q. What is the climax of Look Back in Anger?
Ans. Alison loses her baby to a miscarriage and returns to her husband, Jimmy.
Q. How does Jimmy respond to Helena’s slap?
Ans. If she slapped him, he would slap her back.
Q. Who helped Jimmy Porter set up his sweet stall business?
Ans. Cliff
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Q. Who is valiant, influential, progressive, impulsive, straightforward and outspoken?
Ans. Helena
Q. Jimmy suggests that Alison has a…….as the British empire had?
Ans. Destructive power
Q. Jimmy expresses some patriotism by appreciating……..?
Ans. “Strong” British music
Q. Jimmy’s source of livelihood is a…….?
Ans. A small candy store

Q. Why does Alison refuse to have sex with Jimmy?
Ans. Because Cliff may come
Q. About how old is Cliff?
Ans. 25
(Look Back In Anger MCQs Part 2)
Q. The word “Pusillanimous” means…….?
Ans. “Wanting in firmness of mind”
Q. Electrifying in its urgency, cauterizing in its wit, this play blasted a gaping hole in the conventions of British drama. Which play?
Ans. Look Back In Anger
Q. Look Back In Anger is a…….play?
Ans. Realistic
Q……..focuses on the life and marital struggles of an intelligent and educated but disaffected young man and his wife?
Ans. Look Back in Anger
Q. Jimmy Porter is of……origin?
Ans. Middle class
Q. Who is the competent yet impassive upper-middle-class woman who is wife to Jimmy Porter?
Ans. Alison
Q. Who is an amiable Welsh lodger who attempts to keep the peace?
Ans. Cliff Lewis
Q. Who is Alison’s snobbish friend?
Ans. Helena Charles

Q. Where was the play Look Back In Anger premiered?
Ans. Royal Court Theatre, London
Q. What is the setting of Look Back in Anger?
Ans. A single-room flat, English Midlands, 1950s
Q. What are the subjects of Look Back In Anger?
Ans. British class system, marriage AND misogyny
Q. John Osborne’s first successful outing as a playwright was……?
Ans. Look Back In Anger
Q. Which word does John Osborne use to describe Cliff Lewis?
Ans. Lethargic
Q. Who is described as demanding other people’s love?
Ans. Cliff Lewis
Q. Who is Alison Porter?
Ans. She is Jimmy’s wife
Q. In the first act, what domestic activity is Alison Porter performing?
Ans. Ironing
Q. While writing Look Back in Anger, John Osborne drew inspiration from his personal life and failing marriage with……?
Ans. Pamela Lane
Q. Which play spawned the term “Angry young men”?
Ans. Look Back In Anger

Q. Look Back in Anger is considered one of the first examples of……..in theatre?
Ans. Kitchen sink drama
Q. The play Look Back In Anger was received favourably in the theatre community?
Ans. True
Q. The play Look Back In Anger became an enormous commercial success?
Ans. True
Q. Which play is credited with turning John Osborne from a struggling playwright into a wealthy and famous personality?
Ans. Look Back In Anger
Q. Which play won John Osborne the Evening Standard Drama Award?
Ans. Look Back In Anger
Q. Who was the most promising playwright of 1956?
Ans. John Osborne
Q. Look Back In Anger was adapted into a motion picture of the same name by…….?
Ans. Tony Richardson
Q. Look Back In Anger was written in…….?
Ans. 17 days
Q. At the beginning of the play, Cliff and Jimmy are……?
Ans. Reading newspapers
Q. Why does Jimmy say he’ll never be fat?
Ans. Because he ‘burns up everything’

Q. Which section of the paper is Jimmy particularly disgusted with?
Ans. The book reviews section
Q. Look Back In Anger is a strongly……..play?
Ans. Autobiographical
Q. Some of Jimmy’s tirades are directed against generalised British middle-class smugness in the post-atomic world and many are directed against the……..?
Ans. Female characters
Q. Who described the play Look Back In Anger as a minor miracle?
Ans. Kenneth Tynan
Q. Who said that he “could not love anyone who did not wish to see Look Back in Anger?”
Ans. Kenneth Tynan
Q. Who describes an effeminate male friend as a female Emily Brontë?
Ans. Jimmy
Q. Who recognized the importance of this play “as a landmark of British theatre”?
Ans. Harold Hobson
Q. In 1989, John Osborne wrote a sequel to Look Back In Anger entitled…….?
Ans. Déjàvu
Q. A radio dramatization of Look Back In Anger was broadcast in……?
Ans. 2016
Q. Look Back in Anger was recast as “Look Back in Hunger” in an episode by the…….?
Ans. BBC

Q. Look Back in Anger” is a song by British singer named………?
Ans. David Bowie
Q. What are some important themes in the play Look Back In Anger?
Ans. Alienation, Anger, class, education and sexism
Q. Why is Jimmy angry in Look Back In Anger?
Ans. Because of his low status in life
Q. It is a tragedy of a young couple who couldn’t accept each other at hard times. Name the play?
Ans. Look Back In Anger
Q. The Church and its ringing bells symbolize Jimmy’s……..?
Ans. Anti-religious personality
Q. Is Look Back in Anger a rage against frustrating society?
Ans. Yes
Q. Look Back in Anger is basically John Osborne’s venting spell at the……..he was leading at the time?
Ans. Oppressive life
Q. Who is the antagonist in Look Back in Anger?
Ans. Jimmy Porter is the antagonist in the play. He is his own worst enemy.
Q. In Look Back In Anger, the ‘bear’ and the ‘squirrel’ represent……..respectively?
Ans. Jimmy and Alison
Q. Throughout the play, Jimmy is chiefly concerned with living a full and real life. This is a life of emotion and experience. He feels as though he is being kept from living such a life because of his domestic ties to…?
Ans. Alison

Q. What does Jimmy Porter want?
Ans. The main thing he wants is a social upheaval, displacing the upper classes and allowing him to exercise power and find a use for his talents
Q. What does the bishop of Bromley encourage all Christians to support?
Ans. The H-Bomb
Q. What activity does Alison suggest for them all to do on Sunday afternoon?
Ans. Go to a movie
Q. Why does no one read the paper, according to Jimmy?
Ans. They can’t rise from their ignorant sloth
Q. What is the significance of the title of Look Back in Anger?
Ans. It speaks of the attitude of Jimmy Porter, who’s full of anger due to the experiences of the past.
Q. Who wrote Look Back In Anger?
Ans. John Osborne
Q. John Osborne was born in?
Ans. 1929. He died in 1994
Q. Who are the main characters in the play Look Back In Anger?
Ans. Jimmy, Cliff, Alison and Helena
Q. Which play reputed John Osborne as a dramatist?
Ans. Look Back In Anger
Q. Was Look Back In Anger a hit?
Ans. It was not a hit but soon John Osborne was recognized as a talented dramatist

Q. Like Jimmy, John Osborne was known as an angry young man?
Ans. True
Q. What was the turning point in the English theatre?
Ans. The first night when Look Back In Anger was staged in 1956
Q. In Look Back In Anger, where and how many rooms are in the flat?
Ans. One-room flat in a large midland town
Q. Where is the room?
Ans. At the top of a large Victorian house
Q. What kind of room is it?
Ans. A fairly large attic room
Q. What kind of furniture is there?
Ans. Mostly simple and rather old
Q. What is the common scene in the play?
Ans. Alison irons the clothes ceaselessly and Jimmy keeps on scolding her
Q. Who is Jimmy unhappy with?
Ans. Jimmy is unhappy with his wife Alison
Q. How old are Jimmy, Alison, Cliff and Helena?
Ans. They are all about the same age. That is 25
Q. Compared to Jimmy, what kind of persons are Alison and Cliff?
Ans. Both are simple compared to Jimmy

Q. What is Jimmy keenly dissatisfied with?
Ans. He is keenly dissatisfied with his life
Q. Why can’t Jimmy reconcile himself to the upper classes?
Ans. Because he is a social rebel
Q. What is Jimmy’s educational qualification?
Ans. He is well-educated as he has graduated from a university
Q. Who keeps on assisting Jimmy to run the business?
Ans. Cliff
Q. Why does Jimmy think he is unwanted by society?
Ans. He has tried enough to build a suitable career but he has turned unsuccessful
Q. Can Jimmy be regarded as a maladjusted person?
Ans. Yes
Q. Who tries to stop Jimmy’s repeated complaints against Alison?
Ans. Cliff
Q. What irritates Jimmy the most?
Ans. Alison’s frequent ironing
Q. Cliff calls Jimmy a……..?
Ans. Glutton
Q. How many “posh” papers are there on Sunday according to Jimmy?
Ans. Two

Q. What does Alison offer to do for Cliff to make him look better?
Ans. Iron his pants
Q. In what country did Alison’s father live and work before retiring to England?
Ans. India
Q. Which friend of Alison might come over and visit in the first act?
Ans. Webster
Q. Jimmy believes that it is pretty dreary living in……?
Ans. The American Age
Q. What drives Jimmy mad?
Ans. The indifference of Cliff and Alison
Q. Is it true that Colonel Redfern liked India, not England?
Ans. Yes, it’s true
Q. What makes Colonel Redfern admirable?
Ans. His sense of rationality and impartiality
Q. What does Cliff think about Jimmy’s behavior with Alison?
Ans. He thinks that Jimmy always persecutes and harasses Alison
Q. What does cliff try to do about Alison?
Ans. Cliff always tries to defend Alison against Jimmy
Q. Alison confides him so much that she informs him of her…….before her husband Jimmy?
Ans. Pregnancy

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