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Here is Look Back In Anger MCQs Part 2 for you!
(Look Back In Anger MCQs Part 1)

Q. What ennobles both Alison and Cliff?
Ans. Their closeness without any sexual involvement
Q. Is Alison contented in the married life?
Ans. Not at all
Q. Who can be considered the moral compass of the play?
Ans. Helena
Q. Who is mediocre in height but cautiously outfitted?
Ans. Helena
Q. According to the author, who is the most elusive personality?
Ans. Alison
Q. Who looks gorgeous in the red shirt?
Ans. Alison
Q. What does Jimmy not mention in her letters to her mother?
Ans. Jimmy’s hatred and humiliating attitude to her family
Q. Who instigates and influences Alison to leave Jimmy?
Ans. Helena
Q. Who is a spiritual barbarian?
Ans. Jimmy
Q. Who says that Jimmy is a Spiritual Barbarian?
Ans. Alison
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Q. What is Jimmy’s addiction?
Ans. He is addicted to pipe-smoking
Q. Who all are left on the stage at the end?
Ans. Jimmy and Alison
Q. Who was going to visit Alison in the first act?
Ans. Helena
Q. When does Alison’s father come to take Alison?
Ans. The next day of Helena’s phone call
Q. Where does Cliff kiss?
Ans. Alison’s hand
Q. Why does Helena say that Jimmy is so futile?
Ans. She claims that Jimmy never grew up
Q. What does Cliff do with Alison’s fingers?
Ans. He puts Alison’s fingers in his mouth
Q. Who is Nigel?
Ans. Nigel is Alison’s brother
Q. What should not Helena have done with Jimmy?
Ans. She should not have lived together with Jimmy in the absence of Alison
Q. What happens to Alison after leaving Jimmy?
Ans. She had a miscarriage. Later she returns to Jimmy
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Q. The play Look Back In Anger focuses on……..?
Ans. Marital struggle
Q. Why does Jimmy play the trumpet in Look Back In Anger?
Ans. It symbolizes Jimmy’s desire to be a voice of resistance in society
Q. Who wrote the play Look Back In Anger?
Ans. John Osborne
Q. Look Back In Anger was published in?
Ans. 1957. Some people say 1956
(Keep both in mind)
Q. In what month does the first act of the play take place?
Ans. April
(Look Back In Anger MCQs Part 1)
Q. In what kind of room do the Porter’s live?
Ans. An attic
Q. Which stuffed animals occupy the Porter’s residence?
Ans. Bear, squirrel, doll
Q. What is the best word to describe the furniture in the Porter’s residence?
Ans. Shabby
Q. Who is Jimmy Porter?
Ans. He is the play’s main character
Q. How old is Jimmy Porter?
Ans. 25 years old
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Q. Who is Cliff Lewis?
Ans. He is a friend to both Jimmy Porter and Alison Porter
Q. What words does Jimmy use to disparage Alison’s family?
Ans. Phlegmatic, pusillanimous, sycophantic
Q. What kind of radio program does Jimmy want to listen to in the first act?
Ans. A concert
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Q. What injury does Alison sustain when Cliff and Jimmy accidentally fall into her?
Ans. A burned arm
Q. What secret does Alison confide to Cliff in the first act?
Ans. That she is pregnant
Q. Who is Colonel Redfern?
Ans. He is Alison’s father
Q. Why was Jimmy angry with Alison on their wedding night?
Ans. He discovered that she wasn’t a virgin
Q. Act 1 opens on a dismal April……..?
Ans. Sunday
Q. Who said, “Alison’s mummy and I took one look at each other?”
Ans. Jimmy
Q. The sole family income of the Porter’s is derived from a………in the local market?
Ans. Sweet stall
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Q. Who announces that Helena is coming to stay?
Ans. Alison
Q. Who describes Jimmy to Helena as a “knight in shining armour”?
Ans. Alison
Q. Who tells Alison, “You’ve got to fight him”?
Ans. Helena
Q. Who has sent a telegram to Alison’s parents asking them to come and “rescue” her?
Ans. Helena
Q. As Alison leaves, she gives……..a note for Jimmy?
Ans. Cliff
Q. As the Act 2 curtain falls, Jimmy and Helena are……..and falling on the bed?
Ans. Kissing passionately
Q. Act 3 opens as a deliberate replay of……..but this time with Helena at the ironing-board?
Ans. Act 1
Q. The play ends with a……..between Jimmy and Alison?
Ans. Sentimental reconciliation
Q. Look Back in Anger is a play with three acts and……..?
Ans. Five scenes
Q. Some critics consider it as a social play that presents the social protest and some consider it as personal play protesting against the……..?
Ans. Personal sentiments

Q. Alison as Osborne’s wife Pamela and the similar happening of miscarriage depicts his personal issues which drag the play into the……..?
Ans. Personal conflict
Q. John Osborne smartly presents Jimmy Porter as the face of……..?
Ans. Unemployed youths
Q. Who is described as, “A disconcerting mixture of sincerity and malice, of tenderness and freebooting cruelty; restless, importunate, full of pride, a combination which alienates the sensitive and insensitive alike?”
Ans. Jimmy
Q. When Jimmy and Cliff engage in horseplay, Jimmy deliberately pushes……into Alison and she is burned by the iron?
Ans. Cliff
Q. Throughout the play, we see a theme of……..?
Ans. Misogyny
Q…….refers to women as ”butchers”?
Ans. Jimmy
Q…….or conflict between socioeconomic classes, is also a prominent theme in this play?
Ans. Class-consciousness
Q. “Angry Young Man” is a nickname given to an entire generation of artists and working-class young men in…….British society?
Ans. Post-World War II
Q. The two iconic motifs of the play are the concepts of the Angry Young Man and……?
Ans. The Kitchen Sink drama
Q. Jimmy Porter is representative of an entire culture that remained…….for its past glory?
Ans. Nostalgic
(John Milton MCQs Part 03)

Q. Who represents Britain’s great Edwardian past?
Ans. Colonel Redfern
Q. What is meant by the word Cockerel in the play?
Ans. A cockerel is a young rooster
Q. What is meant by the Kitchen Sink Drama?
Ans. It is a term used to denote plays that rely on realism to explore domestic social relations
Q. Is the loss of childhood a theme in Look Back In Anger?
Ans. Yes
Q. “If you could have a child, and it would die…if only I could watch you face that.” Jimmy said so to Alison. It is an example of?
Ans. Dramatic irony
Q. Osborne uses the word…….to describe Alison?
Ans. Malaise
Q………is mentioned several times in the play Look Back In Anger?
Ans. T S Eliot
Q. What was the name of Jimmy’s former girlfriend?
Ans. Madeline
Q. According to Jimmy, who is one of his natural enemies?
Ans. Helena
Q. Who calls Look Back In Anger a troubling play?
Ans. Michael Patterson

Q. Whose praise of the play Look Back In Anger transformed its fortunes?
Ans. Tynan’s
Q. Jimmy is the son of………?
Ans. A worker
Q. The construction of Look Back in Anger is that of an old-fashioned well-made play in the tradition of……..?
Ans. Henrik Ibsen
Q. There is…….plot/plots developed over three acts?
Ans. One
Q. The church bells serve as a reminder of the power of the……..?
Ans. Established church
Q. Who describes Colonel Redfern as a “sturdy old plant left over from the Edwardian Wilderness?”
Ans. Jimmy
Q. The most emotional and silly sections of Look Back in Anger are Jimmy’s…….?
Ans. Monologues
Q. Does Jimmy deserve our sympathy?
Ans. No
Q. Jimmy is weird because he does not appreciate a woman’s…….before marriage?
Ans. Virginity
Q. Who calls Alison Lady Pusillanimous?
Ans. Jimmy
(John Milton MCQs Part 02)

Q. Who, according to Jimmy, is a sloppy, irritating bastard?
Ans. Cliff
Q. Jimmy’s childhood was really…….?
Ans. Pathetic
Q. According to Jimmy, no one can grow up without some severe…….?
Ans. Sufferings
Q. Who, according to Jimmy, has learned to “plunder” people through his high-class education?
Ans. Nigel
Q. Who calls Jimmy “your lordship”?
Ans. Cliff
(Paradise Lost MCQs Part 02)
Q. Alison is like a soldier, and when she puts on makeup, she is like a……..?
Ans. Surgeon
Q. Compare Alison’s ironing and Jimmy’s playing on his trumpet?
Ans. They are irritating to each other equally
(Look Back In Anger MCQs Part 1)

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