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Q. The full name of Lord Byron was?
Ans. Lord George Gordon Byron
Q. Byron succeeded to the title of Lord after the death of?
Ans. His uncle

(Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. Byron’s parents were married in?
Ans. 1785
Q. Byron was born in?
Ans. 1788
Q. Byron’s father was a?
Ans. Guards Officer
Q. Byron’s father had?
Ans. Eloped with his first wife
Q. The earliest work of Byron was?

Ans. Fugitive Pieces
(S T Coleridge MCQ’s)
Q. Byron was married in?
Ans. 1815
Q. The first two cantos of Don Juan by Byron were published in?
Ans. 1819
Q. The Vision Of Judgement by Byron is?

Ans. A satirical masterpiece

Q. Byron died in?
Ans. 1824
Q. Who wrote the poem I Would I Were A Careless Child?
Ans. Byron
Q. What did Byron join in Genoa?

Ans. Terras
(Wordsworth Quiz)
Q. Complete the title of Byron’s poem, So, We’ll Go No More A………. ?
Ans. Roving
Q. The poem The Corsair has been written by?
Ans. Byron
Q. Byron completed The Corsair in?
Ans. Ten days

(Shelley MCQ’s)
Q. How many copies of The Corsair were sold on the first day?

Ans. Ten thousand
Q. Who wrote A Selection Of Hebrew Maladies?

Ans. Byron
Q. Complete the title of Byron’s poem She Walks In…………?

Ans. Beauty
Q. Child Harold’s Pilgrimage was written by?

Ans. Byron

Q. Byron visited Rome and other famous?
Ans. Italian cities in 1817
Q. Don Juan by Byron was dedicated to?

Ans. Southey
Q. How old was Byron when French Revolution began?

Ans. One year old. It began in 1789
Q. Leigh Hunt was prosecuted by crown for publishing Byron’s poem?

Ans. The Vision Of Judgement
Q. The Island by Byron consists of?

Ans. Four Cantos
Q. The Island by Byron was completed in?

Ans. Genoa
Q. Byron’s last poem of any considerable length is?
Ans. The Island
(John Keats MCQ’s)
Q. Byron’s father died in?

Ans. 1791
Q. Byron proceeded to the University Of Cambridge at the age of?

Ans. Seventeen
Q. Byron formed a romantic attachment to John Edleston in his?

Ans. First year at Cambridge

Q. Hours Of Idleness by Byron appeared in?
Ans. 1807
Q. Which magazine criticized Byron’s Hours Of Idleness?
Ans. Edinburgh Review
Q. Hours Of Idleness was written in?
Ans. Heroic Couplet
Q. Byron’s way of living changed from that of undergraduate to a young man of fashion before he was?
Ans. 20
Q. Byron began to write Child Harold Pilgrimage?
Ans. A few days after leaving Albania
Q. Byron had gone on world tour?
Ans. Yes, it’s true
Q. Byron had delivered his maiden speech in?
Ans. The House Of Lords
Q. Who awoke one morning and found himself famous?
Ans. Byron
Q. How many editions of Child Harold’s Pilgrimage by Byron were sold in four weeks?
Ans. Seven

Q. Half-sister of Byron was?
Ans. Augusta Leigh

(Keats MCQ’s)

Q. Byron got his schooling at?
Ans. Harrow
Q. Byron’s Child Harold’s Pilgrimage reflects his own love affair and?
Ans. Liberalism
Q. Byron by publishing Child Harold’s Pilgrimage became writer of upper class sophisticated readers and was particularly favorite with?
Ans. Women
Q. In Child Harold’s Pilgrimage, Byron has painted a hero who has since come to be known as?
Ans. Byronic hero
Q. Who has described Byronic Hero as proud, moody, cynical with defiance on his brow and misery in his heart?
Ans. Macaulay
Q. In Child Harold’s Pilgrimage, Byron has described the luxury of the courts of?
Ans. Muslim Rulers
Q. Byron wrote Oriental poem stories which became highly?
Ans. Popular
Q. Byron in his Oriental poem stories partake of the feature of?
Ans. German literature
Q. Byronic heroes in Oriental poem stories resemble the heroes of?
Ans. Goethe
Q. Byron had love affair with his own half-sister?
Ans. Augusta Leigh

Q. The Bride Of Abydos is written by?
Ans. Byron

Q. Who wrote The Prisoner Of Chillon?
Ans. Byron
Q. Beppo is Byron’s?
Ans. Satirical poem
Q. Byron’s The Siege Of Corinth is about the siege of Corinth by?
Ans. Turkish
Q. Byron married?
Ans. Anne Isabella
Q. Byron was also?
Ans. A politician
Q. What was the cause of Byron’s death?

Ans. Fever
Q. What was Byron’s father’s nickname?
Ans. Mad Jack

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. What was Byron’s ethnic heritage?
Ans. Scottish
Q. What deformity was Byron born with?

Ans. A club foot

Q. Who was Byron’s first unrequited love?
Ans. Mary Chaworth
Q. Which family member did Byron grow most emotionally close to?
Ans. His half-sister, Augusta Leigh
Q. Who was Byron’s most frequent traveling companion in Europe?
Ans. HobHouse

Q. Byron’s wife left him because he was……….?
Ans. Abusive
Q. “There are but two sentiments to which I am constant,” Lord Byron famously said, “a strong love of………., and a detestation of cant.”
Ans. Liberty
Q. Byron wrote a poem called “Hints from……….. ?”
Ans. Horace
Q. This playful satire tells the story of a husband who returns home to his wife in the disguise of a Turk?
Ans. Beppo
Q. Byron claimed this poem was “a satire on abuses of the present state of Society, and not an eulogy of vice?”
Ans. Don Juan

Q. This poem was a parody of a work written by Southey, who had once accused Byron of being a member of the “Satanic School” of poetry?
Ans. The Vision Of Judgement
Q. This poem is about Frances de Bonivar, who was imprisoned for his religious beliefs during the Reformation?
Ans. The Prisoner Of Chillon

Q. Heaven And Earth was a drama Byron never?
Ans. Completed

(English Literature MCQ’s Part 03)
Q. Manfred and Cain are?
Ans. Byron’s dramas
Q. These poems were written at the request of Byron’s friend?
Ans. Hebrew Maladies

Q. Byron wrote this poem about Frances Webster, a woman he declined to seduce? Ans. When We Two Parted
Q. Which drama of Byron is labeled blasphemous?
Ans. Cain
Q. Bob Dylan may have modeled his song, “Who Killed Davey Moore?” on Byron’s poem, “Who Killed………… ?”
Ans. John Keats
Q. What sub-genre of poetry is “Prisoner of Chillon”?
Ans. Dramatic Monologue
Q. In what country does “The Prisoner of Chillon” take place?
Ans. Switzerland

(Edmund Spenser MCQ’s)
Q. What is the central theme of “The Prisoner of Chillon”?
Ans. Though the body may be imprisoned, the mind remains free
Q. How many men were imprisoned in “The Prisoner of Chillon”?
Ans. Three

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