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Here are all Lord of The Flies MCQ’s for you!

Q. Lord Of The Flies was published in?
Ans. 1954
Q. Who is the “Lord of the Flies” that Simon talks to in the field?
Ans. A pig’s head swarming with flies
Q. What is Roger like?
Ans. Particularly cruel and sadistic
Q. What is “Samneric”?
Ans. The nickname for the twin boys Sam and Eric
Q. Which boy has a “civilizing instinct”?
Ans. Ralph

(William Golding MCQ’s)
Q. What does the novel suggest is man’s natural state?
Ans. Savage, cruel, barbarous
Q. How many chapters are there in this novel?
Ans. 12
Q. The main theme of Lord Of The Flies is?

Ans. The conflict between the human impulse towards savagery and the rules of civilization which are designed to minimize it
Q. The boys are stranded on an island where?
Ans. The Pacific Ocean

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. What was the first meal that the boys had on the island?
Ans. Fruit from the trees

Q. Whose responsibility is it to maintain the first signal fire?
Ans. The hunters’ responsibility
Q. What powers does Jack ascribe to the beast after Simon’s murder?
Ans. Immortality and the power to change shape
Q. How does the first boy disappear?
Ans. He burns to death when the signal fire ignites the forest
Q. Who is the first boy to disappear?
Ans. A littlun
Q. Where does the beast go during the day, according to one littlun?
Ans. Into the ocean
Q. Who sees the dead parachutist first?
Ans. Sam and Eric
Q. Which character speaks to the Lord of the Flies?
Ans. Simon
Q. What lures the navy ship to the island?

Ans. The fire in the jungle
Q. Whom does Jack strike shortly after his first kill?
Ans. Piggy

(Emily Dickinson MCQ’s)
Q. When Piggy is killed, what else is destroyed?
Ans. The conch shell

Q. What is Ralph’s first act upon being elected leader?
Ans. Naming Jack the leader of the hunters
Q. What object does Ralph clutch when he talks about Simon’s murder?
Ans. The conch shell
Q. What does Jack represent?
Ans. Savagery, violence, desire for power
Q. What does Simon represent?
Ans. Spiritual goodness
Q. What does Ralph represent?
Ans. Order, civilization, productive leadership
Q. Who is the only boy to kill someone on the island by himself?
Ans. Roger
Q. What does Jack suggest the boys use as the “pig” in their dance-like re-enactment of the hunt?
Ans. A littlun
Q. Which boy treats the littluns with the most kindness?
Ans. Simon
Q. Which boy would rather hunt than build huts?
Ans. Jack

(The Old Man and the Sea MCQs)
Q. Where is Jack’s tribe headquarters?
Ans. At the Castle Rock

Q. What tool or tools do the boys use to make fire?
Ans. Piggy’s glasses

Q. What is the boys’ home country?
Ans. England
Q. Who kills Piggy?
Ans. Roger

(Anita Desai MCQ’s)
Q. What surrounds Simon’s body as it floats into the sea?
Ans. Glowing fish
Q. Who knocks the Lord of the Flies to the ground?
Ans. Ralph
Q. On what obstruction does the dead parachutist become tangled?
Ans. Jagged rocks
Q. Who tells Jack where Ralph is hiding in Chapter 12?
Ans. Sam and Eric
Q. Which boy does not dance at Jack’s first feast?
Ans. Simon
Q. How did the boys come to be marooned on the island?
Ans. The plane they were on was shot down over the ocean
Q. What do Piggy and Ralph do to gather the scattered boys?
Ans. They blow into a conch shell

Q. What does Piggy not want to be called?
Ans. Piggy
Q. Whom do the boys elect leader?
Ans. Ralph
Q. What does Jack’s group become?
Ans. The hunters

Q. Who gets to speak at a meeting?
Ans. Whoever is holding the conch
Q. What frightening thing does the boy with a dark birthmark on his face say he saw at night?
Ans. A beastie
Q. What does Ralph say is the most important thing to do?
Ans. Keep a signal fire going so they can be rescued
Q. What happens to the boy with mulberry birthmark when a whole patch of trees catches on fire?
Ans. He disappears and likely has died
Q. What is Jack trying to do in the forest?

Ans. Hunt
Q. What is Ralph frustrated about not having enough help with?
Ans. Building shelters
Q. Who helps Ralph with the third shelter?

Ans. Simon

Q. What does Jack think is more important than shelters and fire?
Ans. Meat

(English Language Teaching MCQ’s)
Q. Where does Simon often go alone?
Ans. To a clearing in the jungle
Q. How do the boys sleep?
Ans. Their sleep is filled with nightmares and crying out

Q. What happens when the signal fire goes out?
Ans. A ship passes by
Q. Why does the fire go out?
Ans. Because the boys in charge of the fire went hunting
Q. What do the boys do during the feast?

Ans. They dance around the fire chanting
Q. What happens to Piggy’s glasses?
Ans. Jack throws them and a lens breaks
Q. What does Ralph think about his hair?

Ans. He’s annoyed it’s gotten long and mangy and hangs in his eyes
Q. Why does Ralph call a meeting late in the evening?
Ans. To express his frustration that nothing is getting done
Q. What are the littluns terrified of and having nightmares about?
Ans. A beast or monster on the island

Q. Where does Percival say the beast comes from at night?
Ans. From the sea
Q. What happens to the group at the end of the meeting?
Ans. Jack runs off with most of the older boys
Q. What comes down from the sky?
Ans. A dead pilot with his parachute

Q. What do Sam and Eric think they see in the morning?
Ans. The beast
Q. Where does the expedition take Jack and Ralph?
Ans. To a cave in an unexplored part of the island
Q. What do the other boys do while Jack and Ralph are exploring?
Ans. They roll rocks off a cliff
Q. What do the boys want to do when Ralph says they have to keep searching?
Ans. Build a fort where they are
Q. What does Simon predict?
Ans. That Ralph will make it home safely
Q. What do the boys decide to do on their way across the island?
Ans. Hunt

(15th Century English Literature MCQ’s)

Q. What happens when the boys start chanting, dancing, and re-enacting the hunt?
Ans. Robert gets hurt when they pretend he is the boar
Q. Where does Simon go?
Ans. Back to the beach to tell Piggy that the group won’t be back until late
Q. What happens when Jack calls for a new election?
Ans. He loses and storms off, declaring himself leader of a new group
Q. Where do Ralph and Piggy build a new signal fire?
Ans. On the beach

Q. Who joins Jack’s tribe?
Ans. Most of the older boys, but not Sam and Eric
Q. How does Jack’s group start a fire?
Ans. They steal burning sticks from Ralph’s group
Q. What does Simon discover at the top of the mountain?
Ans. That the “beast” the others saw is a parachutist
Q. What do Ralph and Piggy say about Simon’s death?
Ans. Ralph says it was murder; Piggy insists it wasn’t
Q. Who is left in Ralph’s group?
Ans. Piggy, Sam and Eric, and the littluns
Q. Who is Wilfred?
Ans. A boy Jack ties up and beats for no apparent reason

Q. What happens to Sam and Eric?
Ans. Jack orders that they be tied up so he can make them join his tribe
Q. How does Piggy die?
Ans. Roger sends a giant boulder crashing down on top of him
Q. What do the boys do when they realize they’ve been rescued?
Ans. They all start sobbing

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