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Here is Oedipus Rex MCQs Part 02 for you!
(Oedipus Rex MCQs Part 01)

Q. Who says, “What should a man fear, it’s all chance, chance rules our lives?
Ans. Jocasta
Q. Who is the stranger from Argos?
Ans. Polynices
Q. What sort of life does the Chorus say is best?
Ans. A short life
Q. What curse did Oedipus put on his sons when he left Thebes?
Ans. They will kill each other
Q. What is the role of the sentry in Antigone?
Ans. He is a messenger
Q. Who said, “I owe a longer allegiance to the dead than to the living: in that world I shall abide forever?”
Ans. Antigone
Q. What was the answer to the Sphinx’s riddle?
Ans. A man
Q. Why was Oedipus left to die by his parents?
Ans. It was prophesized that he would kill his father
Q. What city has Oedipus wandered to, at the start of the play?
Ans. Athens
Q. Why does Oedipus refuse to move from the holy ground?
Ans. He was prophesied to die there
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Q. How does the Chorus react when it finds out who Oedipus is?
Ans. They tell him to leave immediately
Q. Where has Ismene been while Oedipus and Antigone have been wandering?
Ans. Consulting the oracles
Q. Why does Oedipus say he will not support either of his sons?
Ans. They did nothing to stop his exile
Q. What is Electra Complex?
Ans. A young girl’s unconscious sexual attraction towards her father
Q. What is Oedipus Complex?
Ans. Feeling of sexual desire that a boy has for his mother
Q. No one investigated Laius’s murder at the time because……..?
Ans. The Sphinx was attacking the city
Q. What does Oedipus do after the thunderclap?
Ans. He says it is time for him to die
Q. Who found and rescued Oedipus?
Ans. A shepherd
Q. How did Oedipus get his name?
Ans. An injury gave him his name
Q. Where did Oedipus live with his adoptive parents?
Ans. Corinth
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Q. Why did Oedipus leave his home in Corinth?
Ans. He thought his adoptive father was his real father
Q. Who will be permitted to know the location where Oedipus died?
Ans. The kings of Athens
Q. Why do Oedipus and his daughters stop embracing?
Ans. A voice from the sky tells Oedipus to finish his task
Q. Why does the Chorus tell Antigone and Ismene to stop crying?
Ans. Because everything that happens is the will of the gods
Q. Where do Antigone and Ismene go at the end of the play?
Ans. Thebes
Q. What does Oedipus thank Theseus for?
Ans. Not making him recount his story again
Q. What does Oedipus warn Theseus will happen if Athens accepts him?
Ans. Thebes will attack Athens
Q. When Oedpius found out the truth about his dysfunctional family, what did he do?
Ans. He blinded himself
Q. What are the names of Oedipus’ daughters?
Ans. Antigone and Ismene Q. What led to Oedipus finding out the truth about himself?
Ans. A plague
Q. Who said, “Safe I am now, the truth in me is strong?”
Ans. Tiresias
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Q. Why did Jocasta commit suicide?
Ans. Because she judged the situation and found the reality and could not endure the embarrassment
Q. Creon order his guards to seize instead of Oedipus?
Ans. Antigone and Ismene
Q. Whom does Oedipus blame for his fate?
Ans. The gods
Q. How does Theseus respond to Creon’s treatment of Oedipus?
Ans. He chastises him and vows to retrieve Oedipus’ daughters
Q. Why is Jocasta happy that Polybus is dead?
Ans. She thinks his death means the prophecy is false
Q. What does the messenger tell Oedipus about Polybus and Merope?
Ans. They are not his natural parents
Q. Who takes over as the ruler of Thebes after Oedipus?
Ans. Creon
Q. Who re-interpreted the western canon providing new versions of Oedipus Rex, Faust, Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear?
Ans. Italo Calvino
Q. In Oedipus Rex, the first scene finds Oedipus in conversation with…….?
Ans. A priest
Q. “Count no man happy until he dies, free of pain at last” is the last line of…….?
Ans. Oedipus the King
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Q. According to Coleridge, what three plots are the best?
Ans. Oedipus, The Alchemist, Tom Jones
Q. Does the myth of Oedipus figure in The Waste Land?
Ans. Yes
Q. What did the messenger find years ago on Mount Cithaeron?
Ans. A baby with its ankles pinned together
Q. Why does Oedipus think Jocasta doesn’t want to find out about Oedipus’ parents?
Ans. She is afraid they’ll be of low birth
Q. Why did Jocasta give the shepherd her and Laius’ child?
Ans. To prevent a prophecy from coming true
Q. How does Jocasta die?
Ans. She hangs herself
Q. What does Oedipus do with the pins in Jocasta’s robes?
Ans. Pokes out his eyes with them
Q. What does Oedipus ask the Thebans to do to him?
Ans. Banish him
Q. Whom does Oedipus ask to take care of his daughters?
Ans. Creon
Q. Where did Oedipus send Creon at the beginning of the play?
Ans. To the pythian oracle

Q. Oedipus ruled Theban city for nearly…..?
Ans. 16 years
Q. Whose hair was slightly strewn with silver?
Ans. Oedipus’ father
Q. Sphinx was…….?
Ans. A deadly monster
Q. What riddle did the Sphinx ask?
Ans. What moves on 4 legs in the morning, 2 during the day and three at night
Q. What does the chorus say is the only thing that can bring peace?
Ans. Death
Q. What gifts do the people of Thebes offer to the gods?
Ans. Branches wrapped in wool
Q. Why didn’t the people of Thebes investigate Laius’ murder?
Ans. They were too concerned about the Sphinx
Q. What does Oedipus criticize the people of Thebes for?
Ans. Letting Laius’ murderer go uncaught
Q. What does Oedipus accuse Tiresias of?
Ans. Murdering him
Q. Who wrote Oedipus Rex?
Ans. Sophocles

Q. When was Oedipus Rex written and performed?
Ans. 429 B.C
Q. Sophocles lived from………?
Ans. 496 to 406 B.C
Q. Sophocles had written 123 plays, but how many survive?
Ans. Only Seven
Q. What is the priest asking for at the beginning of the play Oedipus Rex?
Ans. Asking for gods’ help
Q. The priest is asking for gods’ help because…….?
Ans. There is a plague on the city
Q. Whom does Tiresias say murdered Laius?
Ans. Oedipus
Q. How does Oedipus react to Tiresias’ comment about his parents?
Ans. With anger and curiosity
Q. What does the Chorus decide to do after hearing Tiresias and Oedipus?
Ans. Wait for proof
Q. What does Oedipus think Creon is trying to do?
Ans. Overthrow him
Q. What does Jocasta say about prophets?
Ans. They are all false

Q. Who is Creon?
Ans. Brother-in-law of Oedipus. He is Jocasta’s brother
Q. At the beginning of the play, Oedipus sends Creon to…….?
Ans. Corinth
Q. Creon reported that……….must be found?
Ans. Laius’s killer
Q. According to the report, the man they will find, must be……..?
Ans. Banished or killed
Q. Why did Oedipus flee Corinth?
Ans. He heard a terrible prophecy
Q. Where did Oedipus kill the party of travelers?
Ans. At the same spot where Laius was killed
Q. Who survived the attack in which Laius was killed?
Ans. A shepherd
Q. Who does Antigone want to bury?
Ans. Her brother
Q. What causes Haemon’s death?
Ans. Creon’s actions
Q. Who is rumored to have killed Laius?
Ans. Robbers

Q. Who is Tiresias?
Ans. The blind soothsayer of Thebes
Q. Creon advised Oedipus to send for…….?
Ans. Teiresias
Q. When Tiresias arrived, he said that……..?
Ans. He will not tell who did it
Q. According to Tiresias, Oedipus will…….?
Ans. Leave Thebes a blind beggar
Q. What question does Oedipus ask Creon?
Ans. Why Tiresias did not say anything at the time of Laius’ death
Q. According to Tiresias, what does truth bring?
Ans. Pain
Q. Why does Creon think his treatment of Polynices is acceptable?
Ans. Polynices broke his duty to the state.
Q. How do most characters in the plays die?
Ans. They commit suicide
Q. What do these three plays suggest is a basic duty people owe to the dead?
Ans. Burial
Q. Does Creon say he wants to be king?
Ans. No

Q. Jocasta convinced Oedipus to………?
Ans. Forgive Creon
Q. Jocasta attempts to prove to oedipus that……..?
Ans. There is no truth in prophesy
Q. Jocasta said that she left her baby exposed on…….?
Ans. A mountain
Q. What is the significance of the three-way crossroad?
Ans. It symbolizes choice and consequences
Q. What does Oedipus’s swollen foot symbolize?
Ans. His fate
Q. The power of unwritten law is illustrated over the controversy of which character?
Ans. Polynices
Q. Laius was killed………?
Ans. At a crossroads
Q. Jocasta’s story upsets Oedipus because……..?
Ans. He killed a man at a crossroads
Q. What made Oedipus go to the Oracle when he was young?
Ans. When a man called him a bastard
Q. The oracle told Oedipus that he…….?
Ans. Would kill his father and marry his mother

Q. What metaphor is a part of Greek knowledge?
Ans. Eyesight
Q. Who gave Oedipus to Polybus and Merope?
Ans. The messenger
Q. Which of the three Theban plays was probably written last?
Ans. Oedipus At Colonus
Q. What are the three Theban plays?
Ans. Antigone, Oedipus The King and Oedipus At Colonus
Q. Oedipus has……..?
Ans. 4 children
Q. Who are Antigone, Eteocles, Polynices and Ismene?
Ans. Children of Oedipus And Jocasta
(Jocasta is also the mother of Oedipus)
(Oedipus Rex MCQs Part 01)

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