R K Narayan MCQ’s l R K Narayan Quiz l MCQs on R K Narayan l ELP

Q. R.K. Narayan’s stories and sketches have been broadcast by?
Ans. BBC
Q. Who wrote Reluctant Guru?
Ans. R.K Narayan
Q. During his childhood, R.K. Narayan had two unusual animal friends. Name them?
Ans. A monkey and a peacock
Q. Who was the first recipient of Sahitya Academy Award for English?
Ans. R.K. Narayan

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Ben Jonson MCQ’s l Ben Jonson Quiz l Facts about Ben Jonson l ELP

Q. How many plays and mosques did Jonson compose?
Ans. 19 plays and 36 masques
Q. What two tragedies by Jonson largely failed to impress renaissance audiences?
Ans. Sejanus and Catiline
Q. Who is called the father of English classical comedy?
Ans. Ben Jonson

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