The Tempest MCQs Part 02 l The Tempest Quiz l The Tempest l ELP

Q. While Ferdinand meets Miranda, he feels she is a…….?
Ans. Goddess of the island
Q. Who tells Stephano that Shakespeare has the habit of sleeping in the afternoon?
Ans. Caliban
Q. Who are the three sinners in The Tempest?
Ans. Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian

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Pedagogy of English MCQs Part 03 l ELT MCQs l MCQs on ELT

Q. In which teaching method a teacher reads the book and tells the students main points?
Ans. Textbook Method
Q. Which teaching method is known as chalk and talk teaching method?
Ans. Lecture Method
Q. To teach evaporation, a teacher boils water inside the classroom to show the children how the water turns into steam. Here the teacher is using……?
Ans. Demonstrative Method

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ELT MCQs Part 02 l English Language Teaching MCQs l MCQs on ELT

Q. A structuralist stresses speech and thereby lays importance on…….?
Ans. Phonology
Q. Who said, “Words are like bottles that contain ideas as bottles contain medicines?”                                                 Ans. H. Dippie
Q. Students are passive in…….?
Ans. Lecture Method

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Idioms with Examples Part 33 l English Idioms for all Tests l Idioms l ELP

Carl: Where’s the head honcho? Has he left yet?
Kathy: Yeah, he has – the coast is clear! Come on! Let’s get going.
Carl : Did you bring the burgers? I’m starving hungry.
Head honcho : the boss; the person in charge of a place or an organization.
The coast is clear : there is no danger of being observed or caught.

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Idioms with Examples Part 29 l English Idioms for all Tests l Idioms l ELP

Mike : It’s time I put my cards on the table; I have no intention of marrying her.
Jackie : Didn’t you say that you would move mountains to be with her?
Put one’s cards on the table : be open and honest, reveal one’s intentions.
Move mountains : to do or achieve something that is incredibly difficult……

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