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Here is Paradise Lost MCQs Part 02 for you!
(Paradise Lost MCQs Part 01)

Q. What does Eve do when she first becomes conscious?
Ans. Looks at her reflection in a stream
Q. What advantage does Satan have in hell?
Ans. Friends
Q. Satan’s name before his fall from heaven was?
Ans. Lucifer
Q. To whom Satan refers as, “Our grand foe?”
Ans. God
Q. The fruit of which tree were Adam and Eve forbidden to eat?
Ans. Tree of knowledge
Q. Who is the chief of archangels in paradise?
Ans. Michael
Q. Who are Satan’s daughter and son in Paradise Lost?
Ans. Sin and death
Q. The two archangels who serve as generals in God’s army are?
Ans. Michael and Gabriel
Q. The reason for Satan’s fall was?
Ans. Pride
Q. Who will fall through his own fault?
Ans. Adam
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Q. Who said, “Think only what concerns thee and thy being?”
Ans. Raphael
Q. Classically, Urania is the muse of?
Ans. Astronomy
Q. Which of the demons is the strongest and most fierce?
Ans. Moloch
Q. What literary tradition does Milton refuse to follow?
Ans. Rhyming verse
Q. The battle between God’s army and Satan’s rebels in heaven lasted?
Ans. Three days
Q. In the phrase, “Thy seed shall bruise our foe,” the “seed” refers to?
Ans. Jesus Christ
Q. In the phrase, “Thy seed shall bruise our foe,” “thy” refers to?
Ans. Eve
Q. Sin was born out of Satan’s?
Ans. Head
Q. Eve before the fall might best be described as?
Ans. A docile, vain creature
Q. On the second day of battle in heaven, what does Satan use that surprises God’s forces?
Ans. Artillery
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Q. The archangel Michael might best be described as?
Ans. Firm and militant
Q. Who cast the rebellious angels into hell?
Ans. The Son (Jesus Christ)
Q. On which mountain does Satan descend before entering the Garden of Eden?
Ans. Mt Niphates
Q. The line, “To create is greater than to destroy” occurs in?
Ans. Book 7 of Paradise Lost
Q. The shortest book of Paradise Lost is?
Ans. Book Vll
Q. The name of the sequel to Paradise Lost is?
Ans. Paradise Regained
Q. Milton’s Paradise Lost has been praised for?
Ans. Its grand style
Q. Satan found earth more beautiful than?
Ans. Earth
Q. What is the punishment given to Serpent?
Ans. He shall walk on his belly
Q. What is the punishment given to Eve?
Ans. Childbirth will be painful
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Q. What is the punishment given to Adam?
Ans. He has to do hard work to eat
Q. Milton’s unholy trinity of characters include?
Ans. Satan, sin and death
Q. For inspiration in writing the poem, Milton says he depends on?
Ans. The Holy spirit
Q. Who is the friendliest and most sociable of all God’s angels?
Ans. Raphael
Q. The reason for Eve’s fall was?
Ans. Vanity
Q. The reason for Adam’s fall was?
Ans. Love for Eve
Q. What do Adam and Eve do after eating from the tree of knowledge?
Ans. Sex
Q. Who said, “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven?”
Ans. Satan
Q. Paradise Lost is the greatest ………in the English language?
Ans. Epic
Q. How many pounds did Milton receive for Paradise Lost?
Ans. 10
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Q. Paradise Lost was completed in the year?
Ans. 1663
Q. Which devil is Satan’s second-in-command?
Ans. Beelzebub
Q. What does Satan tell Beelzebub their sole purpose will be?
Ans. To never do good and ever do ill
Q. What was a major complaint against Milton’s portrayal of Satan?
Ans. He’s too sympathetic
Q. Milton criticizes what institution through pandemonium?
Ans. Church
Q. In Paradise Lost, Milton uses the phrase “angry Victor” in reference to?
Ans. God
Q. What is the meter used in Paradise Lost?
Ans. Pentameter of blank verse
Q. What is the stated subject of Paradise Lost?
Ans. Adam and Eve’s disobedience
Q. Who said, “Milton favored Devil’s side in Paradise Lost?”
Ans. William Blake
Q. In Paradise Lost, oil is not found in hell?
Ans. True
(Great Expectations MCQs Part 2)

Q. Satan takes the forms of an angel, toad and?
Ans. Cormorant
Q. How many days did the fall of Satan from heaven take?
Ans. 9 days
Q. Which fruit was there on the forbidden tree?
Ans. Golden tree
Q. Book 5 is the story of?
Ans. Eden
Q. Which was the highest tree in Eden?
Ans. Tree of life
Q. What is the meaning of the word pandemonium?
Ans. All the demons
Q. How many lines are there in book 7, the shortest book?
Ans. 640
Q. How many lines are there in book 9, the longest book?
Ans. 1189
Q. God created Eve from Adam’s?
Ans. Rib
Q. Which angel conveys the message of God to Adam and Eve to leave paradise?
Ans. Michael
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Q. How many days were spent on the creation of the earth?
Ans. 6
Q. Who said, “Milton is in every line of Paradise Lost?”
Ans. Coleridge
Q. According to Milton, God created the universe, the world, the animals and humans in?
Ans. Six days
(Paradise Lost MCQs Part 01)

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