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Here is Pedagogy of English MCQs Part 03 for you!
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Q. What is the role of the student in Communicative Language Teaching?
Ans. Speaker and negotiator
Q. Communicative Language Teaching mainly focuses on…….?
Ans. Semantic objective of language
Q…….of language and meaning is important in Communicative Language Teaching?
Ans. Contextualization
Q. Teaching through deductive method is from……?
Ans. General to specific
Q. In which teaching method a teacher reads the book and tells the students main points?
Ans. Textbook Method
Q. Which teaching method is known as chalk and talk teaching method?
Ans. Lecture Method
Q. To teach evaporation, a teacher boils water inside the classroom to show the children how the water turns into steam. Here the teacher is using……?
Ans. Demonstrative Method
Q. Which school of philosophy of education advocated Project Method of teaching?
Ans. Pragmatism
Q. Learning by Project Method is also known as……?
Ans. Incidental learning
Q. Project Method is propagated by……?
Ans. Kilpatrick
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Q. The principle of learning by doing was originally propounded by……?
Ans. Rousseau
Q. J S Burner has developed the……..method of teaching?
Ans. Discovery
Q. “Teaching while walking is the best method of education.” Who said so?
Ans. Rabindranath Tagore
Q. Teaching through Inductive Method is from…….?
Ans. Specific to general
Q. Sounds, symbols and vocabulary are language…….?
Ans. Equipments
Q. English no longer enjoys the position of a…….?
Ans. Foreign language
Q. The maximum participation of students is possible while teaching English by the teacher using authentic task through…….?
Ans. Communicative Approach
Q. Story-telling should be used frequently in classrooms because………?
Ans. It provides space for teachers to engage in other academic task
Q. The most important prerequisite for language learning is providing a good……?
Ans. Textbook to children
Q. What should the students be given for maximum transfer of learning?
Ans. Similar tasks requiring same responses
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Q. B F Skinner claimed that language is learnt through…….?
Ans. Drill and practice
Q. In a language learning class, meaningful environment can be created by fun activity, dramatization and……?
Ans. Story-telling
Q. In an English class, mother tongue influences can be effectively minimized by…..?
Ans. Giving inputs from the target language in a simple manner
Q. A test that is designed to predict future performance is called…….?
Ans. Aptitude Test
Q. Which test is predictive in nature?
Ans. Aptitude Test
Q. Test involving the construction of certain patterns are called……?
Ans. Performance Test
Q. Projective techniques are used to measure…..?
Ans. Personality
Q. A test that measures the learning outcome of students is called……?
Ans. Achievement Test
Q. The analysis of items is necessary in…….?
Ans. Standardized Test
Q. Which test compares the performance of a student with other students?
Ans. Norm-Referenced
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Q. Which item is best in a Norm-Referenced Test?
Ans. Item difficulty is near 50
Q. In Norm-Referenced Test, the comparison is between……..?
Ans. Individuals
Q. A student’s performance is compared with clearly defined learning tasks in………?
Ans. Criterion-Referenced Test
Q. The Supply Type Test item is…….?
Ans. Completions items
Q. Kuder Richardson Method is used to indicate…….?
Ans. Reliability
Q. The incorrect options in multiple choice questions are called……?
Ans. Destructors
Q. The most widely applicable test item is…….?
Ans. MCQs
Q. The ability to select, organize, integrate and evaluate ideas is demonstrated by……?
Ans. Extended Response Questions
Q. The characteristic of a test to discriminate between high achievers and low achievers is called……..?
Ans. Differentiability
Q. The alternative name of table of specifications is…….?
Ans. Test Blue Print
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Q. Which method of English Language Teaching is based on the behaviorist theory?
Ans. The Army Method
Q. Grammar Translation Method was developed primarily to teach which languages?
Ans. Latin and Greek
Q. In which method, instructors give commands to students in the target language with body movements, and students respond with whole-body actions?
Ans. Total Physical Response
Q. Which method uses reinforcement for teaching a language?
Ans. The Army Method
Q. Suggestopedia is a portmanteau of the words “suggestion” and……..?
Ans. “Pedagogy”
Q. In teaching, experienced members guide the immature ones for…….?
Ans. Adjustment of life
Q. The goal of teaching is…….?
Ans. Desirable change in behavior
Q. Symposium is a type of…….?
Ans. Discussion Method
Q. Heuristic means……?
Ans. To investigate
Q. The highest level of cognitive domain is……..?
Ans. Evaluation

Q. CAI stands for…….?
Ans. Computer Assisted Instruction
Q. Students find the information themselves in……?
Ans. Discovery Method
Q. Teacher performs practically and explains in……?
Ans. Demonstration Method
Q. What is the time of presentation in micro teaching?
Ans. 5 to 10 min
Q. What is the first step in project method of teaching?
Ans. Distribution of work
Q. Grammar should be taught by making learners do……?
Ans. Written assignments
Q. According to NCF 2005, the role of a teacher has to be……..?
Ans. Facilitative
Q. As a language teacher, what is most important for you regarding teaching of grammar?
Ans. Using functional approach
Q. Which approach lays a lot of emphasis on habit formation?
Ans. Behavioristic approach
Q. What are incentive techniques?
Ans. Prize, praise, competitions etc.

Q. The quality of teaching is reflected by the quality of questions…….?
Ans. Asked by students
Q. The most important characteristic of Open Book Examination System is that it…….?
Ans. Reduces examination anxiety among students
Q. Which teaching method encourages the use of maximum senses?
Ans. Laboratory Method
Q. The main objective of teaching at higher education level is……..?
Ans. To develop the capacity to take decisions
Q. A teacher uses visual aids to make learning…….?
Ans. Interesting
Q. The students who keep on asking questions in the class should be encouraged to……?
Ans. Find answers independently
Q. Teacher has been glorified by the phrase “Friend, philosopher and guide” because……..?
Ans. He transmits the high value of humanity to students
Q. The most important cause of failure for teacher lies in the area of……..?
Ans. Lack of command over the knowledge of the subject
Q. What gives more freedom to the learner to interact?
Ans. Small group discussion
Q. Communicative Language Teaching was proposed by…….?
Ans. Dell Hymes

Q. What Maxim does Communicative Language Teaching follow?
Ans. Simple to complex and concrete to abstract
Q. Which method is not compatible for introvert and backward students?
Ans. Communicative Language Teaching
Q. Self-correction by students, question-answer exercises and reading out loudly are the characteristics of…..?
Ans. Direct Method
Q. The Silent Way of language teaching was introduced by…….?
Ans. Caleb Gattegno
Q. CLL stands for…….?
Ans. Community Language Learning
Q. Suggestopedia was advocated by……?
Ans. Dr. Georgia Lozanav
Q. Suggestopedia is based on the principle of…….?
Ans. Joy and easiness
Q. Communicative Language Teaching focuses on what four competencies?
Ans. Grammatical, strategic, sociolinguistic and discourse
Q. What two skills are considered secondary in ELT?
Ans. Reading and writing
Q. Grammar Translation Method was proposed by……?
Ans. Karl Plotz

Q. Direct Method was developed by…….?
Ans. Maximilian Berlitz
Q. Direct Method is also called……?
Ans. Reform Method
Q. Bilingual Method was given by…….?
Ans. CJ Dodson
Q. Audio-Lingual Method was developed by…..?
Ans. Charles C. Fries
Q. Total Physical Response was developed by…….?
Ans. James Asher
Q. In which approach does a teacher introduce new words incidentally in the class?
Ans. Situational approach
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