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Q. Jane Austen wrote Pride And Prejudice in?
Ans. 1813
(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. The Bennets lived in?
Ans. Hertfordshire
Q. What is the name of the Bennetts’ estate?

Ans. Longbourn
Q. Lydia goes to London with?
Ans. Mrs. Forster
Q. Who was Georgiana Darcy’s governess when she almost eloped with Wickham?
Ans. Miss Younge

(E M Forster MCQ’s)
Q. What is Mrs. Bennet’s reaction to Lydia’s marriage to Wickham?
Ans. Unreservedly jubilant
Q. Why does Mr. Collins come to Longbourn?

Ans. He is looking for a wife
Q. Who is patroness of Mr. Collins?
Ans. Lady Catherine
Q. What is Mr. Gardiner by profession?
Ans. Merchant
Q. Initially what attracts Darcy to Elizabeth?

Ans. Her eyes

Q. Why doesn’t Bingley visit Jane while she is in London?
Ans. He doesn’t know that she is there
Q. The name of Bingley’s estate is?
Ans. Netherfield
Q. Why does Elizabeth reject Darcy’s initial proposal?
Ans. She doesn’t like him

Q. What interrupts Elizabeth’s vacation with the Gardiners?
Ans. Lydia’s elopement with Wickham
Q. Of the Bennett sisters, who dislikes social events?
Ans. Mary

(Emma MCQ’s)
Q. Where did Lydia and Wickham when they ran off from Brighton together?
Ans. London
Q. Wickham fled from Brighton because?

Ans. He had accumulated over 1000 pounds gaming debts
Q. Why didn’t Mr. Bennett heed Elizabeth’s advice to prevent Lydia from going to Brighton?
Ans. He didn’t want to be bothered with Lydia
Q. What is Mr. Bennett’s response to Elizabeth’s engagement to Darcy?
Ans. He is sceptical of whether or not Elizabeth really loves him
Q. Who finds Lydia and Wickham in London?

Ans. Mr. Darcy

Q. Who says, “Ten thousand a year! Oh Lord!?”
Ans. Mrs. Bennett
Q. The name of Darcy’s estate is?
Ans. Pemberley
Q. Why does Charlotte marry Mr. Collins?

Ans. She wants to gain a secure financial situation
Q. How many children do the Gardiners have?
Ans. 4 (The Old Man and the Sea MCQs)
Q. Who is the first person that Elizabeth meets when she finds out about Lydia’s elopement?
Ans. Mr. Darcy
Q. Which of the Bennett sisters is the youngest?
Ans. Lydia

Q. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want a?
Ans. Wife
Q. The Bennett family lives in the village of?

Ans. Longbourn
Q. When Mr. Bingley attends the ball in Meryton, he seems to be quite taken with?

Ans. Jane
(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. How does Mr. Darcy offend Elizabeth at the first ball?
Ans. He refuses to dance with her

Q. Elizabeth’s best friend is?
Ans. Charlotte Lucas
Q. Jane’s visit to Bingleys ends up lasting for days because?
Ans. She gets soaked in rainstorm and becomes ill
Q. What does it mean that Mr. Bennett’s property is entailed?
Ans. It can only be inherited by a male
Q. What reason does Wickham give Elizabeth for his dislike of Darcy?
Ans. Darcy cheated him out of an inheritance
Q. Mr. Collins proposes to?
Ans. Elizabeth for marriage
Q. Whom does Mr. Collins marry?
Ans. Charlotte lucas
Q. Miss Bingley dislikes Elizabeth because?

Ans. She is jealous of Mr. Darcy’s growing attraction to Elizabeth
Q. Where do the Bingleys and Darcy go for the winter?
Ans. London
Q. In March, Elizabeth goes to visit?
Ans. Charlotte Lucas

Q. Lady Catherine De Bourgh is Darcy’s?
Ans. Aunt

Q. When Darcy first proposes to Elizabeth, he spends most of the proposal dwelling on? Ans. How socially unsuitable a match she is for him
Q. When Darcy proposes for the first time, Elizabeth?
Ans. Turns him down
Q. Elizabeth’s feelings towards Darcy begin to change when he?
Ans. Sends her a letter explaining his actions
Q. Darcy’s estate is called?
Ans. Pemberly

(Emma MCQ’s)
Q. Where does Lydia spend the summer and why?
Ans. Brighton, to be near the Militia regimen
Q. What socially disastrous romantic decision does Lydia make?
Ans. She elopes with Wickham
Q. Who spearheads the search for Lydia after Mr. Bennett returns home in defeat?
Ans. Mr. Gardiner
Q. Who pays off Wickham, convincing him to marry Lydia?
Ans. Mr. Darcy
Q. Mr. Bingley resumes courting Jane when he?
Ans. Returns to Netherfield
Q. What does Lady Catherine forbid Elizabeth to do?
Ans. Marry Darcy

Q. Who says, “Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance?”
Ans. Charlotte Lucas
Q. The novel ends with?
Ans. Bingley marrying Jane and Darcy marrying Elizabeth

Q. Mr. Bennett’s estate is entailed to Mr. Collins because?
Ans. Mr. Collins is Mr. Bennett’s closest male heir
Q. Where do Darcy and Elizabeth first meet?

Ans. At a local ball
Q. Who is particularly jealous of Darcy’s admiration of Elizabeth?
Ans. Caroline Bingley
Q. Wickham claimed that Darcy denied him the living the life of which profession?
Ans. Clergyman
Q. To which Bennett sisters does Mr. Collins propose marriage?
Ans. Elizabeth
Q. Who does Elizabeth believe is primarily responsible for Bingley’s lack of attentions to Jane?
Ans. Bingley’s sisters
Q. Where is Elizabeth when Darcy proposes her to marriage?
Ans. At Charlotte’s home
Q. What is revealed in Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth?
Ans. Darcy’s innocence regarding Wickham’s situation

Q. Who accompany Elizabeth when she surprises Darcy at Pemberley?
Ans. Her aunt and uncle
Q. Lydia and Wickham’s elopement distresses Elizabeth because?
Ans. The scandal will permanently disgrace the Bennett family
Q. Who is instrumental in bringing about the marriage of Wickham and Lydia?
Ans. Darcy

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. What makes Darcy hope that Elizabeth might accept his proposal of marriage?
Ans. Lady Catherine De Bourgh’s visit
Q. Who says, “I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow?”

Ans. Darcy
Q. The central themes of Pride And Prejudice are?
Ans. Marriage and Courtship
Q. How many daughters Mr. and Mrs. Bennett had?
Ans. 5
Q. Mrs. Bennett was?
Ans. Silly and shallow
Q. Mr. Bennett was?
Ans. Sensible
Q. Mr. Bennett declined the Bennett’s dinner invitation as he had to leave?
Ans. For London

Q. Mr. Darcy drew the attention of the ladies because of ?
Ans. His high income
Q. Mr. Darcy refused to dance with Elizabeth saying?
Ans. She was not pretty enough to tempt him
Q. Who was a great success at the ball?
Ans. Jane
Q. Charlotte Lucas, a close friend of Elizabeth was?
Ans. 27
Q. Where did Elizabeth reject Darcy’s offer to dance?
Ans. At a dinner party thrown by Sir William Lucas
Q. Jane Austen’s novel Pride And Prejudice is dedicated to?
Ans. Prince Regery

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. Who was Miss Bourgh?
Ans. Lady Catherine’s daughter
Q. Who was colonel Fitzwilliam?
Ans. Mr. Darcy’s cousin

Q. Who played the piano at the Parsonage Party?
Ans. Elizabeth
Q. Who was intended to sell Netherfield?

Ans. Mr. Bingley

Q. Where did Darcy declare his love for Elizabeth?
Ans. At Parsonage Party
Q. How many pounds Wickham accepted from Darcy after senior Darcy’s death?
Ans. Four thousand pounds
Q. Wickham persuaded Darcy’s sister to elope with him who was?
Ans. Fifteen years old
Q. Elizabeth stayed with the Collins for?
Ans. Six weeks

(Emma MCQ’s)
Q. On arriving home, Lydia told Elizabeth and Jane that Miss King had gone to?
Ans. Liverpool to get away from Wickham

Q. Elizabeth was pleased to hear that Wickham’s regiment was to be moved in a?
Ans. Fortnight’s time
Q. Gardiners took Elizabeth to the little town of?
Ans. Lambton
Q. Pemberley was situated within?
Ans. Five miles of Lambton
Q. Darcy’s housekeeper told Elizabeth that Darcy was?
Ans. Generous and sweet-tempered
Q. Mr. Darcy invited Mr. Gardiner to?
Ans. Fish in his streams

Q. Elizabeth received a letter from Jane, telling her that?
Ans. Lydia had eloped with Wickham
Q. After marriage, Jane and Bingley remained in Netherfield for?
Ans. One year
Q. Jane and Elizabeth were?
Ans. Twenty-five miles of each other after marriage
Q. Langbourn was a village?
Ans. A mile from Meryton
Q. Who was Mrs. Phillips?
Ans. Mrs. Bennett’s sister
Q. Elizabeth went to Netherfield because?

Ans. Jane was sick
Q. Mrs. Bennett remained angry with Elizabeth?
Ans. For a week

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. Mr. Bingley’s family settled in London?

Ans. For the winter

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