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Here is Proverbs with Meanings part 01 for you!

πŸ“—A Bad Beginning Makes A Bad Ending.
Meaning: If you start a thing badly it takes a long time to finish it, because the bad start seriously affects the later work.
πŸ“—A Bad Compromise Is Better Than A Good Lawsuit.
Meaning: With the time, the money and the effort that a case at court of law requires, it is better to make a compromise with the one you are involved in disagreement with.
πŸ“—A Bad Workman Quarrels With His Tools.
Meaning: Workers who lack skill or competence blame their tools.
πŸ“—A Bargain Is A Bargain.
Meaning: a verbal contract is still a contract and it must be fulfilled
πŸ“—A Beggar Can Never Be Bankrupt.
Meaning: a beggar is a poor, and it is the rich who go bankrupt.
πŸ“—A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush.
Meaning: Having something in real is better than the possibility of getting something better.
πŸ“—A Bird May Be Known By Its Song.
Meaning: a man is known by the words he speaks. If he tells lies, he is a liar; if he does what he says, we know he is honorable
πŸ“—A Black Hen Lays A White Egg.
Meaning: It’s similar to “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. What you perceive from how something appears, may not be what it truly is.
πŸ“—The Blind Leading the Blind.
Meaning: a situation in which the ignorant are instructed by someone equally ignorant
πŸ“—A Blind Man Would Be Glad To See.
Meaning: a person who is deprived of something will be happy if they get it.
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πŸ“—A Broken Friendship May Be Soldered, But Will Never Be Sound.
Meaning: people may become friends once again after a tussle, but they will not trust one another the same as before
πŸ“—A Burden Of One’s Own Choice Is Not Felt.
Meaning: Something difficult seems easier when it is done voluntarily.
πŸ“—A Burnt Child Dreads The Fire.
Meaning: A person that has been harmed by something becomes more cautious about it.
πŸ“—A Cat In Gloves Catches No Mice.
Meaning: This expression means that if you are too careful and polite, you may not obtain what you want.
πŸ“—A City That Parleys Is Half Gotten.
Meaning: If you start negotiations, you are near to accepting defeat.
πŸ“—A Civil Denial Is Better Than A Rude Grant.
Meaning: It is better to deny someone politely, than to do something with anger.
πŸ“—A Clean Fast Is Better Than A Dirty Breakfast.
Meaning: it is better to be poor and honest than rich and dishonest.
πŸ“—A Clean Hand Wants No Washing.
Meaning: no proofs are needed to prove an honest man’s honesty.
πŸ“—A Clear Conscience Laughs At False Accusations.
Meaning: an innocent man laughs if he is falsely accused.
πŸ“—A Close Mouth Catches No Flies.
Meaning: if you don’t work hard, you can’t get anything.
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πŸ“—A Cock Is Valiant On His Own Dunghill.
Meaning: It’s similar to every dog is a lion at home.
πŸ“—A Cracked Bell Can Never Sound Well.
Meaning: Something that is flawed, doesn’t work as well as something that is perfect.
πŸ“—A Creaking Door Hangs Long On Its Hinges.
Meaning: someone who is apparently in poor health may live longer than the apparently stronger person.
πŸ“—A Danger Foreseen Is Half Avoided.
Meaning: It is necessary to foresee danger as it helps you to avoid it.
πŸ“—A Drop In The Bucket.
Meaning: an amount very small in relation to what is needed or desired
πŸ“—A Drowning Man Will Catch At A Straw
Meaning: a person who is in a very difficult situation, will try to use anything for help.
πŸ“—A Fair Face May Hide A Foul Heart.
Meaning: An innocent-looking man may defraud you.
πŸ“—A Fault Confessed Is Half Redressed.
Meaning: it is easy to patch up if a faulty man confesses his fault.
πŸ“—A Fly In The Ointment.
Meaning: a single thing or person that is spoiling a situation that could have been very positive or enjoyable
πŸ“—A Fool Always Rushes To The Fore.
Meaning: Foolish people make decisions quickly
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πŸ“—A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted.
Meaning: a foolish person spends money carelessly and will soon be penniless.
πŸ“—A Fool At Forty Is A Fool Indeed.
Meaning: If someone hasn’t matured by the time they reach forty, they never will
πŸ“—A Fool May Ask More Questions In An Hour Than A Wise Man Can Answer.
In Seven Years.
Meaning: Some people indulge in asking questions without thinking first or coming up with an answer or a solution.
πŸ“—A Fool’s Tongue Runs Before His Wit.
Meaning: a fool keeps talking without thinking
πŸ“—A Forced Kindness Deserves No Thanks.
Meaning: if someone shows kindness against his will, then he or she doesn’t deserve to be thanked.
πŸ“—A Foul Morn May Turn To A Fair Day.
Meaning: A bad day may become a good day.
πŸ“—A Fox Is Not Taken Twice In The Same Snare.
Meaning: it is unwise to commit the same mistake twice, especially if you’re a clever person.
πŸ“—A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.
Meaning: a friend who helps you when you really need help is a true friend.
πŸ“—A Friend Is Never Known Till Needed.
Meaning: A friend is never known till a man has need.
πŸ“—A Friend To All Is A Friend To None.
Meaning: if someone is a friend to many, he is no one’s true friend.
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πŸ“—A Friend’s Frown Is Better Than A Foe’s Smile.
Meaning: A true friend always tries and thinks what is the best for his friend, even if it means pointing out his faults.
πŸ“—A Good Anvil Does Not Fear The Hammer.
Meaning: If you are prepared, you are not afraid of hardships.
πŸ“—A Good Beginning Is Half The Battle.
Meaning: You move in the right direction from the start. so your chances of winning are very high. It is similar to “The first blow is half the battle.”
πŸ“—A Good Beginning Makes A Good Ending.
Meaning: Being well-prepared and focused at the start of something often leads to success
πŸ“—A Good Deed Is Never Lost.
Meaning: a good deed is never forgotten
πŸ“—A Good Dog Deserves A Good Bone.
Meaning: A loyal employee or a good worker deserves a great reward.
πŸ“—A Good Example Is The Best Sermon.
Meaning: a person’s actions or behavior can teach more effectively than a lecture.
πŸ“—A Good Face Is A Letter Of Recommendation.
Meaning: A nice exterior is a silent recommendation.
πŸ“—A Good Jack Makes A Good Jill.
Meaning: If a husband treats his wife well, she will treat him well in return
πŸ“—A Good Marksman May Miss.
Meaning: Even a very skilled person may fail to achive the target.

πŸ“—A Good Name Is Better Than Riches.
Meaning: Your good reputation is worth more than money.
πŸ“—A Good Name Is Sooner Lost Than Won.
Meaning: It takes a long time to build up a good reputation, but this reputation is quickly lost by just one crime
πŸ“—A Good Name Keeps Its Lustre In The Dark.
Meaning: a good reputation helps in difficult times.
πŸ“—A Good Wife Makes A Good Husband.
Meaning: As a good husband makes a good wife, similarly a good wife makes a good husband.
πŸ“—A Great Dowry Is A Bed Full Of Brambles.
Meaning: НС who marries for wealth, loses his liberty

πŸ“—A Great Ship Asks Deep Waters.
Meaning: A wise man or woman stays clear of shallow people and superficial thoughts.
πŸ“—A Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuser.
Meaning: If you have done something wrong and feel guilty about it, you will be uncomfortable even if no one accuses you of wrongdoing
πŸ“—A Heavy Purse Makes A Light Heart.
Meaning: If you have plenty of money, you will feel happy and secure
πŸ“—A Hedge Between Keeps Friendship Green.
Meaning: Your friendship will flourish if you and your friend respect each other’s privacy.
πŸ“—A Honey Tongue, A Heart Of Gall.
Meaning: Someone who speaks very sweetly, but who has a bitter, harsh heart.

πŸ“—A Hungry Belly Has No Ears.
Meaning: One who is hungry cannot focus on anything but their hunger.
πŸ“—A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man.
Meaning: A person who does not get what he wants is a frustrated person and will be easily provoked to rage.
πŸ“—A Jack Of All Trades Is Master Of None
Meaning: said about someone who is able to do many things, but is not an expert in any
πŸ“—A Joke Never Gains An Enemy But Often Loses A Friend.
Meaning: A friend can be offended by a rude joke whereas nobody will become enemy just because of a joke.
πŸ“—A Lazy Sheep Thinks Its Wool Heavy.
Meaning: Lazy people consider everything difficult
πŸ“—A Liar Is Not Believed When He Speaks The Truth.
Meaning: nobody believes a liar even if he speaks the truth because of his routine lying
πŸ“—A Lie Begets A Lie.
Meaning: Telling one lie will lead you to tell another one
πŸ“—A Light Purse Is A Heavy Curse.
Meaning: Life is difficult when you don’t have much money
πŸ“—A Light Purse Makes A Heavy Heart.
Meaning: We cannot be cheerful when we have money troubles.
πŸ“—A Little Body Often Harbours A Great Soul.
Meaning: people or things that are not big, not tall, not large are beautiful, have lots of merits

πŸ“—A Little Fire Is Quickly Trodden Out.
Meaning: A minor problem can be resolved quickly
πŸ“—A Man Can Die But Once.
Meaning: A person only has to suffer death one time in their life. You’ll only experience that one time in your life.
πŸ“—A Man Can Do No More Than He Can.
Meaning: a man can deliver not more than his stamina
πŸ“—A Man Is Known By The Company He Keeps.
Meaning: a person is similar to the people he chooses to spend time with
πŸ“—A Man Of Words And Not Of Deeds Is Like A Garden Full Of Weeds.
Meaning: A man who always talks and boasts and is not involved in any deed is like a garden full of weeds.
πŸ“—A Miserly Father Makes A Prodigal Son.
Meaning: Children must have the right upbringing, otherwise they’ll become prodigal
πŸ“—A Miss Is As Good As A Mile.
Meaning: missing by a narrow margin has the same practical effect as missing by a wide one
πŸ“—A New Broom Sweeps Clean.
Meaning: it is said when someone new takes control of an organization and makes many changes
πŸ“—A Nod From A Lord Is A Breakfast For A Fool.
Meaning: Just a greeting from a powerful person is enough to satisfy a fool.

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