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Q. Who wrote Pygmalion?
Ans. G.B Shaw in 1913

(G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. Henry Higgins is?
Ans. A professor
Q. Colonel Pickering served in?
Ans. India
Q. Mrs. Pearce is the housekeeper of?
Ans. Higgins
Q. The Eynsford Hills(family)are?
Ans. Poor but genteel
Q. Who is in love with Eliza by the end?
Ans. Freddy
Q. The opening act is set in?
Ans. Covent Garden
Q. Higgins is writing down what Liza says so he can?
Ans. Study her speech

Q. In the first act, it is?
Ans. Raining
Q. Higgins amazes bystanders by?
Ans. Guessing where they are from

Q. Who takes the cab at the end of act one?
Ans. Eliza
Q. What does Higgins put in Eliza’s basket?

Ans. Money
Q. Act two is set in?
Ans. Higgins’ house/laboratory
Q. Higgins has created?
Ans. A universal alphabet
Q. Pickering listens to phonemes on a?
Ans. Phonograph
Q. Eliza arrives at Higgins’ house?
Ans. In a taxi

Q. Eliza comes?
Ans. To pay for English lessons
Q. The bet between Higgins and Pickering is that Higgins will not be able to pass Eiza at?

Ans. An ambassador’s hall
Q. Higgins lures Eliza to stay with?
Ans. A chocolate
Q. Mrs. Pearce takes Eliza away to?
Ans. Bathe

(A Thing of Beauty MCQs)

Q. Who comes to inquire after Eliza?
Ans. Her father
Q. Alfred Doolittle, Eliza’s father, said he was concerned because?
Ans. Eliza did not send for any clothes
Q. Alfred Doolittle’s heritage is?
Ans. Welsh
Q. Higgins buys Eliza from her father for?

Ans. 5 pounds
Q. By what name does Eliza address Freddy the first time they encounter each other? Ans. Freddy
Q. When the flower girl gets in the taxi at Covent Garden after the thunderstorm, where does she initially tell the taxicab to take her?

Ans. Bucknam Pellis
Q. Higgins claims that English is the language of?

Ans. Shakespeare, Milton and the Bible
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. Why does the crowd hiding from the rain get so upset with Higgins for taking notes of the flower girl’s speech?
Ans. They took Higgins for a plainclothes policeman who won’t leave an innocent girl alone

(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. What have Pickering and Higgins written respectively?
Ans. Pickering wrote Spoken Sanskrit and Higgins wrote Universal Alphabet
Q. How does Eliza dress herself up when she visits Higgins to ask to take speech lessons?

Ans. She wears three mismatched ostrich feathers in her tattered hat

Q. What reason does Higgins give for deciding to take on the experiment?
Ans. Because life is but a series of follies and one must never lose a chance to commit one

Q. Eliza usually wears?
Ans. Her day clothes to sleep
Q. When Alfred Doolittle says he is willing to sell his daughter, Pickering asks him if he has no morals. What did Alfred answer?
Ans. “Can’t afford them”
Q. Higgins essential attitude towards women is?
Ans. They are all idiots
Q. What does Freddy think Eliza is speaking when he meets her at Mrs. Higgins’?
Ans. The new small talk
Q. Upon finding out about the experiment, Mrs. Higgins thinks that her son and his friend Pickering are?
Ans. Infinitely stupid
Q. Who claims that Eliza must be a Hungarian princess?
Ans. Nepommuck
Q. What does Eliza fling in Higgins’ face?

Ans. His damned slippers
Q. Eliza has been called with what names?

Ans. Heartless guttersnipe; a common girl; darling, darling, darling
Q. When Freddy catches Eliza running out of Higgins’ house, what is she actually on her way to do?
Ans. To jump into the river

Q. From whom does Eliza say she learns self-respect?
Ans. Pickering
Q. Why does Higgins tell Eliza she should return to with him?
Ans. For the fun of it
Q. Who does Eliza marry in the course of the play?
Ans. No one
Q. For what organization must Alfred Doolittle lecture in order to make three thousand pounds a year?
Ans. The Wannafeller Moral Reform World League
Q. The favorite call of Eliza is?
Ans. A-a-a-a-a-ah-ow-ooh

Q. The last act shows the characters getting ready for whose wedding?
Ans. Alfred Doolittle and his women’s
Q. G.B Shaw named his play Pygmalion after?

Ans. The ancient Greek legend of a sculptor who didn’t like women
Q. The story of Pygmalion was turned into a popular musical ballad called?
Ans. My Fair Lady

(G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. When Pickering first encounters Eliza, she is working as?
Ans. An Organist in a small church
Q. Alfred Doolittle appreciates his job as a dustman because?
Ans. It is so low on the social class scale, it has no morals associated with it

Q. What is the marital status of Higgins?
Ans. Confirmed bachelor
Q. Higgins’ mother will not attend church at the same time as Higgins because?
Ans. His manners are so bad

Q. Eliza Doolittle visits Higgins laboratory in his home to?
Ans. Learn to speak in a genteel ladylike fashion
Q. What does Higgins order his housekeeper to do with Eliza when she visits him?
Ans. Give her a bath and burn her clothes
Q. When Eliza is presented in the home of Mrs. Higgins, she is to speak only about?

Ans. Weather and her health
Q. Who becomes totally smitten with Eliza’s beauty and uniqueness?
Ans. Freddy
Q. In both the film and musical comedy versions of the play, the most famous single line delivered by Eliza is?
Ans. The rain in Spain stays only in the plain
Q. Who said, “I have grown accustomed to your voice and appearance?”
Ans. Higgins
Q. Who said, “Oh, men!! men!! men!!”
Ans. Mrs. Higgins

(G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. G.B Shaw subtitled Pygmalion a ‘romance’ because?
Ans. Romance can refer to anything that’s highly improbable

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