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Q. Who developed Dramatic Monologue to its greatest heights?
Ans. Robert Browning

(Literary Terms MCQ’s)
Q. Browning met Elizabeth Barrett in 1845, and eloped with her in 1846, where they live until her death?
Ans. Italy

(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)
Q. Who believes that, “God is in his heaven, all is right with the world?”
Ans. Browning. It is his philosophy
Q. Renaissance settings in his poems enabled Browning to explore differences and continuities between?
Ans. Renaissance and the modern world
Q. Browning belonged to?
Ans. Early Victorian Period
Q. Browning was born in?
Ans. 1812. Died in 1889
Q. Browning’s genius is predominantly?
Ans. Dramatic
Q. Dramatic Monologue is used for the study of?
Ans. Character, particular mental state and moral crises in the soul
Q. Why did Browning use Dramatic Monologue?
Ans. He wanted to present plot, character and scene in the speech of a single person
Q. Browning is faulty in his?
Ans. Style

Q. Poetic style of Browning was charged with?
Ans. Obscurity
Q. According to Stopford Brooke, Browning’s obscurity is due to?
Ans. Faulty grammar, bad punctuation and irritating parenthesis
Q. Browning’s view of life is usually?
Ans. Optimistic
Q. What is the common feature of Browning’s poetry and George Eliot’s novels?

(George Eliot MCQ’s)
Ans. Psychological analysis
Q. Contemporary poet and friend of Browning was?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson

(Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. Browning’s father was?
Ans. A clerk
Q. Browning’s mother was of?
Ans. German and Scotch origin
Q. Browning revered his mother very highly and called her?
Ans. A divine woman
Q. Browning inherited his artistic and musical taste from?
Ans. His mother
Q. Browning was educated for the most part at?
Ans. Home

Q. Browning’s wife Elizabeth Barrett died in?
Ans. 1861
Q. After the death of his wife, Browning settled in?
Ans. England
Q. Browning threw his work in fire when he didn’t find a publisher at the age of?
Ans. Twelve
Q. Who influenced Browning the most?
Ans. Lord Byron

(Lord Byron MCQ’s)
Q. After Byron, who influenced Browning the most?
Ans. Shelley

(Shelley MCQ’s)
Q. What moved Browning to declare himself an atheist and vegetarian at the age of 16? Ans. Queen Mab by Shelley
Q. Browning’s wife Elizabeth Barrett was?

Ans. Six years older than Browning
Q. Browning is considered as an uncompromising foe of?
Ans. Scientific materialism
Q. Browning’s poetry was a protest against the pessimistic mood generated by?
Ans. Contemporary philosophies
Q. The number of poems dealing with painting are?
Ans. Five

Q. The number of plays produced by Browning?
Ans. Five
Q. Who is considered a poet of soul?
Ans. Browning. He doesn’t pour his own soul rather of his characters
Q. In which poem Browning speaks in his own person?
Ans. Prospice. It’s a poem about Browning’s love.
Q. The Latin word Prospice means?
Ans. Looking forward
Q. Browning died at the age of?
Ans. 77 years in 1889

Q. The age of Browning was an age when the minds of men were assailed by?
Ans. Doubt
Q. Browning has paid a tribute to his wife work in his poem?
Ans. Prospice
Q. Browning paid tribute to Shelley’s work in his poem?
Ans. Pauline
Q. What is the theme of the poem Death In The Desert?
Ans. Religion
Q. Which languages did Browning learn by the time he was 14?
Ans. Latin, Greek, French and Italian

Q. What type of work is The Ring And The Book?
Ans. Long narrative poem
Q. Who wrote Porphyria’s Lover?
Ans. Browning
Q. What work did Browning dedicate to his wife?
Ans. Men And Women
Q. The Ring And The Book is based on?
Ans. An old book which told of a Roman murder trial
Q. Who said that Browning is the voice of the Anglo-Saxons?
Ans. W. J Long

(Anglo-Saxon Period MCQ’s)
Q. Who said that Browning is preeminently the poet of the world?
Ans. Rickett
Q. Who is poet of wedded love?
Ans. Browning
Q. Who said Browning will die in a white tie?

Ans. Tennyson
(Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. Browning paid tribute to John Keats in his poem?
Ans. Popularity

(John Keats MCQ’s)
Q. Browning’s wish to be buried beside his wife was?
Ans. Not fulfilled

Q. Browning’s work Pauline appeared in?
Ans. 1833. It is a Dramatic Monologue
Q. Browning published his work Paracelsus in?
Ans. 1835. It contains 3 characters
Q. Paracelsus is a story of?
Ans. The development of the soul of a Renaissance physician
Q. Stratford by Browning is?
Ans. A tragedy. It’s his first play
Q. Bells And Pomegranates are the collective works of?
Ans. Browning
Q. Browning published Sordello in?
Ans. 1840. It is the story of a little known Italian poet. It is written in Heroic verse
Q. What did Tennyson say about Sordello?

Ans. There were only two lines in which he could be understood
Q. Pippa Passes was published in?
Ans. 1841

(Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. Browning wrote Andrea Del Sorto in?
Ans. 1855. He was a Florentine artist
Q. Browning published Dramatis Personae in?
Ans. 1864

(Keats MCQ’s)

Q. Fra Lippo Lippi is written by?
Ans. Browning. It contains more than 390 lines
Q. Fra Lippo Lippi is the son of a?
Ans. Butcher
Q. Browning completed Dramatic Idylls in?

Ans. 1880
Q. The Last Ride Together is Browning’s?

Ans. Dramatic Lyric which is a new kind of poetry introduced by Browning in England
Q. A Grammarian’s Funeral is written by?

Ans. Browning
Q. Browning wrote Christmas Eve And Easter Day in?
Ans. Italy
Q. The largest work of Browning is?
Ans. The Ring And The Book. It’s in four volumes and contains ten Monologues
Q. Who wrote Rabi Ben Ezra?
Ans. Browning
Q. Browning wrote Asolo on the day he?
Ans. Died
Q. Who wrote Men And Women?
Ans. Browning wrote in Italy
Q. Which poem is regarded as Browning’s poem of love and violence?
Ans. My Last Duchess. It consists of 56 lines
Q. In My Last Duchess, the Duke reveals to the diplomatic emissary?
Ans. The true situation behind the facade of polite words

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