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Here is Robert Browning MCQs Part 02 for you!
(Robert Browning MCQs Part 01)

Q. Rabbi Ben Ezra depicts Robert Browning’s…….?
Ans. Philosophy of life
Q. The collection Dramatic Romances and Lyrics by Robert Browning was published in?
Ans. 1845
Q. “I was ever a fighter, so one fight more?” these lines have been taken from the poem……?
Ans. Prospice by Robert Browning
Q. Who took Fra Lippo Lippi to church?
Ans. Aunt Mona
Q. Patriot into Traitor by Robert Browning shows the narrator’s……?
Ans. Frustration
Q. Who wrote, ” “Less is more?”
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. My Last Duchess is narrated by……?
Ans. The Duke of Ferrara
Q. The portrait of the duchess was painted by……?
Ans. Fra Pandolf
Q. Andrea Del Sarto talks to……about his successes and failures?
Ans. Lucrezia
Q. In Abt Vogler, Abt means?
Ans. Abbot
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Q. Which Browning’s character invented a musical instrument?
Ans. Abt Vogler
Q. Which poem of Robert Browning is subtitled, “Shortly After the Revival of Learning in Europe?
Ans. The Grammarian’s Funeral
Q. Renaissance settings in his poems enabled Robert Browning to explore differences and continuities between……?
Ans. Renaissance and the modern world
Q. Robert Browning belonged to………?
Ans. Early Victorian Period
Q. Robert Browning was born in……..?
Ans. 1812
Q. Which poem by Robert Browning deals with the Victorian question of faith?
Ans. Caliban Upon Setebos
Q. Whom did Andrea Del Sarto deceive for Lucrezia’s sake?
Ans. King of France
Q……….is Robert Browning’s extremely popular tragedy. It is often termed as his “verse novel”?
Ans. The Ring and the Book
Q. Robert Browning’s Paracelsus is a long dramatic monologue spoken by a renowned……from 16th century Germany?
Ans. Alchemist
Q. The Bishop Orders his Tomb ends with…….?
Ans. The bishop’s vision of his corpse’s decay
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Q. Which 19th century scientist does Caliban question in his soliloquy in Caliban Upon Setebos?
Ans. Darwin
Q. Robert Browning’s Porphyria’s Lover is set……..?
Ans. Just after her death
Q. Robert Browning’s genius is predominantly…..?
Ans. Dramatic
Q. Who believed that, “God is in his heaven, all is right with the world?”
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. Dramatic Monologue is used for
the study of……..?
Ans. Character, particularly mental state and moral crises in the soul
Q. Pippa Passes was published in…….?
Ans. 1841
Q. Robert Browning wrote Andrea Del Sorto in?
Ans. 1855
Q. Who was Andrea Del Sorto?
Ans. He was a Florentine artist
Q. Robert Browning published the collection
Dramatis Personae in……?
Ans. 1864
Q. Fra Lippo Lippi is written by……?
Ans. Robert Browning
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Q. Fra Lippo Lippi is the son of a……?
Ans. Butcher
Q. Robert Browning completed
Dramatic Idylls in…….?
Ans. 1880
Q. Why did Robert Browning use Dramatic Monologue?
Ans. He wanted to present plot, character and scene in the speech of a single person
Q. Robert Browning is faulty in his……..?
Ans. Style
Q. Poetic style of Robert Browning was charged with…….?
Ans. Obscurity
Q. Who said that Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling, Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot all learned from Browning’s exploration of the possibilities of dramatic poetry and of colloquial idiom?
Ans. Ian Jack
Q. Who said, “Robert Browning is the most Shakespearean creature since Shakespeare?”
Ans. Oscar Wilde
Q. Pauline, Paracelsus and Sordello all met with……..?
Ans. Negative criticism
Q. Who wrote Fifine at the Fair?
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. Monologues were used before Robert Browning to express the thoughts and the feelings of the poet himself. But he used his monologues to express the characters of other men?
Ans. Very true
(190 Famous Poems in English Part 01)

Q. Who is regarded as the most accomplished writer of the dramatic monologues?
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. Robert Browning’s poetry has rhythm but it lacks in…….?
Ans. Melody
Q. What does the lover do with his beloved in Porphyria’s Lover?
Ans. He strangles her to death
Q. Who said, “Ignorance is not innocence but sin?”
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. Madhouse Cells by Robert Browning includes poems about……?
Ans. Mad characters
Q. The play The Barretts of Wimpole Street is a 1930 play based on the romance between Robert Browning and Elizabeth Browning. Who wrote it?
Ans. Rudolph Besier
Q. Who is called a prose Browning?
Ans. George Meredith
Q. Who said, “Browning is the most considerable poet in English since the major Romantics, surpassing his great contemporary rival Tennyson and the principal twentieth-century poets, including even Yeats, Hardy, and Wallace Stevens?
Ans. Harold Bloom
Q. Who said, “We all want to like Browning, but we find it very hard?”
Ans. Anthony Burgess
Q. Gabrielle Kimm’s 2010 novel…… inspired by My Last Duchess written by Robert Browning?
Ans. His Last Duchess
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Q. “God is in his heaven, all is right with the world” is the……..of Robert Browning?
Ans. Philosophy
Q. What school is named after Robert Browning?
Ans. Robert Browning Elementary School, Houston
Q. Today, through his influence on……… Robert Browning seems the most modern and enduring of all the mid-victorian poets?
Ans. T S Eliot and Ezra Pound
Q. Who described himself as, “one who never turned his back but marched breast forward/never doubted clouds would break”?
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. Robert Browning is buried in…….?
Ans. Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey
Q. The Last Ride Together is a……
Robert Browning?
Ans. Dramatic Lyric. It is a new kind of poetry introduced by Robert Browning in England
Q. A Grammarian’s Funeral is written by……?
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. Robert Browning wrote
Christmas Eve And Easter Day when he was in……..?
Ans. Italy
Q. The largest work of Robert Browning is?
Ans. The Ring And The Book
Q. The Ring and the Book is in four volumes and contains……..?
Ans. Ten monologues
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Q. Who wrote Rabi Ben Ezra…….?
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. Robert Browning wrote “Asolo” on
the day he…….?
Ans. Died
Q. Who wrote the collection Men And Women?
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. Which poem is regarded as Robert Browning’s poem of love and violence?
Ans. My Last Duchess
Q. My Last Duchess consists of……?
Ans. 56 lines
Q. In My Last Duchess, what does the Duke reveal to the diplomatic emissary?
Ans. The true situation behind the facade of polite words
Q. What is the common feature of Robert Browning’s poetry and George Eliot’s novels?
Ans. Psychological analysis
Q. Apart from dramatic monologue, another important technique of Robert Browning was?
Ans. Soul dissection
(Soul dissection is linked with self-exploration)
Q. Robert Browning wrote his poetry in…….style?
Ans. Objective style
Q. The protagonists of Robert Browning are in conflict with conventional modes of social conduct?
Ans. True
(Robert Browning MCQs Part 01)

Q. Robert Browning took over the………of the romantics?
Ans. Anti-intellectualism
Q. According to Stopford Brooke,
Robert Browning’s obscurity is due to…….?
Ans. Faulty grammar, bad punctuation and irritating parenthesis
Q. Robert Browning’s view of life is usually……..?
Ans. Optimistic
Q. What is the common feature of Robert Browning’s poetry and George Eliot’s novels?
Ans. Psychological analysis
Q. Contemporary poet and friend of Robert Browning was……?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. Robert Browning’s father was……..?
Ans. A clerk
Q. Robert Browning’s mother was of…….?
Ans. German and Scotch origin
Q. Robert Browning revered his mother very highly and called her…….?
Ans. A divine woman
Q. Robert Browning inherited his artistic and musical taste from……?
Ans. His mother
Q. Robert Browning was educated for the
most part at?
Ans. Home
(The Victorian Age MCQs Part 2)

Q. Robert Browning’s wife Elizabeth Barrett died in………?
Ans. 1861
Q. Robert Browning paid tribute to
John Keats in his poem……..?
Ans. Popularity
Q. Pauline by Robert Browning is a……..?
Ans. Dramatic Monologue
Q. What works made Robert Browning a leading British poet?
Ans. The collection Dramatis Personae AND the poem The Ring and the Book
Q. The poem The Ring and the Book is composed of…….?
Ans. 12 books
Q. By his death in 1889, Robert Browning was seen as a…….who had fed into Victorian social and political discourse?
Ans. Sage and philosopher-poet
Q. The number of poems by Robert Browning that deal with painting is?
Ans. Five
Q. Who is considered a poet of soul?
Ans. Robert Browning.
Q. Why is Robert Browning considered a poet of soul?
Ans. Because he pours the souls of his characters
Q. The age of Robert Browning was an age when the minds of men were assailed by……?
Ans. Doubt

Q. What languages did Robert Browning learn by the time he was 14?
Ans. Latin, Greek, French and Italian
Q. Who said that Robert Browning is the voice of the Anglo-Saxons?
Ans. William J. Long
Q. Who is the poet of wedded love………?
Ans. Robert Browning
Q. Robert Browning’s wish to be buried beside his wife was……?
Ans. Not fulfilled
Q. After the death of his wife,
Robert Browning settled in………?
Ans. England
Q. Robert Browning threw his work in fire when he didn’t find a publisher at the age of?
Ans. Twelve
Q. Who influenced Robert Browning
the most?
Ans. P B Shelley, Lord Byron, Shakespeare
Q. What moved Robert Browning to declare himself an atheist and vegetarian at the age of 16?
Ans. Queen Mab by Shelley
Q. Robert Browning’s wife Elizabeth Barrett was…..?
Ans. Six years older than Browning
Q. Robert Browning is considered as an uncompromising foe of…….?
Ans. Scientific materialism

Q. Robert Browning’s poetry was a protest against the pessimistic mood generated by………?
Ans. Contemporary philosophies
Q. Robert Browning’s critically most esteemed poems include the monologues Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came, Fra Lippo Lippi, Andrea Del Sarto, and………?
Ans. My Last Duchess
Q. Robert Browning’s most popular poems include…….?
Ans. Porphyria’s Lover, How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix, Meeting at Night, Home Thoughts from Abroad, and the children’s poem The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Q. What are the notable works of Robert Browning?
Ans. “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”, Men and Women, The Ring and the Book, Dramatis Personae, Dramatic Lyrics, Dramatic Romances and Lyrics, Asolando
Q. Robert Browning died at the age of……..?
Ans. 77 years
Q. Robert Browning died in………?
Ans. 1889
(Robert Browning MCQs Part 01)

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