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Here are all Robert Frost MCQ’s for you!

Q. Robert Frost was born in?
Ans. 1874
Q. In what country Robert Frost’s work first became famous?
Ans. England
Q. The name of Robert Frost’s first published book was?
Ans. A Boy’s Will
Q. What kind of tree is the poem Wild Grapes about?
Ans. Birch
Q. Where was Robert Frost born?
Ans. California
Q. Which title of Robert Frost’s poem comes from a line in Shakespeare’s Macbeth?
Ans. Out Out

(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)

Q. What is one main theme in much of Robert Frost’s poetry?
Ans. Politics

(Death Of A Salesman MCQ’s)
Q. Robert Frost married his school fellow in?
Ans. 1895 at the age of 20. Her name was Elinor Miriam White
Q. Robert Frost had dropped out of Harvard?
Ans. Without completing 2nd year
Q. Robert Frost moved to England with his family at the age of?
Ans. 38

(Mending Wall MCQ’s)
Q. Robert Frost’s second book was?
Ans. North Of Boston. Published in 1914
Q. Robert Frost’s fourth book was?
Ans. Mountain Interval

Q. Robert Frost was given honorary degrees by more than?
Ans. Forty colleges and universities
Q. Robert Frost was called upon to recite his patriotic poem The Gift Outright in?
Ans. 1961

(The Hairy Ape MCQ’s)
Q. The major themes of Robert Frost’s poems are?

Ans. Isolation and Alienation
Q. Robert Frost died at the age of?
Ans. 88. He died in 1963
Q. Robert Frost’s mother was?
Ans. Scottish. She was a poetess
Q. Robert Frost’s mother wanted to name him after?

Ans. Robert Burns. The greatest poet of Scotland

Q. Which disease ran in the family of Robert Frost?
Ans. Tuberculosis
Q. Robert Frost’s first poem appeared when he was?

Ans. Fifteen
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. On the acceptance of his first poem, Robert Frost received a payment of?
Ans. 16 dollars. He was 19 years old
Q. Who called Robert Frost Most Terrifying Poet?

Ans. Lionel Trilling
Q. Robert Frost was rewarded the Pulitzer Prize?

Ans. Four times
Q. How many plays were published by Robert Frost?

Ans. 2
(Macbeth MCQ’s)

Q. Who called Robert Frost the great American poet of our time?
Ans. President Kennedy
Q. Where did President Kennedy send Robert Frost as a representative of the American people?

Ans. France
(Emily Dickinson MCQ’s)
Q. Which was Robert Frost’s last volume?
Ans. New Hampshire
Q. Robert Frost called his North Of Boston?
Ans. A book of people
Q. In Robert Frost’s family there had been cases of?
Ans. Insanity and suicide
Q. Robert Frost liked the study of philosophy. He was drawn to?
Ans. Classics

Q. In England, Robert Frost learned to abandon the conventional languages of?
Ans. Late Victorians

(MCQs on The Road Not Taken)
Q. Robert Frost died after?
Ans. A major surgical operation
Q. Who said that a poem is a restatement of human values in imaginative terms?
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. According to Robert Frost, a poem begins in delight and ends in?
Ans. Wisdom
Q. At heart, Robert Frost considered himself a?
Ans. Farmer

(Maya Angelou MCQ’s)
Q. Robert Frost had confined the scope of his poetry to?
Ans. New England

Q. Robert Frost’s long philosophical poem is?
Ans. Build Soil
Q. Who said that Robert Frost is an Emersonian Romantic?
Ans. Yvor Winters
Q. Robert Frost was staunchly anti?
Ans. Russian
Q. Robert Frost’s friend who was killed in first world war?
Ans. Edward Thomas

Q. Robert Frost’s poem Fire And Ice consists only of?
Ans. Nine lines
Q. Robert Frost’s mother died of?
Ans. Cancer

(Mending Wall MCQ’s)
Q. Famous poems of Robert Frost are?
Ans. Mending Wall, The Death of The Hired Man, Home Burial, The Road Not Taken, The Oven Bird, Birches, Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Night, Fire And Ice, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Acquainted With The Night, Desert Places, Out Out…..

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