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Here is Robert Frost MCQs Part 01 for you!
(Robert Frost MCQs Part 02)

Q. Robert Frost was nominated for the 
Nobel Prize in Literature…….?
Ans. 31 times
Q. Robert Frost is Known for his realistic depictions of rural life and his command of American……?
Ans. Colloquial speech
Q. Who said, “The death of Robert Frost leaves a vacancy in the American spirit. He was the great American poet of our time?”
Ans. President John F. Kennedy
Q. Robert Frost won the 1963……..?
Ans. Bollingen Prize
Q. The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, had kept a book of……..close to him towards his later years, even at his bedside table as he lay dying?
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. Who introduced Robert Frost to poet William Butler Yeats?
Ans. Ezra Pound
Q. Robert Frost was named after the famous confederate general…..?
Ans. Robert E. Lee
Q. What was the full name of Robert Frost?
Ans. Robert Lee Frost
Q. The name of Robert Frost’s first published book was?
Ans. A Boy’s Will
Q. A Boy’s Will was published in?
Ans. 1913
(Mending Wall MCQ’s)

Q. Who wrote the poem Out Out?
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. Which title of Robert Frost’s poem comes from a line in Shakespeare’s Macbeth?
Ans. Out Out
Q. Robert Frost was an American poet, but his work was initially published in……before it was published in the United States?
Ans. England
(Robert Frost MCQs Part 02)
Q. Who wrote, “Freedom lies in being bold?”
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. Robert Frost frequently wrote about settings from rural life in………in the early 20th century?
Ans. New England
Q. Robert Frost was a poet and a……..?
Ans. Playwright
Q. Robert Frost’s second book was…….?
Ans. North Of Boston
Q. North Of Boston was published in?
Ans. 1914
Q. The harshest book of Robert Frost is…..?
Ans. North Of Boston
Q………is a collection of 17 poems by 
Robert Frost?
Ans. North Of Boston

Q. It is also called a book of people because most of the poems deal with New England themes and Yankees farmers. Which book?
Ans. North Of Boston
Q. Despite it being called “North of Boston”, none of the poems has been named
“North of Boston”?
Ans. True
Q. Which college did Robert Frost attend?
Ans. Dartmouth College, but for two months. He got no degree from this college
Q. Robert Frost had……..children?
Ans. Six
Q. The only poet to receive four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry was?
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. Who became one of America’s rare
“Public literary figures, almost an artistic institution?”
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. Robert Frost’s long philosophical
poem is……?
Ans. Build Soil
Q. Robert Frost’s poem Fire And Ice consists only of…….?
Ans. Nine lines
Q. In 1894, Robert Frost sold his first poem “My Butterfly. An Elegy” for…….?
Ans. $15
Q. Who wrote the poem The Road Not Taken?
Ans. Robert Frost

Q. Robert Frost’s inspiration for his poem
“The Road Not Taken” was……..?
Ans. Edward Thomas
Q. Robert Frost was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in……..for his poetic works?
Ans. 1960
Q. In 1961, Robert Frost was named…….. of Vermont?
Ans. Poet laureate
Q. Who said, “I might be called a synecdochist for I prefer synecdoche in poetry?”
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. Robert Frost’s father, William Prescott Frost, was a………?
Ans. Teacher and later a Journalist
Q. Robert Frost graduated from…… 1892?
Ans. Lawrence High School
Q. Robert Frost was called upon to recite his patriotic poem The Gift Outright in…..?
Ans. 1961
Q. On the inauguration of John F. Kennedy, Robert Frost originally attempted to read his poem “Dedication”, which was written for the occasion, but was unable to read it due to the brightness of the sunlight, so he recited his poem…….from memory instead?
Ans. “The Gift Outright”
Q. Robert Frost won the second Pulitzer Prize for Collected Poems in……..?
Ans. 1931
Q. Robert Frost influenced Robert Francis, Seamus Heaney, Richard Wilbur, Edward Thomas and?
Ans. James Wright

Q. The poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is featured in the 1967 novel……..?
Ans. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton
Q. Robert Frost’s poem “Fire and Ice” influenced the title and other aspects of 
George R. Martin’s fantasy series……?
Ans. A Song of Ice and Fire
Q. The poem “Fire and Ice” is the epigraph of Stephenie Meyers’ 2007 book……..?
Ans. Eclipse
Q. Although known for his later association with rural life, Robert Frost grew up in the……?
Ans. City
Q. Robert Frost published his first poem in his high school’s magazine?
Ans. True
Q. Who wrote the poems “The Witch of Coös”, “Home Burial”, “A Servant to Servants” and “Directive”?
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. Robert Frost did various jobs including helping his mother teach her class of unruly boys, working in a factory maintaining carbon arc lamps and…….?
Ans. Delivering newspapers
Q. Robert Frost was born in?
Ans. 1874
Q. Robert Frost’s book A Boy’s Will was dedicated to……?
Ans. Robert Frost’s wife
Q. A Boy’s Will was published by……?
Ans. David Nutt

Q. About which work did Robert Frost write that the poems were “pretty near being the story of five years” of his life?
Ans. A Boy’s Will
Q. In what country did Robert Frost’s work first become famous?
Ans. England
Q. Robert Frost attended Harvard University from 1897 to 1899, but he left voluntarily due to……?
Ans. Illness
Q. Shortly before his death, Robert Frost’s……. purchased a farm for Robert Frost and his wife?
Ans. Grandfather
Q. Robert Frost worked at that farm for………side by side with writing early in the mornings and producing many of the poems that would later become famous?
Ans. Nine years
Q. Ultimately Robert Frost’s farming proved unsuccessful and he returned to the field of education as a/an…….?
Ans. English teacher
Q. Who uttered these words, “I guess I am not a nature poet, I have written only two poems without a human being in them?”
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. The first poem of the book A Boy’s Will is…….?
Ans. “Into My Own”
Q. The poem Into My Own expresses how Robert Frost turned away from people?
Ans. True
Q. The poem……..shows how Robert Frost came back to people?
Ans. Tuft of Flowers

Q. After the publication of his book……..Robert Frost wrote to his friend, “I expect to do something to the present state of literature in America?”
Ans. A Boy’s Will
Q. The title of the book A Boy’s Will comes from the repeated lines in the poem
My Lost Youth by……..?
Ans. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Q. In 1912, Robert Frost sailed with his family to Great Britain. There he made some important acquaintances, including Edward Thomas, T. E. Hulme, and…….?
Ans. Ezra Pound
Q. Who became the first American to write a favorable review of Robert Frost’s work?
Ans. Ezra Pound
Q. Robert Frost called his colloquial approach to language………?
Ans. “The sound of sense.”
Q. For 42 years__from 1921 to 1962
Robert Frost spent almost every summer and autumn teaching at the Bread Loaf School of English of Middlebury College, at its mountain campus at…….?
Ans. Ripton, Vermont
Q. Who considered A Boy’s Will “the best poetry written in America in a long time?”
Ans. W B Yeats
Q. Who wrote the play A Way Out: A One Act Play?
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. This poem describes a pastoral scene of New England life in autumn. Which poem?
Ans. After Apple Picking
Q. After Apple Picking has…….?
Ans. 42 lines

Q. Which poem by Robert Frost is concerning a conversation about what to do with an ex-employee named Silas?
Ans. The Death of the Hired Man
Q. A major theme in this poem is that of the ‘home’ or homecoming. Which poem?
Ans. The Death of the Hired man
Q. In 1921, Robert Frost accepted a fellowship teaching post at the…….?
Ans. University of Michigan
Q. While teaching at the University of Michigan, Robert Frost was awarded a lifetime appointment at the
university as a…….?
Ans. Fellow in Letters
Q. The only person to receive two honorary degrees from Dartmouth College was….?
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. In 1960, Robert Frost was awarded a United States Congressional Gold Medal in recognition of……?
Ans. His poetry which has enriched the culture of the United States and the philosophy of the world”
Q. Which poem opens Frost’s second collection of poetry titled North of Boston?
Ans. Mending Wall
Q. Robert Frost’s third poetic volume
is titled …….?
Ans. Mountain Interval
Q. The book Mountain Interval was
published in?
Ans. 1916
Q. In the volume Mountain Interval, three poems are written in?
Ans. Dramatic monologue

Q. Robert Frost’s writing of this poem was inspired by another similar poem
“Swinging on a Birch-tree” by American poet Lucy Larcom. Which poem?
Ans. Birches
Q. Out Out is a single stanza poem authored by American poet Robert Frost?
Ans. Very true
Q. Who wrote the poems “Neither Out Too Far Nor In Too Deep”, “Provide, Provide”, “Acquainted with the Night”, “After Apple Picking”, “Mending Wall” and “The Most of It”?
Ans. Robert Frost
Q. Robert Frost was awarded the…….for outstanding contribution to the arts by the MacDowell Colony?
Ans. Edward MacDowell Medal
Q. Robert Frost was……when he read at the inauguration of John F. Kennedy on January 20, 1961?
Ans. 86
Q. Where was Robert Frost born?
Ans. California
Q. Robert Frost married his school fellow in?
Ans. 1895 at the age of 20
Q. What was the name of Robert Frost’s wife?
Ans. Elinor Miriam White
Q. Which was Robert Frost’s fourth volume?
Ans. New Hampshire
Q. In 1924, Robert Frost won the first of four Pulitzer Prizes for the book……..?
Ans. New Hampshire: A Poem with Notes and Grace Notes

Q. Robert Frost called his North Of Boston?
Ans. A book of people
Q. What are the notable books of
Robert Frost?
Ans. A Boy’s Will AND North of Boston
Q. Robert Frost had dropped out of Harvard without completing…….?
Ans. 2nd Year
Q. Robert Frost moved to England with his family at the age of?
Ans. 38
Q. Robert Frost’s……quotes the last line from his poem The Lesson for Today,
“I had a lover’s quarrel with the world?”
Ans. Epitaph
Q. Robert Frost’s personal life was plagued by…….?
Ans. Grief and loss
(loss of family members)
Q. In 1885 when Robert Frost was 11, his father died of tuberculosis, leaving the family with just……..?
Ans. Eight dollars
Q. Which poem tells the story of a young boy who dies after his hand is severed by a “buzz-saw”?
Ans. Out Out
Q. Which poem has been described as a quintessential Frost poem?
Ans. The Oven Bird
Q. About which poem did George F. Bagby write that the poem “projects a fairly comprehensive vision of experience”?
Ans. Nothing Gold Can Stay
(Robert Frost MCQs Part 02)

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