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Q. Daniel Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe in?
Ans. 1719
Q. Robinson Crusoe can best be described as?
Ans. Wanderlust
Q. The narrator grows up in?
Ans. Hull, England
Q. Why Crusoe’s father objects to a sea voyage?
Ans. He believes Robinson will come back to the life he had in the first place
Q. Crusoe’s intended profession is?
Ans. Law
Q. The first ship that Crusoe boards is headed to?
Ans. London

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Q. Crusoe’s friend becomes angry with him because?
Ans. He is upset that Crusoe left his parents under such desperate circumstances
Q. What is the first time that Robinson recognizes the wisdom of his father’s advice?
Ans. During the storm on the voyage to London

Q. Robinson is put into slavery when?
Ans. His ship is attacked by pirates
Q. Crusoe escapes from the Moors during?

Ans. A routine fishing trip

Q. Who is Xury?
Ans. A friend/servant of Crusoe
Q. What does the Portuguese captain demand in exchange for Crusoe’s passage?

Ans. Both Crusoe’s boat and Xury
Q. Once in Brazil, Robinson Crusoe lives with?
Ans. The friend of Portuguese Captain
Q. The money in Brazil is made through?

Ans. Plantations
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Q. In Robinson Crusoe, the sea might be described as a symbol of?
Ans. Both misfortune and chaos
Q. Because he constantly seeks out the voyages that cause him unhappiness, Crusoe can be seen as?
Ans. A glutton for punishment

Q. Crusoe is approached by businessmen who want to start a trading post for?
Ans. Slaves
Q. The location of the trading post is to be in?
Ans. Guinea
Q. Crusoe takes the offer of master of the trading post even though he is wealthy, this is an instance of?
Ans. Avarice
Q. Several times Crusoe states that he was born to be his own destroyer. Hence, he speaks with?
Ans. Both an eye in retrospect and hindsight

Q. Crusoe is shipwrecked in the region of?
Ans. The Caribbean
Q. Crusoe believes his fate is in the hands of?
Ans. Providence

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Q. Crusoe’s survival on the island best illustrates?
Ans. A simple life is best
Q. Crusoe makes new clothes out of?
Ans. Animal skin

Q. Crusoe’s chief sources of meal are?
Ans. Both tortoise eggs and goats
Q. Crusoe is?
Ans. The youngest son in his family
Q. Crusoe names his servant Friday in honor of the day on which?
Ans. The life of the natives was saved
Q. Robinson Crusoe is set in?
Ans. 17th Century
Q. Crusoe serves as a slave in?
Ans. North Africa
Q. Crusoe first grows grain on the island as?

Ans. He throws seeds by accident

Q. The Poll is?
Ans. A pet bird

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Q. The mutineers on the ship are of?
Ans. English nationality

Q. After drinking a rum and tobacco mixture, Crusoe experiences?
Ans. A religious illumination
Q. Friday is excited to see the captive of the cannibals on the boat because the captive is?
Ans. Friday’s father
Q. Crusoe is frightened in a cave to see the eyes of?
Ans. A goat
Q. Benamuckee is Friday’s?
Ans. god
Q. Crusoe’s father wishes his son to go into?

Ans. Law Profession
Q. Crusoe impresses the natives on the African coast by?
Ans. Killing a leopard
Q. The cross that Crusoe erects on the island serves as a?
Ans. Calendar
Q. When Crusoe departs on his second trading voyage, he leaves some of his money with?
Ans. A widow friend

Q. The name Sallee refers to?
Ans. A North African territory
Q. Where in Europe does Crusoe encounter ravenous wolves?
Ans. Spain
Q. Crusoe learns how to dry?
Ans. Grapes
Q. Two years after discovering the footprint, with what does Crusoe find the shore strewn?
Ans. Human body parts
Q. After returning to England, Crusoe finds out that his family members are dead except for?
Ans. Two sisters
Q. Crusoe did not take his wife back to the island because?
Ans. She dies
Q. When the winds first blow during Crusoe’s initial sea journey, he reacts by?
Ans. Making a promise to God
Q. When the Turkish rover takes over Crusoe’s ship, Crusoe becomes?

Ans. Slave of the ship master
Q. After his success in Brazil, Crusoe sets sail for the Guinea coast to?
Ans. Trade for slaves
Q. After being shipwrecked, Crusoe eventually assess his situation and realizes that?
Ans. He has much to be thankful for

Q. When searching for his tobacco, Crusoe finds?
Ans. A Bible
Q. A careful observation eventually allows Crusoe to?
Ans. To determine when to plant seeds
Q. How does Crusoe spend rainy days on the island?
Ans. Teaching a parrot to talk
Q. What does Crusoe do when he sees the footprint in the sand?
Ans. He retreats to his home in fear
Q. How does Crusoe react to the Spanish ship’s distress signal?
Ans. He builds a large fire
Q. When a man tries to escape from the savages, Crusoe shoots?
Ans. One of the savages

Q. What question does Friday ask about God?
Ans. Why doesn’t God kill the devil
Q. During his time on the island, Crusoe’s Brazilian farm?
Ans. Prospers

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