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Q. What did Samuel Johnson’s aunt say when he was born?
Ans. “I would not have picked such a poor creature up in the street”
Q. Samuel Johnson’s education began at the age of?
Ans. Three
Q. Who was known to drink up to 25 cups of tea in one sitting?
Ans. Samuel Johnson
Q. As a boy of 3, Samuel Johnson trod on a duckling. He composed what epitaph for it? Ans. ‘Here lies good master duck whom Samuel Johnson trod on.’
Q. Pen name of Samuel Johnson is?
Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. Who wrote Dictionary Of The English Language?
Ans. Johnson
Q. What advanced Johnson’s fame?
Ans. Dictionary Of the English Language
Q. In 1735 he opened his own school by the name of?
Ans. ‘Edial Hall School’
Q. Samuel Johnson was the son of?
Ans. Michael Johnson
Q. Samuel Johnson’s collections of manuscripts, books and paintings are presently preserved at the ‘Houghton Library’ at the?
Ans. ‘Harvard University’

Q. Dr. Johnson was taken to London to be touched by Queen Anne to cure his?
Ans. Scrofula
Q. Samuel Johnson’s dictionary had more than?
Ans. 40,000 entries ( in fact 42773)

Q. How many literary quotations are there in Johnson’s dictionary?
Ans. 114, 000
Q. As a student at Pembroke College, Oxford, Johnson translated Alexander Pope’s “Messiah” into?
Ans. Latin verse

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. In February 1767, Johnson met?
Ans. King George III
Q. Samuel Johnson received from George III a yearly pension of?
Ans. Three hundred pounds
Q. Dr. Johnson became doctor in?
Ans. 1775.

Q. Dr. Johnson believed that he lived a life radically?
Ans. Wretched
Q. Johnson was the most formidable……of his time?
Ans. Conversationalist
Q. How much was Johnson paid for his Dictionary?
Ans. $30000 of today’s world

Q. Who believed that Shakespeare did much better in comedy than in tragedy?
Ans. Dr. Johnson
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. Who is known as the father of English dictionary?
Ans. Samuel Johnson
Q. Samuel Johnson is also known as?
Ans. Shakespeare’s critic
Q. Who wrote Taxation No Tyranny?
Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. Who wrote The False Alarm?
Ans. Samuel Johnson
Q. First lexicographer in English is?
Ans. Dr. Samuel Johnson
Q. He married Elizabeth Porter in?
Ans. 1735
Q. Johnson’s servant became his heir, what was his name?
Ans. Francis Barber
Q. Who said, there is always an appeal open from criticism to nature?
Ans. Johnson

Q. Which work of Samuel Johnson laid the foundation of English lexicography?
Ans. A Dictionary of the English Language

Q. Dr. Johnson’s A Dictionary of the English Language is weak in etymology and?
Ans. Philology
Q. Who preferred Shakespeare’s comedies to his tragedies?
Ans. Samuel Johnson
Q. Who said that the end of writing is to instruct, the end of poetry is to instruct by pleasing?
Ans. Samuel Johnson
Q. Which of the three unities did Johnson favor?
Ans. Unity of action
Q. Dr. Johnson meticulously looked for the correctness of?
Ans. Form
Q. Who wrote, “preserve the purity and ascertain the meaning of our English idiom?”

Ans. Dr. Johnson in his Preface To A Dictionary of the English Language
Q. Dr. Johnson’s dictionary came out in?
Ans. 1755
Q. From his birth Samuel Johnson was afflicted with a?
Ans. Skin disease
Q. Queen Anne made fun of Doctor Johnson’s?
Ans. Skin disease
Q. Initially, Johnson was educated?
Ans. Privately

Q. In…… Dr. Johnson received a pension from the State?
Ans. 1762
Q. Who wrote The Patriot?
Ans. Samuel Johnson
Q. Who wrote The Beauties Of Johnson?

Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. The last twenty years of his life were passed in the manner most…….. to him?

Ans. Acceptable
Q. Who wrote The Life of Samuel Johnson?

Ans. Boswell
Q. Samuel Johnson was born at?
Ans. Litchfield in 1709
Q. Doctor Johnson was the son of a?
Ans. Bookseller
Q. Macaulay’s work Boswell’s Life of Johnson is about?
Ans. Johnson
Q. Who first applied the epithet Augustan to Dryden?
Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. Which work took nearly eight years of Johnson’s life?
Ans. A Dictionary of the English Language

Q. Who wrote, “Slow rises worth by poverty depressed?”
Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. Samuel Johnson married a woman…….. years older than him?
Ans. 20
Q. Johnson’s claims to be called a first-rate writer must rest on his?
Ans. Prose

Q. Samuel Johnson’s earliest work appeared in Cave’s?
Ans. The Gentleman’s Magazine
Q. Who wrote Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia?

Ans. Johnson
Q. Dr. Johnson wrote Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia, in order to pay for?
Ans. His mother’s funeral
Q. Which work of Samuel Johnson was meant to be a philosophical novel?
Ans. Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
Q. Doctor Johnson also wrote periodical essays for?
Ans. The Rambler
Q. Doctor Johnson also contributed a series of papers, under the title of The Idler to the? Ans. Universal Chronicle
Q. Universal Chronicle was also known as?

Ans. Weekly Gazette

Q. The Age of Johnson lasted from?
Ans. 1745 to 1798
Q. Who wrote The Lives Of The Poets?
Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. Samuel Johnson’s last work of any consequence was?
Ans. The Lives of the Poets
Q. Doctor Johnson’s The Lives of the Poets was planned as a series of introductions to? Ans. 52 poets
Q. The greatest English man of letters between Pope and Wordsworth was?
Ans. Dr. Johnson

(Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. Johnson reached London in 1737 with?
Ans. Twopence halfpenny in his pocket
Q. Who till today is known as dictator of English letters?
Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. Who said that Dryden is the father of English criticism?
Ans. Dr. Johnson

(John Dryden MCQ’s)
Q. Dr. Johnson’s fame as a critic rests on?

Ans. His work Lives Of Poets
Q. ‘Rasselas’ was translated to what five languages?
Ans. Dutch, French, Russian, German and Italian

Q. Who extended the term metaphysical from Donne to a school of poets?
Ans. Dr. Johnson

(John Donne MCQ’s)
Q. In which of his works did Dr. Johnson extend the use of the term metaphysical to a group of poetry?
Ans. Life Of Cowley
Q. Who said, “I suffered from impaired eyesight, depression and poverty and left Oxford without a degree?”
Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. What did Dr. Johnson say about Dryden’s contribution for English?
Ans. He found it of brick and left it of marble
Q. Who wrote The Life of Savage?
Ans. Doctor Johnson
Q. Dr. Johnson’s second truly great work is?

Ans. Preface To Shakespeare
Q. Name the travel book written by Johnson?
Ans. A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
Q. Why did Dr. Johnson speak in praise of Dryden?
Ans. Because he had applied classical rules to English literature
Q. How did Dr. Johnson define essay?
Ans. A loose sally of mind; an irregular indigested piece not a regular or orderly composition
Q. Who placed the following epitaph at Oliver Goldsmith’s grave, “Let not his frailties be remembered. He was a very great man?”

Ans. Dr. Johnson

Q. Is Dr. Johnson’s attitude judicial in The Lives Of The English Poets?
Ans. Yes
Q. Who wrote The Vanity Of Human Wishes?

Ans. Samuel Johnson
Q. Doctor Johnson’s only other longish poem is?
Ans. The Vanity of Human Wishes
Q. Name Dr. Johnson’s drama?
Ans. Irene
Q. What is Irene?

Ans. It is a solemn, ponderous, undramatic, blank verse tragedy
Q. Johnson was?
Ans. A poet, a critic, an essayist, a journalist, a biographer and an editor
Q. What lines did Samuel Johnson insert in Goldsmith’s poem The Traveller?
Ans. How small of all that human hearts endure/ that part which kings or lawns can cause or cure

Q. Most of the Rambler essays have?
Ans. Moral themes
Q. The morality preached by Johnson in the Rambler is?
Ans. Practical, not theoretical
Q. When did Johnson begin work on Dictionary of the English Language?
Ans. 1747

Q. Samuel Johnson’s greatest contribution to scholarship was?
Ans. Dictionary of the English Language
Q. Great poetry for Johnson required both?

Ans. Nature and novelty
(55 Interesting Facts About English Language)
Q. Who called Dr. Johnson, “the Great Cham” of literature?
Ans. Smollett
Q. Who said, “the memory of Johnson keeps many of his works alive?”
Ans. Macaulay
Q. Who said, “Life is a progress from want to want, not from enjoyment to enjoyment?” Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. What adjective did Macaulay use for Johnson’s writing?
Ans. Johnsonese writing
Q. Who wrote the poem ‘London’ ?
Ans. Doctor Johnson

Q. Doctor Johnson’s first poem was?
Ans. London. It was published in 1738
Q. Who is an eccentric bear who amuses us by his growlings and clumsy antics?
Ans. Doctor Johnson
Q. According to Goldsmith who had nothing of the bear but his skin?
Ans. Dr. Johnson

Q. Carlyle called him?
Ans. “A mass of genuine manhood”
Q. The poem London is written in?
Ans. Heroic couplet

(Thomas Carlyle MCQ’s)
Q. Which poem of Samuel Johnson depicts the vanities and the sins of city life?
Ans. London
Q. After being privately educated, Dr. Johnson proceeded to?
Ans. Oxford
Q. After Leaving the university, Samuel Johnson tried?

Ans. School teaching
Q. Dr. Johnson did not………. in school teaching?
Ans. Succeed
Q. Johnson is buried at?
Ans. Westminster Abbey
Q. Dr. Johnson died in?
Ans. 1784

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